The 10 Best Massage Recliner Chairs

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We spend the better part of our day in our places of work, and we are left wishing for a massage that can relax our bodies and minds. But who has the energy and time to visit a massage parlor for these services?

That is why you need the best massage chair to soothe your sore muscles and relieve body pain.

 After thorough research, I have come up with a list of the best 10 massage recliner chairs to cater to your needs.

1. Flash Furniture Massaging Chair – Very Affordable

affordable reclining massage chair


·         Comes with 5 massage intensity levels

·         Has heat to enhance your massage

·         It reclines

·         Has 9 massage modes to choose from

·         Comes with a remote control which makes it easy to choose the massage that you want

·         Has side pocket to keep your phone, cash when getting a massage

·         It is covered with soft black leather

·         It has a durable and modern design

·         Easy to clean

·         The model can fit anywhere in the salon, house, or office

·         It comes with a footrest and a headrest

·         Has a  thick padded back and seat for extra comfort

Space-Saving Design

If you do not have room for a bulky massage chair, buy flash furniture massaging chair. It is designed with a space-saving design to fit a small area in your salon, home, or even office.

It will massage your back, thighs, and legs, lumbar area.

Very Affordable

Relax and unwind at home with this affordable massage chair. It comes with an affordable price tag hence can be purchased by anybody with a tight budget.


·         Made with durable and high-quality PU leather

·         It is affordable

·         It is designed with a space-saving design

·         Comes with many massage modes to choose from

·         It has a recline feature to further enhance your massage

·         Has side pockets to store phone, keys, just to mention a few


·         Does not provide full body massage

2. Zero Gravity Recliner Chair-People’s Choice

massage recliner chair

Main Features

·         It features zero gravity position

·         Comes with 20 automatic massage modes to choose from

·         Offers full body massage

·         Has Bluetooth function so you can listen to music while getting a massage

·         Has heat therapy to enhance your massage

·         Its brand is BestMassage

·         Comes with the L Track to offer customized massage

·         The armrest contains a control panel for convenient operation

·         Has a recline feature

·         Gives massage by its rollers and airbags

·         Comes with a USB charger to charge your phone

·         Its design will save on space

·         It features 7 massage modes and they include rolling, kneading, racking, vibration, tapping, squeezing, and shiatsu

·         Comes with 3 massage intensity levels

Luxurious Massage Chair

The zero Gravity Recliner Chair from BestMassage was designed with comfort in mind. It features airbags that are located all over the chair to give compression massage.

It has heat therapy to further relax your tired muscles, and your joints will recover faster after a session with this massage chair.

Offers a Zero-Gravity Function

 This is a reclined position of the chair, which gives a weightless experience that distributes the body’s weight evenly across the chair.

It Comes With a USB Plug

You can easily charge your tablet or phone or other electronic devices that you may have with its USB plus while comfortably enjoying the massage.


·         Comes with massage programs to choose from

·         It is affordable

·         Has L-truck to offer customized massage

·         It offers full-body massage

·         Comes with heat therapy to further relax your body


·         No negative experience with this chair[su_button

3.Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair – Editor’s Choice

real relax massage chair

Main Features

·         Gives full body massage

·         Has Bluetooth to enjoy music while getting massaged

·         It features four massage speeds

·         It has a heater and a seat vibration

·         Has 50 airbags that are strategically placed all over the massage chair

·         Features zero gravity mode

·         Comes with a remote to control it

·         Offers foot massage

·         Comes with 6 auto massage programs to choose from

·         Features led lights that create a pleasant atmosphere for massage

·         Has heat function

·         Has a remote to choose the massage that you want

High-End Massage Chair

Real relax 2020 is a high-end massage chair. It features zero gravity position, LED light, Bluetooth speakers, 6 auto massage programs. These are advanced features that are found in inexpensive chairs.

Despite having these features, it is affordable, unlike its competitors who come with expensive price tags.  


·         Its heat function promotes blood circulation

·         It will make a great gift for your family members and friends

·         It is affordable

·         Relieves body pain and tension with its intense massage

·         Easy to Assemble comes with two boxes and will take a maximum of 30 minutes to join it.


·         You will need to assemble when delivered to you

4. Svago ZGR Recliner Chair-With Massage And Heat

the Best Massage Recliner Chair

  Main Features

·         This is a zero gravity recliner

·         It has massage and heat

·         Features adjustable footrest

·         It is easy to adjust the headrest manually

·         It features seat vibration massage

·         It is covered with high-quality synthetic polyurethane leather

·         Controlled with a remote which makes it easy to adjust footrest or back

Exceeds Expectations

Svago ZGR Recliner Chair by Svago is a massage chair that will melt away your stress when you use it. It has heat and reclines function to enhance your massage.

Zero Gravity Position

This massage chair comes with a zero-gravity position.  This creates an optimal comfort level to enjoy your massage. It removes the pressure of the spine and this is great for people who have back pain.


·         It is affordable

·         Has massage to soothe your tired muscles

·         It matches with other home décor furniture

·         Good quality

·         It accommodates tall individuals

·         Easy to adjust the headrest manually


·         The chair can be relatively heavy, although it has inbuilt wheels for smooth movement.

5. Power Lift Recliner-Best Lift Chair For The Elderly

power lift chair

Main Features

·         Has zero gravity position

·         It is a power lift recliner by Fitnessclub

·         Comes with a lift button-perfect for the elderly and people with mobility problems

·         Offers dual massage points to soothe your back muscles

·         It is comfy and made of high-quality leather

·         Has one side pocket, two cup holders, and two front pockets

Built-In Massage

This power lift recliner will make a great gift for your parents, or the elderly since it has a built-in massage to relax their muscle and lift button to help them get up from the chair. Moreover, it is not expensive.

Have Two Remote Controls

The first remote controls the massage function while the other controls the reclining function.

Durable Leather

It is made of 100% high-quality leather, high-density sponge, and solid frame, making it modern and stable.


·         Has a help stand function for the elderly

·         It has Impressive bonded leather for a stylish living room, salon or office

·         Ideal for relieving stress and  back pain

·         It is comfy

·         Comes with an affordable price tag


·         It does not provide full body massage

6. FEE-ZC Massage Recliner Chair

the Best Massage Recliner Chairs

Main Features

·         Has heating therapy and massage

·         It is made of PU soft leather with a high-density sponge

·         It is able to recline and can raise the footrest

·         It is operated with an electric motor

·         It is comfy-it’s backrest is padded, armrests are filled with foam

·         Has a solid wood frame making it durable

It Can Be Used In Various Ways

You can use it as a regular armchair in its usual position and the footrest down. Use it in a reclined position with the footrest extended.

Also, use it to massage your upper back, lower back, thighs, and waist. It is great for relaxation and relieving body pain.


·         It can fit in smaller rooms

·         It is affordable

·         It is durable

·         Relieves stress and pain

·         Easy to install


·         No negative experience reported so far

7. Massage Chair By OOTORI

Ootori massage chair

Main Features

·         Has a fantastic foot roller

·         Its brand is OOTORI

·         Offers three zero gravity massage angles

·         It features a space-saving design

·         Gives massage with 3D robot hand and airbags

·         Comes assembled

·         Has S-track in order to customize your massage

·         Gives full body massage with vibrating and heat function

Gives Full Body Air Massage

Get a soothing massage from OOTORI massage chair.  You will get a full body massage to help you relax after a long day at a job.  It does so by it’s a 3D robot hand and airbags that are located throughout the massage chair.

Lower Back Heating

It has two heating pads that are located on your waist and lower back area to promote blood circulation.


·         Offer full body massage

·         Has stretching, heating, and vibrating actions

·         It comes assembled

·         Promotes blood circulation and relieves pain with its massage and heat function


·         No record of customer complains

8.    Massage Chair Recliner

reclining massage chair

Main Features

·         Has 3 stages of zero gravity positions

·         Offers full body massage

·         Has stretching, heating, and recline function

·         You can adjust the strength and speed of the massage

·         It features a foot roller for massage

·         Easy to clean as it is made of waterproof leather

·         Has inbuilt 32 airbags for the upper and lower back, shoulders, hips, buttocks, and thighs

·         Offers eight massage points inside its backrest

·         Has in-built Bluetooth music player 

Best Massage Chair

The best massage chair comes with a lot of functions apart from massaging. Massage chair recliner has lower back heating to enhance your massage, relieve back pain, and promote blood circulation.

It has reclining, vibration and rolling action to further relax your tired muscles.

Adjust The Strength And Speed Of Massage

When buying a massage chair, make sure that you are able to adjust the speed and strength of the massage. Some people prefer a softer massage while others would prefer a stronger massage.  Massage chair recliner allows you to adjust the 2.


·         Promotes blood circulation with its function

·         It is able to recline

·         You can adjust the speed and strength of the massage

·         Relieves stress

·         You can enjoy music from the blue tooth music player

·         It is one of the most cost-effective massage chairs


·         It needs a relatively larger space

9.    Portable Massage Chair-Very Affordable

massage chair that is portable

Main Features

·         Offers neck, upper and lower back, shoulder, buttocks, thighs massage

·         It has a rolling, air compress and kneading function

·         It is a portable massage chair

·         It has 4 massage nodes to relax your muscles

·         Comes with heat to relax your tired muscles

·         Its massage can be adjusted

·         Its brand is Comfier

Offers Different Types Of Massage Techniques

For different types of massage techniques such as rolling, shiatsu, air compression, kneading, and vibration, choose this portable massage chair. You can carry it anywhere such as salon, office, gym, and home.

Offers spa-like massage and will completely eliminate your stress, fatigue and muscle pain.


·         It is very affordable

·         Does not require assembling

·         It is portable

·         Offers different types of massage techniques

·         Its massage can be adjusted

·         It makes a great gift


·         Does not have feet massage

10.   Space-Saving Massage Chair-By Kahuna

small reclining massage chair

Main Features

·         It has a space-saving design

·         Its brand is Kahuna

·         Offers zero gravity position

·         Massages by use of airbags

·         Comes with 5 levels of massage intensity

·         Has 12 auto massage programs to choose from

·         It has a memory to save your favorite massage programs

·         It has a headrest

·         Has heat therapy

·         Comes with Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music while getting a massage

12 Auto Massage Programs

This is a modern, space-saving, luxurious massage chair by Kahuna. It comes with 12 auto massage programs to choose from. Some of them include stretching programs, elite programs, and daily programs.

Space-Saving Design

If you are looking for a modern massage chair that will not occupy much of your salon, home, or office space, buy this one. It is designed to occupy a small space.


·         Offers over 10 auto massage programs to choose from

·         It will occupy a small space in your living room, office, or salon

·         It is affordable

·         Has heat therapy to further relax your tired muscles

·         It has memory to save your favorite massage programs


·         None that I know of

Best Massage Recliner Chairs Buyers Guide

Buying a massage chair is a significant investment, and you have to make the best choice that will cater to your needs; this can be to relax your tired muscles after a hard day at work or relieve muscle pain.

However, it is not a simple decision to make without the necessary guidelines. The following are some of the significant factors to consider;

The Budget

The cost of a massage chair varies depending on its features, the brand, and the type and qualities of materials used. High-end massage chairs are costly because they have extra features that make them expensive such as S or L track, Bluetooth speakers, many massage programs, just to name a few.

However, the pricing should not scare you as there are massage chairs with high-end features but cost less like the ones I have reviewed here.

Space-Saving Design

Almost all massage chairs are bulky, and they might require a lot of space. Some may not fit in your living area, and also they may not blend well with your décor.

However, some companies are manufacturing massage chairs that have a space-saving design which occupies a small space. Buy a massage chair that can fit in any area.

It is advisable to take space measurements before you buy a massage chair to avoid inconveniences.

Warranty And Customer Care

Before buying the best recliner massage chair, make sure that you understand what the warranty covers and its duration. Ensure it covers parts and labor.

Durability And Easy of Repair

Just like any other equipment, a massage chair is prone to damages. It has several moving parts and computer components that may wear or tear. That is why you need a durable chair.

Buy a reliable chair that can last a long time before repairing it.

Other essential features to consider include;

Zero Gravity Reclines

The best massage recliner chair should recline up to an angle of 160-180 degrees to alleviate your legs above your heart to achieve a zero-gravity position.

At this position, you will feel weightless, and pressure will be removed from your spine. It is a great position to relieve back pain.

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