Do you know what kind of Titanium Flat Irons are the best for your Salon and where to get them cheaply?

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Have you ever seen a woman with perfectly straight, shiny hair and asked yourself “How does she do it?”

After all, surely she doesn’t visit the salon every day? The chances are she has a titanium flat iron at home and makes good use of it.

A titanium flat iron is a home beauty appliance that has flat metal heated plates and is used to straighten and smooth the hair.

Most titanium flat irons have variable temperature settings to cater to all types of hair.

Use the lower settings for fine, thin, or damaged hair, use the higher heat settings for thick, Afro, or coarse hair.

The latest flat iron technology is designed to be less damaging to hair even at high temperatures.

Titanium Flat Iron Reviews

Now that you hopefully understand a little bit more about the various kinds of flat irons available, take a look at what we consider to be the best titanium flat iron and a few others that will also leave your hair looking extra special…

Croc Premium Flat Iron Titanium Plate Hair Straightener Set

-Titanium reduces static and lock-in moisture

-It has an ergonomic design which makes hair straightening easier

-Hair shining is increased by negative ions which close cuticles

-Croc Premium Flat Iron Titanium Plate Hair Straightener has an automatic shut-off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

-The temperature settings are digital ranging from 280 to 450 F°

-Croc Premium Flat Iron Titanium Plate enables instant heat recovery, therefore, enabling a continuous flow of heat.

Avanti Nano-Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron

-Nano Titanium / Negative Ion Technology.

-Far Infrared Heats up to 450 F (232 C).

-Uses Ceramic Technology.

-The titanium places give a smooth glide that doesn’t stick to hair.

Global Keratin Curve Titanium 1.5″ Flat Iron

titanium flat iron review

-Global Keratin flat iron heats up quick 

-It is light to operate

-It has double plates of titanium

-Global Keratin flat iron has LED temperature display

-It has a Soft touch button 

Titanium flat iron vs Ceramic

The other main type of flat iron is a ceramic flat iron. A ceramic flat iron works almost identically to its titanium counterpart but the material used is different.

Ceramic is an excellent conductor of heat and that heat is natural infrared which does not harm the hair’s fragile outer layer.

They also heat up quickly so are ready for use when you need them. Many cheaper ceramic flat irons are not pure ceramic; the inner core is aluminum, so always check before buying.

Both ceramic and titanium are considered ionic materials but titanium is the superior heat conductor.

The ionic material is negatively charged and hair is positively charged, which means that when using a flat iron with ionic plates moisture in the hair is retained and ultimately leaves your hair sleek, shiny, and straight.

A ceramic flat iron is also vulnerable to damage if dropped whereas titanium flat irons are virtually indestructible.

In our opinion, a titanium flat iron is the better option for your hair. Titanium provides more consistent heat and is more efficient and durable than ceramic so will last for longer than a ceramic flat iron. 

The most popular flat irons are titanium which is used mostly by hairdressers and salons around the world. 

Other Flat Iron Options

While titanium is considered the better option, there are also a couple of other variations to bear in mind.

 Dual titanium/ceramic flat irons are a recent addition to the market and bring together the benefits of both materials – the safety of ceramic and the efficiency of titanium. The combination of the two materials also produces maximum ions to care for your hair and make it shine like never before.

Another element to flat iron technology is the crystal compound Tourmaline.

This mineral is ground down to a powder and embedded in plates of flat iron. When heated, Tourmaline produces a huge amount of negative ions leading to faster straightening, less damage to hair, and incredibly glossy hair.

Titanium Flat Iron Plate Size

Another important factor to consider is the size of the plates on the flat iron. The type of hair plays as much of a part when choosing a flat as the material of the plates.

Take a look at our guide below to determine which flat iron plate size is the best option for you :

Flat Iron Temperature Settings

As previously stated, most flat irons have adjustable heat settings but there are some models that are set to a fixed temperature.

Avoid these if you have anything other than thick hair that is hard to straighten as the heat will most likely be too much for fine hair.

Variable heat titanium flat irons have a temperature range from around 300-410 with the lower settings being more suited to delicate hair. Irons that produce infrared heat are superior as the way they generate heat is less harmful to hair.

The safety aspect should also be considered when choosing the best titanium flat iron. These appliances produce a lot of heat and could be dangerous if left unattended so be select a flat iron with a safety cut-off feature built-in.

There have been numerous cases where cheaper flat irons have caught fire so never take chances with lower quality brands.

If you lead a busy or hectic lifestyle and time is of the essence, choose a titanium flat iron with an instant heat option. This feature allows the flat iron to be ready for use in as little as ten seconds.

Titanium Flat Iron Cleaning and Maintenance

Over time, the plates on a flat iron can become dirty or greasy, and combined with the heat involved this can affect performance.

 Ideally, you should clean a titanium flat iron after each use but of course, that is not always possible. Regularly cleaning your flat iron will not only extend its life but also maintain the quality of straightening and styling.

To clean your flat iron, first, allow it to cool down completely if it has just been used. Wipe the plates with a cloth and a professional flat iron cleaning solution diluted in warm water.

These solutions are readily available to purchase online and are specifically for use with hair straighteners. Lightly cleanse the plates with the dampened cloth on the faces and edges. Store your iron in a heatproof bag. These are usually supplied with iron.

Length of Guarantee

Always look for an extended warranty or guarantee when purchasing a titanium flat iron.

Cheaper models can often break down within a few months and leave you out of pocket if there is no guarantee.

Many professional quality flat irons come complete with a lifetime guarantee that gives you peace of mind and also demonstrates the company’s confidence in the reliability of their product.

As a bare minimum, you should seek a flat iron with at least a one-year warranty but obviously, the longer the better.

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