Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity – (Review, Buying Guide & Table)

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Get rid of unending pain, aches, and fatigue the natural way with a shiatsu massage chair with zero gravity.

Good massage provided by the top-rated massage chairs is alternative medicine. It improves blood circulation, calms nerves, relieves pain, stress and most important, relaxes tired bodies.

With modern technology, massage is not only available in expensive salons but you can get it in the comfort of your home using the various shiatsu massage chairs that I have reviewed here.

Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity Reviews

1. Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Positioning

Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Main Features

  • It’s a Full body shiatsu massage chair
  • It features 4 auto massage programs
  • Has zero gravity positions
  • Has built in Heat Therapy
  • It Has recliner feature
  • Comes with 3 year warranty

Product Description

Zero Gravity

This massage chair has 3 zero gravity positions so you can relax more. No extra cost for shipping and you get the latest model from the manufacturer.

Full Body Massage

It is capable of massaging from head to toe; hence the name full body massage chair. No extra expenses for buying massage products for different parts of the body.

It has therapeutic bags all over to give full body massage. At the bottom of the massage chair, there are kneading balls that massage the feet.

The Ergonomic design of S shape backrest offers maximum comfort. The back rollers give back massage and are soundproof. The front cushion has a double layer to give maximum relaxation while the neck pillow offers neck support.

4 Auto Massage Programs

It features 4 auto programs. With just 1 single touch; one gets various massages like shiatsu, vibrating, spinal rolling, and kneading.

Has automatic and manual mode. With automatic mode, you will get all the massages while on manual mode, you have the control to choose the type and speed of massage that you want.

It also comes with 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage.

Chair Recliner w/heat

This recliner chair also features heat therapy. Heat therapy is known to improve the circulation of blood in the body. One can enjoy massage in a reclined position

-It is packaged with remote control for easy operation, and one can get it either in black, red, cream, or brown color.

Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity Benefits

  • Offer relaxation
  • Relief from everyday stress and at the same time you get to relax
  • With the different techniques of massages to choose from, all the pain and tension is gone
  • The heat therapy improves blood circulation and alleviates pain.

How To Use

Every aspect of the recliner massage chair can be accessed using this remote which comes with the chair, positioned on the right side of it.

With the remote control, one can choose the duration, type, and speed of the massage.

In addition, you can use it to scan your body size in order to get a personalized and effective massage.

2. Osaki Os 4000 Massage Chair Review

salon massage chair

Main Features

  • It offers full body massage
  • Features 6 auto massage programs
  • Has Zero gravity position, heat Therapy, recliner features
  • Uses body scan technology

Product Description

Full Body Massage

It is one of the best shiatsu massage chairs with zero gravity. It gives full body massage: You get pampering from your head to toe. It uses body scan technology to give precise relaxation to its user.

Zero Gravity Positions

This massage chair features zero gravity positions. One feels weightless during a massage.

6 Auto Massage Programs

It has 6 auto programs to choose from. It also features heat therapy to enhance your massage.

3. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

chair for massage

Main Features

  • It is a full body shiatsu massage chair
  • Comes with 50 airbags
  • It features 4 massage programs
  • It features ergonomic armrest linkage system
  • Has zero gravity positions
  • It features heat therapy
  • Has recliner feature
  • Comes with 3 year warranty

Product Description

Start and end your day with a Real relax massage chair. With zero gravity positioning, 50 airbags for full body massage, built-in heat, and an ergonomic armrest linkage system, I know you will fall in love with this chair.

It is capable of melting away your stress and soothe your tired body. Relax, rejuvenate and renew with this chair. Sitting on it will relieve your body pain.

It delivers full body massage. You will get total relaxation on your upper and lower back legs hands and feet.

Types of Massage Delivered

It employs various massage techniques to relax your whole body and they include shiatsu, vibration, and foot roller massage.

The various massage offered by this massage chair has different implications for your overall health. A shiatsu massager, (as does this massage chair) improves blood circulation that enhances oxygen intake in the blood.

Zero Gravity Position

It features a zero-gravity position to enhance your massage.

It Comes With 8 Massage Rollers And 50 Airbags

It is engineered with 8 shiatsu massage rollers. They are located in the back and foot section. In addition, it has 50 airbags for the neck, hands, and shoulders. Massage to hips is by vibration, air squeeze, and heat.

Armrest linkage system

The ergonomic armrest system lets your arms get massaged comfortably.

Preset Auto Massage Programs

It is designed with 4 different types of massage intensities which include relaxing, strong mode, mild, and sleep.

Best Budget

It is an affordable salon or home massage chair. On top of that, it features a heating function to soothe muscles. It is such a great investment for salon, office, and home users.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Do you have fatigue, widespread pain in your body? This is fibromyalgia which can be relieved by a salon massage chair.

Working hard leaves our muscles tired causing them to harden and form knots. A good way to eliminate muscle knots is getting a massage.

Beyond obvious benefits like relaxation, massage decreases stress in our bodies. It relieves pain and even improves digestive disorders.

Massage Chair Benefits for Seniors

The benefits of massage chairs for seniors are many. Apart from relaxing their bodies, therapeutic massage soothes pain associated with arthritis, etc

Massage is Therapeutic

Studies have shown that massage is therapeutic. It can relieve stress, depression because it is relaxing.

Moreover, it promotes blood circulation in the body.

Massage Softens Hard Muscles

As seniors get older, they become less active, and is easy for their muscles to harden. A massage chair will help to soften hard muscles ultimately reduce muscle tension.

Eases Stroke Recovery

Following a stroke, massage can aid recovery because it stimulates paralyzed areas. This improves mobility.

Improve Sleep

The relaxation of massage chairs can induce sleep. This will be a perfect remedy for seniors who have difficulties sleeping.

How Athletes Benefit From Using Real Relax Massage Chair

Whether you are a part-time or full-time athlete, you know how crucial it is to keep your body healthy. Athletes require minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and body manipulation before and after running.

This is because lactic acid builds up when they exercise. The muscles need to be massaged in order to break this build-up. This is the reason why you see some athletes travel with their personal massage therapist.

After running, boxing, training in the gym, or playing football, their muscles will harden and form knots. The muscles can be relaxed by the use of body massagers. Try a massage chair with heat, it will relax your tired muscles and relieve muscle pain.

The gentle and vigorous massage of this chair will keep their muscles healthy. This applies to ligaments and tendons too. Use the massage chair regularly to reap its benefits.

Athletes need to be flexible in order to perform well in their sports. Relaxed and flexible bodies bend easily.

In addition, this salon chair will aid in flushing toxins from their muscles because it promotes blood circulation.

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