Remote Control Recliners Elderly- (Reviews and a Complete Buying Guide)

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Age has limitations and one of them is mobility. The remote control recliners for the elderly are terrific lift chairs and can help with this problem. What makes them different than the standard chairs?

They feature an electric powered lift mechanism, are comfortable and have a sturdy frame.

Their covering is mostly fabric, vinyl or leather.

Remote Control Recliners Elderly Reviews

U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger PU Leather with Remote Control (Brown)

Remote Control Recliner Elderly

U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair

Main Features

-It is made of soft leather

-it is padded with extra thick sponge for comfort

-Features electric powered lift mechanism

– The leather lift chair for elderly has a wall hugger design

-It is controlled by 2 remotes, 1 for lift and the other for recline

-Has heat and massage

It is a Heated Massage Chair Recliner

Heat and massage gives total relaxation and soothes aching muscles for the elderly. Has vibration feature to enhances massage experience. 

Massage focus areas are back, legs and lumbar. It features 5 modes of massage; normal, press, wave, pulse and auto.

It lifts them smoothly and safely.  It has a soft PU leather plus thick padding of sponge for head, armrest and back.

Has Dual Motor

It is controlled by 2 remotes, 1 for reclining and the other for lift. Its electric-powered lift mechanism will lift the elderly safely and smoothly. With just a touch of the button of its remote control, the seat reclines into a relaxing position.

The user is not required to do anything it them suitable for elderly and those that may need help with sitting and standing up from their chairs.

It features a wall hugger design, a technology that allows the chair to be positioned within 10inches from the wall and not into the wall like a normal recliner.

It is a Recliner with Storage

It comes with 4 storage bags to store personal items and 2 cup holders hence no need for the elderly to stand up to get them.

5 Benefits of using Lift recliners for elderly

Many people purchase chairs for elderly assistance due to illness or old age that limits their mobility. They come with added features not present on normal chairs making them ideal for your elderly.

First of all, they are comfortable and facilitate sitting and standing up with their recline feature. They come with a remote, good quality covering and some have massage and heat to relax tired muscles.

1.      Independence

With a remote control, they can help the sick, disabled and elderly to sit and stand without the need of a helping hand. The remote helps them to adjust the recliner chair to any position they would wish.

For example, if an elderly wants to sit down, he or she can lower the electric lift chair by pressing the remote.

2. Many Lift recliners for elderly to choose from

Recliner chairs for elderly comes in different designs and sizes to choose from.

There are small and large sizes that can fit your older relatives or parents. Lift recliner chairs for elderly are preferred most because they are easy to use and suitable for the elderly.

They come in various upholstery and colors to choose from. Most people prefer the color that match their décor or upholstery and is easy to clean.

3.reduce the risk of Injury

They are a great investment due they reduce the risk of injury for the older people. The elderly can adjust the chair to a comfortable position hence cannot strain or sit on one side all the time.

Unlike other chairs that might be too high for an elderly, these chairs are adjustable when need to sit down or stand up. There is no risk of falling down.

4. Recliners provide Comfort

Recliners are the most comfortable chairs due to their superior features of footrests, backrest, massage units, built in storage areas, recline and are padded to offer luxury to the user.

They offer a comfortable place to rest, read a book, watch television or sleep. A backrest further enhances the sitting position. Some comfortable recliners for elderly come with massage and heat options for relaxing.

Built in storage unit provide a place to keep personal stuffs and eliminate the need to go get them.

5. Saves time for caregivers

When using a normal chair, the elderly requires an assistant to help with sitting or standing up.  This is not the case with a remote control recliner Elderly.

The elderly are able to sit and stand up without any assistance and the caregiver can attend to other chores knowing he or she is not needed all the time.

The recliner chair can be adjusted to any position in case an elderly want to sleep, watch television or read a book.

How to buy lift recliners for elderly


The Elderly spend a lot of their time sitting as their mobility decreases with age.   Therefore, comfort is absolutely important for them.

If a chair is not comfortable, they will complain of pain and aches.  Some slide down or insist on getting back to their bed due to pain.

When I visited nursing homes while working as a nurse, I would see the elderly slumped over in their chairs, leaning to one side and I would often feel bad wondering what if they were my parents.

As elderly continue to get older, their muscles become weaker quickly which lead them to lean forward to one side. Poor sitting can affect their ability to breathe hence need a comfortable recliner chair.


Recliners upholstered in leather are more durable than vinyl or other materials. Leather recliner chairs resist moisture and wrinkling and are easy to clean

Slip Resistant

Comfort is key, and chairs for elderly assistance should be warm. They should be slip resistant especially if intended to be used by an elderly.

Recliner Chair dimensions

The elderly spend most of their time sitting down so it is important they have a seat tailored to meet their needs. A lift recliner chair would be ideal for them it would make it easy for them to get in and out of the chair.

Lift chairs Recliners for elderly

Purchasing a lift chairs for the elderly is a game changer if they have limited mobility. This is because the chairs are comfortable, user friendly, easy to sit down or get up, small and stylish.

The best chairs for elderly assistance can be found in many different sizes and colors hence are able to fit in almost all TV rooms.  We were able to come up with recliners designed especially for short people and elderly.

All have different features and come from a variety of manufacturers. The chairs are most comfortable when they fully recline back.

Lift chairs for elderly Reviews

1.      Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

lift recliners for elderly

Main features

-Comfortable recliner chair, thickly padded

-Dorel living slim recliner is covered with a beige microfiber fabric

-Comes with a padded footrest

This is a leather recliner chair that is comfortable for short and tall people. It is suitable for the elderly because it is small, has a casual design and comes with a back cushion.  

It is a perfect addition to any home in need of a classic and cozy chair.

The elderly will find Dorel living slim recliner easy to use, thanks to its smooth pushback reclining mechanism. They can also rest their legs on the padded footrests.

As elderly people get older, some things like sitting and standing up can be challenging. With a small recliner chair like this, you can be at ease knowing that they will help themselves. It is a high quality chair designed with good looks.

The beige, exterior fabric is soft. The slim recliner offers the needed back support with the tufted channel back cushions. The pillow-top arms further create comfort. Its weight is 47.3 pounds and its dimensions are 35.8 x 31 x 38 inches.

Small people or elderly will be more comfortable in a recliner chair sized for them than a large recliner chair. Petite recliners make a big difference for elderly and small people.

In conclusion, this seat is soft and comfy. It will meet all the requirements of an elderly; good back support, has low seat and is narrow.

2. Christopher Knight Home 296604 Teyana Recliner

chairs for elderly assistance

       –It is a Small recliner with a classic look

       -Teyana Recliner chair is upholstered in a fine-looking PU leather

        -It has a wood frame

This is a small recliner chair specifically designed for elderly and short people. Its dimensions are 26.2 x 37.2 x 40 inches, weighs 84 pounds making it in our list.

It is an amazing addition to a living room with its classic look and white color. It can complement any décor.  Its frame is made of wood.

Sized for small spaces or short people Christopher Knight Home 296604 Teyana Recliner will provide a comfortable place to watch movie or relax.

A larger recliner chair is not suitable for the elderly because they will be forced to call for assistance when getting in and out of the large chair.

This is a small chair that will make it easy for the elderly to get crutches or a cane if need to get out.

Although it is a seat made of wood frame, it has a solid construction. It can be used by people who had an operation, illness or an accident.

Assembly will be required when delivering it to your home. It is a high-quality chair and is easy to keep clean as it is made of leather.

Wrapping Up

It is very common for elderly people to have problems when sitting or standing up. Most suffer from joint problems and muscle fatigue and would find a remote control recliner elderly very helpful.

They are designed with the elderly in mind making their lives easier since they spend most of their time sitting. It will make a great gift for your dad, mum or grandparents.

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