Urpower Diffuser Troubleshooting Guide

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If you’re having issues with the operation of your Urpower diffuser, you’ve come to the right place. This guide highlights some basic troubleshooting tips and ways to fix various problems with Urpower diffuser to get it working again. We also show you how to clean and maintain your Urpower diffuser to ensure it’s working smoothly and giving you perfect service from your oils.

Urpower Diffuser Troubleshooting Tips

It is important that you first diagnose the basic problems that can arise when your diffuser stops working normally. Here is a list of some tips that will help you with most computer problems.

  • Make sure the diffuser is properly placed on a level, flat surface.
  • Check that the fuse is inserted correctly and that the outlet is correctly wired.
  • Check that the power supply is also attached to the diffuser properly.
  • Check that there’s water in the diffuser and has been filled with sufficient water. Add some more water if it hasn’t been used in a while.
  • Make sure you switch the diffuser on properly and that it’s not set to run on a timer or anything like that.
  • If your wireless diffuser is not working properly, continue reading for more information about the problem and possible solutions.

Urpower Diffuser Doesn’t Turn On

There are a few things you should check if you can’t get a diffuser to turn on. Try doing this:

  • Check that the AC power adapter is properly plugged into the wall and that it is turned on.
  • Check your power supply is also plugged into the diffuser properly.
  • Check you’ve switched the lights on correctly and that there is a signal on the switch that says that it is on.
  • Try disconnecting the diffuser from the socket for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.
  • If you try everything we have listed in this guide and it still does not work, it is most likely that something is wrong with how your diffuser is wired.

Urpower Diffuser Doesn’t Mist

If your Urpower is not misting correctly, try the following:

  • If you have stagnant water, pour it out and put some fresh water in it.
  • Double-check that you aren’t using too little or too much water by looking at the water level in your diffuser. You should see a colored line on the bottom of your water bin, which tells you how much water you should add.
  • Clean the diffuser (see instructions below).
  • Make certain that the diffuser has no obstructions and that it is on a flat, even surface.
  • If nothing solves the problem with mounting your rucksack, then you may have a mechanical problem or fault with your unit.

Urpower Diffuser Doesn’t Work At All

  • Check whether there is any water in the water bowl and whether the water level is accurate.
  • Ensure you are using the right power adapter.
  • You must ensure that your power adapter is firmly plugged into a wall socket.
  • Check the power supply is plugged into the correct electrical socket on the power supply unit.
  • Test to see if the unit is powered from the correct power source, or try another power source to see if the unit works.
  • Make certain you are using only distilled water or water from a well. Use natural water, not filtered water, as it will affect the process of getting the water out of a system.

Your Urpower diffuser might also fail to work if you put too much water inside, bump it on something, or move the unit while it is full. If it quits working, unplug the unit, clean it, and if it still has water, flush it with plenty of water. Let it sit for a day or two, and let the water evaporate. Water will evaporate in a matter of hours, but some oils will take longer. After the diffuser has dried, you can restock the container and try to re-apply the oil. The water will be dried out, and when it is dried out, the diffuser should work normally again.

Urpower Diffusion is Very Weak 

  • Clean your unit!
  • Use only distilled water if your home has tap water or spring water. You can use unfiltered water (not filtered) and never use bottled water (distilled water is ok) as this can cause problems.
  • Check water level – ensure it is at the right level. It may be that you have overfilled the unit or that there is too little water in the unit.
  • Check the air intake and make sure that it is clear and that there is no obstruction that would prevent the airflow. Depending on the unit, hair or dust may get into the unit from the air intake. Check that the water level sensor is clean and not obstructing.
  • Only use a level, hard surface when operating your diffuser. Do not run your diffuser on a wet towel or on any other surface that will stop the air from flowing.
  • Check that the water level sensor on your diffuser is clean and not obstructing. 

Water in the Diffuser Feels Hot

  • Turn the light off and unplug the diffuser, and allow it to cool down. Some water heaters increase in temperature if you run them for an extended period of time, and this is normal.
  • Check the air intake and ensure it’s not blocked by dust or hair or restricted or obstructed in any way.
  • Check that the surface you are running the diffuser on is flat and hard. If you run the unit on a soft surface like a folded towel, it may cause the unit to become very hot.
  • Do not use dirty filters or other soft surfaces that will restrict the airflow or cause the unit to overheat.
  • Refill your water bottle and then restart your unit.

Light Turns On But No Diffusion

  • Check whether the diffuser is placed correctly on a hard, even surface. Do take your diffuser off the floor if you are not able to put it on a level surface. If you do that, the air that circulates will be restricted.
  • Make sure you are using only unfiltered water from a well.
  • Unplug the device, and if necessary, fill the reservoir with a little water, then connect the diffuser and turn the unit back on.
  • Use only distilled water or well water. Avoid using a decanter to dilute the water, as this will hinder its diffusion.

Wrapping Up

If your diffuser does not work after following all these tips, you may need to seek help from a professional who can repair your unit. Urpower Diffusers are really easy to use and to keep clean. It only takes a few minutes to clean each diffuser, and it only costs a few dollars to get a bottle of vinegar that you can put in your diffuser to clean once a week. This will ensure that there is not a buildup of oil residue in the units, and it will work better and last a lot longer.

White vinegar is the most powerful cleaning fluid you can use, and it’s easy-peasy to get hold of. Moreover, it cleans all kinds of things in your house. We recommend checking if there are cleaning instructions for your particular model before you start cleaning it.

For most models, here are the cleaning instructions:

  • Empty your diffuser to allow you to easily move water around.
  • Add 1-2 drops of vinegar to the water. It should be enough for a large diffuser to hold 5-10 droplets of vinegar.
  • Switch the unit on and allow it to mix the vinegar and water mixture for 5-10 minutes.
  • Turn the unit off and remove the water.
  • If there is any oil in the bin, wipe it with a Q-tip soaked in vinegar.
  • Rinse well after using your diffuser.

That’s it, just fill it up with water and add some of your favorite oils. Then you can use it again.

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