8 Small Salon Decorating Ideas that you will Love

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Nothing improves the appearance of a small salon like the decor.  In order to attract clientele, your salon has to create an amazing first impression. It is very possible to achieve this by employing various décor ideas listed here.

1. A tabletop water fountain

A tabletop water fountain is perfect for your salon, home or office. It complements a relaxing space to the maximum. Imagine sitting in a relaxing Massage Chair while listening to the tranquil sounds of flowing water.

Tabletop Water Fountain Reviews

a. John Timberland Fountain-Organic Water Lily Ceramic High Tabletop Fountain

affordable indoor fountain

Turn your salon into a peaceful refuge with this John Timberland Fountain. It is made of ceramic with 3 water lilies. Water flows down these lilies creating soothing sounds. These are the kinds of fountains that promote peace and tranquility in a salon.

No need to break a bank in order to afford one. It is very affordable plus has low maintenance.

Main Features

  • It is made of ceramic
  • It is 8″ high
  • It is a Zen fountain by the John Timberland brand
  • It is suitable for a salon or office.
  • Features a noiseless pump that is easy to set up


John Timberland fountains look and sound great. This ceramic fountain is heavy, it is definitely not cheaply made.

The quality is very high. Many plastic water fountains that you find online or in stores are more expensive than this one but with much lower quality. No noise from the pump, just the soothing sound of water dripping.

b. Bits and Pieces Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain

water fountain for salon

A budget indoor tabletop water fountain that is surprisingly well made considering the low price. It is designed with a natural theme to appeal to everyone. It is portable hence can be placed anywhere.

The metal leaves complement the fountain. It comes with a pump that is quiet and can plug into any electrical wall outlet.  Water flows down creating a relaxing sound.

Main Features:

  • You can add river stones to enhance your fountain
  • It features copper colored metal leaves and blooms
  • It is an indoor tabletop water fountain
  • It comes with a pump to trickle water into the bottom pool
  • It is lightweight hence can be moved from one place to another
  • It measures 8″ diameter x 10″ high


Stunningly beautiful indoor fountain styled on a waterlily theme, with zero motor noise just the pleasing sound of running water. Add your own rocks to create a highly individual centerpiece for your table.

It measures 8″ diameter x 10″ high. The metal leaves compliments this indoor fountain perfectly.

2. Choosing impactful art

There is no doubt that blank walls are plain boring! Long walls should be covered with artwork like paintings, framed photos, posters or mix all.

All this art should be eye catchy and reflect your personal style. Art defines a space. It will draw more customers and you will love when they start asking about the art on the walls of your salon.

Murals, tasteful prints, and posters add mood and character to the salon.

3. Using plants for a sophisticated look

beautiful plants for salon

A salon looks classy and relaxing with plants. Taking your interior design seriously will encourage your clients to take photos of your salon and share them with their followers. This will attract more clients.

Make sure you place plants where they will catch more attention such as the reception area. If it is possible, you can invest in air purifying plants. They eliminate salon air pollutants such as:

  • Formaldehyde found in Keratin treatments and some nail polish.
  • Ammonia found in hair colors, floor waxes, just to mention a few
  • Trichloroethylene found in lace wig glue, etc.

Some of the air purifying plants include Peace lily, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Azaleas, Weeping fig, bamboo palm, just to mention a few. Many of these plants are easy to maintain and others can survive with little or no sunlight such as azaleas.

Do not forget that the plants would look beautiful too in your small salon.

4.More natural light

Keep everything looking bright with natural light. It will help your staff see the clients clearly hence improving the quality of their work.  In addition, natural light is a mood booster.

Bright light will help your clients look good in a mirror. It will render color properly. You may also consider using natural light lamps if you are not getting enough light from the sun. Wide windows and curtains absorb natural light as opposed to dark and heavy curtains.

5. Great use of color

Color can make a salon look smaller or bigger. White paint gives the illusion of a large space. It is also the color of light.

A salon must look warm and comfortable. It must be colorful and have a lively décor. Bright colors give vibrancy to a salon.

6. Consider all spaces

Windows are the most visible aspect of your salon. In that case, use them to show off your salon. You can have several attractive photos showing off your best work, special offers you might have or even a large display of flowers or art.

An appealing and attractive window display on your outdoor space allows people to notice you easily, talk about you and most probably become customers in the future.

7. Use of Mirrors

Gigantic lights and mirrors can be used to make a statement in your salon.  This works well where a salon has a high ceiling. Also, they can make your small salon feel bigger. This is a tip that has been used since ancient times.

Try to place the mirrors near natural light for the best effect.

8. Your furniture doesn’t have to be as small as your reception area

One full-size- sofa may be used instead of breaking the reception area into different mini-zones. The furniture doesn’t have to be small just because the space is small. However, caution has to be taken to ensure that it doesn’t occupy the whole space or spread to other places.


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