Everything you need to know about Salon Chairs

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What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of beauty salon chairs? A woman having a pedicure while sitting in a pedicure massage chair?

Or maybe it’s a woman sitting in a swiveling styling chair with her hair under a dry hood. But what about the other types of salon chairs?

Many ladies love to go to the salon because it gives them a chance to sit back and get relaxed by the best massage chairs.

Facials require different types of chairs that are reclining or similar to beds.

Beauty salon chairs like the ones reviewed here make such a big contribution to the world of salon furniture.

Types of salon chairs

There are various types of chairs found in a salon, each with its purpose.

Styling chairs

These are chairs used for hair care. They include swiveling styling chairs that are ideal for styling, dying, and cutting a customer’s hair. Here is an example of one of them;

Beauty Style Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Chair Salon Beauty Spa Equipment

types of salon chairs

-It is perfect for salon, tattoo, or barbershop

-Has a lockable hydraulic pump

– Comes a padded seat for comfort

-Comes with a great looking design

-It is stylish and affordable

-Footrest adds more comfortability

-High-quality PU leather covers the whole chair

Salon massage chair

Kahuna lm6800
massage chair

If you are looking for a way to add a little more luxury and comfort to your spa, why not buy a salon massage chair?

They are pain relievers and soothing as they fulfill the duty of being a personal masseur.

If you are considering buying them, first think about where you will place them.

Facial Chairs

Consider buying a spa facial chair if you are planning to give facials in your beauty salon.

This type of salon equipment is made for the sole purpose of giving facials. This means that they are comfortable and can be easily lifted, lowered, and reclined.

No plumbing pedicure chair

It is extremely important for salons to have stools and chairs for performing pedicures. No plumbing pedicure chair or pipeless pedicure chair is a type of seating used in giving pedicures.

No plumbing is involved because these types of chairs come with their footbaths.

Here is an example of a pedicure chair;

LCL Beauty Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Pedicure Unit with Easy-Clean Bubble Massage Footbath

pedicure chair with massage
LCL Beauty No plumbing pedicure chair

Pedicure massage chair

Pedicure chairs that are equipped with massage airbags can add value to your salon. Clients can just sit back and enjoy the double sensations of the pedicure and massage.

Styling chairs should never massage; the vibrations can affect the stylist’s precision and lead to a crooked hairstyle or, worse still, an unpleasant scissors slippage.

Next, think about what type of massage your beauty salon chairs should offer. Most chairs give shiatsu, reflexology, and deep tissue massage. They will tap, knead, compress and even knead in order to achieve this.

You can give your clients a full body massage with robotic massage chairs. They are capable of soothing tired massage and relieving pain.

Buy the right salon massage chair and your customers will always come back!

Portable massage chair

foldable massage chair

Make your salon unique by offering a chair massage to your clients. You can either charge an additional fee or include enjoyment as part of your services.

They allow a client to enjoy a massage while in a seated position.

Portable massage chairs give you the freedom to expand your clients. They are light, easy to set up and carry. Determine if you will use it for charity events, salons, or visit your clients in their homes or offices.

Most of them are designed with a carry case. In any case, a portable massage chair is a great addition to your beauty or hair salon.

How to choose a Portable Massage Chair


When buying these types of salon furniture, check if they are easy to adjust since clients have different body shapes and sizes.

Cushion type

For chairs that you will use daily, keep an eye on the cushion type. If the chairs are comfortable, they can lead to steady and lucrative massage work.

Do not forget, foldable massage chair expands the number of your clients. They are also ideal for sick, disabled, or people who have a problem getting onto massage tables.

For those who don’t feel comfortable getting undressed for a massage, you can request a chair massage which is performed when one is dressed.

Shampoo Chairs

Shampoo chairs, allow customers to have their hair washed comfortably. Some of them come with modern design, footrests, and thick comfortable seat cushions to provide a relaxing salon experience.

They are also fitted with special hairdryer hoods. Before purchasing them, make sure they fit the needs of your clients.

Reclining shampoo chair with footrest

Everyone knows how important it is to have comfortable chairs in a salon. Reclining shampoo chair with footrest reclines as your client’s lean back. Most of them are cushioned to prevent sitting fatigue.

Hydraulic reclining shampoo chair with headrest

If you are looking for a chair that can do everything in a salon, buy this one. It can be used for hair styling, shampooing, waxing, and facials, just to name a few. It comes with a headrest and foot pump hydraulics.

A hydraulic chair can be lifted up and down depending on the height of a client.

Would you like a modern high-tech look? Then you might be interested in black leather and chrome chairs.

When buying these types of salon chairs, make sure they are waterproof. You will also want them to be easy to use and comfortable.

Salon reception Chairs

This salon chairs guide would be incomplete without mentioning salon reception chairs.

The reception area sets the tone for your business, so attractive and comfortable, reception chairs are crucial.

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