How do you choose a professional Wax Warmer? (Compare, Buy and Save)

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Traditionally body hair removal wax was heated in a wax warmer with a tea light candle or even a paraffin lamp but these are often unreliable and can result in overheating or even burning the wax.

The modern method is to use an electric wax warmer like the one that I have reviewed below here that provides consistent regulated heat.

Gigi wax warmer-GiGi Deluxe Double Wax Warming Kit

A professional wax warmer
Gigi wax warmer

Gigi electric wax warmer holds 2 Wax cans 14oz capacity each.

It is designed for professional use

It has removable lids

Includes 2 cans of wax.

Gigi electric wax warmer is simple to use and clean.

Unwanted body hair can be a nuisance for many reasons. Hair under the armpits or on the legs is considered unhygienic for women in many cultures whilst facial hair can cause self-esteem issues.

For men, body hair is often removed for vanity reasons or because in warmer climates, too much hair can be uncomfortable and lead to excessive perspiration.

Hygiene can also be compromised by extra body hair as it can harbor bacteria.

There are many different methods by which hair can be removed: shaving, laser hair removal, sugaring, epilating as well as a vast array of creams and other chemical treatments. But for many, Waxing is the go-to treatment. 

2 Types of Waxing

1.     Strip Waxing

There are basically two types of hair removal waxing to consider. Strip waxing is achieved using strips of pre-made cloth or paper embedded with sticky wax applied to the skin, which is then quickly ripped away and removed from the hairs.

This method can often be painful and if done incorrectly can damage the skin.

2. Hard Wax hair removal

The other method is hard wax hair removal. Hard wax hair removal involves melting hard wax until it becomes warm and sticky in a specially designed wax warmer.

This warm wax is then gently applied to the skin using a wooden spatula. As the wax cools, it encapsulates the hairs so when the wax is pulled away the hairs are completely removed including the root.

This method is kinder to the skin than strip waxing as it does not adhere to the skin as much as strip waxing.

Waxing at Home with a waxing kit

Obviously, the most convenient way to get wax hair removal treatment is to visit a specialist spa or salon.

Unfortunately, waxing is not cheap when performed by a professional plus you will have to make an appointment that will be at the convenience of the spa. Expect to pay upwards of $50 for a bikini wax and $100 plus for a full-body wax.

A Waxing kit

For the price of one professional wax treatment, you could have your own complete home waxing setup.

A good waxing system will consist of everything you need to perform your own wax treatments in the comfort of your own home at your leisure and leave you with smooth, flawless, hair-free skin.

A waxing kit will usually consist of an electric wax warmer, wax beads, wax application spatulas of various sizes, and in some cases before and after treatments for your skin such as pre-epilation powder.

4 Factors to consider when buying a Wax machine

There are several things to consider when choosing an electric wax warmer.

The Capacity of the Waxing machine

The capacity will affect your choice as a warmer for a salon or professional use will need to be larger than for the home.

Heating speed and temperature control 

Heating speed and temperature control should be noted as wax can burn if not heated with care. The best wax warmers feature variable temperature control and a regulated thermostat for safety.

A display 

A display with a heat level indicator is also a desirable feature.

High-Quality hot waxing machine

A quality wax warmer will be durable, well made, and if looked after and maintained properly will last for many years.


If you will be using the waxing machine in different locations, ensure that the wax warmer is portable and lightweight.

3 Types of Wax

1. Tinned Wax

The wax used for hair removal comes in various forms. Tins of wax are possibly the simplest to use; just place the tin into an electric wax warmer to heat and apply directly to the skin.

Tinned wax’s major plus point is that the wax doesn’t make direct contact with the wax warmer so there is no mess. While convenient and easy, wax in tins is generally only enough for one application to be less economical.

2. Wax Blocks

Blocks of wax are another option and can be cheaper in practice. Break off a piece of the hard wax and place it into the wax warmer and apply as you would the tinned wax but as you are only heating as much as you need it is cheaper in the long run.

Similarly, wax beans are another cost-effective form of hair removal wax that is available to buy in varying quantities.

3. Scented Wax

All of the different forms of wax have their place but another factor to consider is fragrance.

Many body hair removal waxes are enriched with essential. When heated in the wax warmer, they give off a pleasant aroma that has a soothing effect while you undergo the waxing procedure.

Among the fragrances available are tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, and others.

Salon Wax Warmer Reviews

We have reviewed 2 of the best wax removal kits that feature an electric wax warmer and all the necessary accessories so that you can enjoy salon-quality hair removal treatments in the comfort of your own home.

We rate our selections out of five stars.

1. JMT Cirepil Double Wax Warming Kit

A body wax warmer

The complete kit has everything needed to do waxing.

They have Included 800g Hard Wax.

This is a Professional wax warmer that Maintains consistent wax temperature.

 Easy to clean.

2. Clean + Easy Deluxe Pot Warmer for Wax

Wax machine

Thermostatically controlled keeps wax at the right temperature.

The scraper bar prevents drips and waste.

Deluxe wax warmer includes FREE Sensitive Pot Wax.

Fits many brands of wax.

Deluxe pot warmer temperature control is adjustable.

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