Portable Massage Therapy Chair-What massage therapists need

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lightweight therapy massage chair

Many massage therapists nowadays are on the road just like any other service provider. They usually work for home, salon, or office-based clients.

While this doesn’t stop them from being successful in their business, much of it does suffer due to the limited space they have available in a car and the less-than-ideal conditions.

That is why they should invest in a portable massage therapy chair to make up for such shortcomings.

I have gathered a list of the best portable massage therapy chairs which are lightweight and foldable for easier transportation. These massage chairs can be used by massage therapists, doctors, physical therapists, and medical practitioners for all kinds of massages.

Benefits of a Portable Folding Massage chair

The portable massage chair is the perfect solution for business people on the go. It fits right in your trunk and can be used at any time, making it the ultimate in efficient travel massage therapy.


Portability is one of the many benefits of this type of massage chair. These chairs tend to be lighter and fold up into a relatively small space like a regular massage table at home. It can be easier to transport than the larger models.


A portable folding massage chair is a special type of massage chair that is more compact and lightweight than usual. It usually comes in the form of a small bag that you can carry comfortably to your destination.

 Most foldable massage chairs come with a carrying handle and wheels for easy transportation. This makes it easier for you to carry your chair from one place to another, or from one room to another in your house, without straining yourself.

 This type of chair can be taken on camping trips, journeys, or any other travel you may have planned. Some people even use it for short overnight trips and it’s very convenient as you can just take it around with yourself.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a massage chair for some time now, but the price tag has always scared you away. Let me be the first to tell you that affordable massage chairs exist like the ones I have reviewed here.

Portable massage chairs are the most affordable way to enjoy an on-the-go spa massage right in the comfort of your own home. Aside from being more cost-effective, portable massage chairs can be used virtually anywhere you want.

Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

We know that seven out of ten Americans suffer from lower back pain at least once in their lives. And, although there are lots of treatments that can help people to overcome it, the most common solution is massage therapy.

It’s not an overstatement, if you have been experiencing lower back pain or any other health condition, a portable massage chair could help you with it – your life depends on it!

Comfier Portable Folding Massage ChairShiatsu Massage Folding ChairMaster Massage Professional Portable ChairOakworks Portable Massage Chair
lightweightlightweight and foldable- It is oil and water resistantIts weight capacity is 350 lbs
portable folding massage chairHas an adjustable seathas aircraft-grade aluminum frameFabric: PVC free terratouch
Has an adjustable neck and backrest heightFeatures 8 deep kneading rollersIt is lightweight and foldableIt is sturdy
Has heat functionhas a USB port for chargingComes with accessorieslightweight and foldable
Has kneading , vibration, shiatsu, massage functionsHas 3 vibration settingsSupports up to 650 lbs. of weightComes with a carry case
Has PU leather designUses kneading rollers to massageMeasures 11" Width x 20" Length x 43" HeightArm rest, seat height is easily adjustable
Uses rollers to massageHas a heat function
Has 3 massage intensity levelsIts massage functions include shiatsu, vibration, kneading, percussion and compression

4. Portable massage therapy chair Reviews

1. Comfier Portable Folding Massage Chair

Comfier Portable Massage Therapy Chair

Main Features

  • It is lightweight
  • It is a portable folding massage chair
  • Has an adjustable neck and backrest height
  • Has heat function for enhancing massage
  • Has kneading , vibration, shiatsu, spot massage functions
  • Has PU leather design
  • It is designed with a shiatsu neck massage to relax your neck muscles
  • Uses rollers to massage your back, neck, buttocks, thighs, etc
  • Comes with 3 massage intensity levels
  • It comes assembled and can fit any user since it has an adjustable backrest height
  • It is great for salon, home and office use

Perfect Solution to Eliminate Pain

This multi-functional, ergonomically designed Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is the perfect solution to eliminating your aches and pains! It combines the amazing therapeutic action of Shiatsu massage with the soothing heat of a backrest, footrest, and neck pillow.

Specially designed for salon, home, or office use, whether you need a soothing neck and back massage or a full-body work-out, this portable full-body massager chair will help you relax in comfort.

A Heat Function

This Shiatsu neck and back massager includes a heating function to soothe aches, pains, and stress from your body. The adjustable height of the backrest and neck, along with the full-body massager chair design, adds more comfort to your massage experience.

It is lightweight

Made from high-quality materials, this massage chair is very lightweight and foldable for easier transportation. Practical and convenient, you can use it almost anywhere for your ideal relaxation experience!

The Comfier Portable Folding Massage Chair is a perfect accompaniment to your camping trips to make hanging out by the campfire more comfortable. Just pull it out of your car and unfold it in seconds. It is a great choice for travel enthusiasts, using in hotel rooms, or enjoying a relaxing evening at home with family.

Has an adjustable neck and backrest height to fit any User

You won’t have to scour the internet looking for a massage chair that fits your height. This Comfier Portable Folding Massage Chair is specially designed for both kids and adults of all ages.

That means you never have to worry about whether you’re getting a proper back massage when you use it.

This professional portable massage chair has an adjustable neck and backrest height so your head and upper body are supported in the correct position. Plus, its padded vinyl armrests, soft fabric cover, and included eye pillow provide additional comfort and allow you to relax in a meditative state.

It is Comfortable

This is one of the most comfortable chairs in its class. Made with a double pad system, it offers extraordinary comfort and a massage experience.

Featuring a comfortable thick cushion and comes with multiple relaxation soft massage bands to provide deep kneading action with maximum stretch and compression. It can easily be folded into a carry bag for compact storage and portability.

Comfier Portable chair Massager with Heat Pros

  • Has an adjustable neck and backrest height to fit any user
  • It is affordable
  • It is lightweight and foldable
  • Comes with heat function to enhance your massage
  • Has 3 massage intensity levels so you can choose the one that suits you
  • It comes assembled


  • None that I know of

2. Shiatsu Massage Folding Chair with Heat

Best shiatsu massage folding chair

Main Features

  • It is a lightweight and foldable massage chair
  • Has an adjustable seat
  • Features 8 deep kneading rollers
  • It has a USB port for charging
  • Has 3 vibration settings
  • Uses kneading rollers to relax your tired body
  • Has a heat function to enhance your massage
  • It is an ideal gift for friends and family
  • Its massage functions include shiatsu, vibration, kneading, percussion and compression

Features a Heat Function

A built-in heat feature offers relaxation to sore, cold or tired feet. The heating function is activated by the touch of a button for those who like to warm up before the massage begins.

 To prevent overheating, there is also a built-in safety overheat switch that automatically turns off the shiatsu and vibration functions when it’s too hot.

Great for Relaxation of Muscles

A portable Shiatsu massage chair with heat is a must for any salon, home, or medical office that provides massage therapy. With its deep kneading Shiatsu massage system, you will be pampered with the ultimate relaxation as it delivers stress-relieving pressure to help you feel rejuvenated.

Simply unfold this ergonomically designed massage chair to provide soothing neck and back massages in minutes. It will work out all your tense spots and knots in the neck, shoulders, back, and legs.

This portable electric massage chair also provides an array of four different massage programs, including Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling, and Swedish styles. A built-in heat function delivers a soothing sensation for your upper neck and back while the 18 massage nodes provide targeted relief to stiff joints and sore muscles.

It is Foldable and Lightweight

Whether you’re following your favorite team outside, and you need to set up a massage station or you want to have a confined retreat at home for friends and family, this lightweight foldable massage chair is an asset that truly helps make the event more enjoyable.

Has an Ergonomic design

This Shiatsu Massage Chair has a unique style and design that can be used as a chair or massage chair. You can use it at the salon, home, office, or even mountaineering. You can easily take it with you in the small folding size.

It features a supreme ergonomic design, which will ensure your relaxation after a hard day’s work. Patients requiring orthopedic care will find immediate comfort and relief from sore muscles and pressure points.

And with adjustable backrest, height-adjustable leg rest, and multilevel intensity of massage motor, it makes that process even easier and more efficient.

Pros of Belmint Shiatsu Massage Folding Chair with Heat

  • It comes with a heat function to enhance your massage
  • It is lightweight and foldable to transport easily
  • Comes with many massage functions
  • Has an adjustable seat massager to fit any user
  • Comes with 8 shiatsu deep kneading rollers to relax your tired muscles
  • It is a great gift for friends and family
  • Has an ergonomic design making it ideal for salon, home or office


  • None that I know of

3. Master Massage Professional Portable Chair

Portable Massage Therapy Chair

Main Features

  • It is oil and water resistant
  • It has aircraft-grade aluminum frame making it incredibly strong
  • It is lightweight and foldable
  • Its accessories include an adjustable face cradle, a carrying case, a memory form layered pillow, and a pouch
  • Supports up to 650 lbs. of weight
  • Measures 11″ Width x 20″ Length x 43″ Height

Master Massage portable chair package includes all you need to get started. Compact and easy to carry, this chair is perfect for the studio, home, or on location.

It is the perfect professional tool for mobile massage therapy. This chair rolls and folds easily for transportation. It offers convenience for all types of massage therapy and there’s no assembly required, just take it out of the box and begin your clients’ appointment.

Lightest Massage Chair

Master professional portable massage chair is one of the lightest chairs available on the market today. It folds up and sets up with ease and takes up very little space in your car or truck, making storage and transporting a breeze! The face pillow and head support can be adjusted to different heights for comfort.

The chair weighs less than twenty pounds and easily folds for storage and transport, yet has excellent support.

Oil-and Water-resistant

Designed for ultimate luxury, and optimal health, this chair is a must-have. Features include upholstered with oil-and water-resistant leather to prevent spills and stains.

Has an Aircraft-grade Aluminum frame making it incredibly strong

This extra strong, lightweight travel chair has an aircraft-grade hard aluminum frame that won’t dent or corrode and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to adjust to any size client. The patented side-release spring allows for easy height adjustment and the cushions are made with high-density foam

It Ideal for Massage Therapists

This portable massage chair allows therapists to perform in a broad range of locations, including homes, doctors’ offices, daycare facilities, assisted living centers, schools, and private practice offices. It is easy to carry, and ideal for clients who don’t like oil or removing their clothes, and can make house calls more convenient.

It is Comfortable

Comfort and efficiency are just two of the many reasons to purchase this spa chair.

The Master massage professional portable chair is cushioned in all the right places with a contoured backrest, padded armrests, and ergonomically designed seat, which comfortably supports your lower back.

Adjustable height and angle of the seat facilitates comfort for all sizes.


  • It is lightweight and foldable for easier transportation
  • It is oil and water resistant to prevent stains and spills
  • It is cushioned in all places to ensure you are comfortable during your massage session
  • Has adjustable height to accommodate all users
  • Comes with aircraft-grade aluminum frame for durability


  • It is a bit expensive

4. Oakworks Portable Massage Chair

Oakworks Portable Massage Therapy Chair

Main Features

  • Its weight capacity is 350 lbs
  • Fabric: PVC free terratouch
  • It is sturdy
  • It is lightweight and foldable
  • Comes with a carry case and instructional video
  • It is cushioned to ensure you are comfortable during massage
  • Arm rest, seat height is easily adjustable

Lightweight and portable, the Oakworks Portable Massage Chair provides an on-the-go massage for tired muscles and aching joints.

Easy to set up, small enough to fit in the trunk of your car, and lightweight so you can move it around frequently, this chair is perfect for home use. Set it up in your living room while you’re watching TV or simply roll it into a corner of a room during the cold months and bring relief to tight neck and shoulders.

It is Portable

It comes with an attractive carrying bag that allows you to easily transport it from place

to place. At home, at the gym, or on the road, this portable massage chair lets you go where you want to go and feel great while you do it.

Factors to consider when buying the Best Portable massage Therapy Chair

Have you been considering purchasing a portable massage therapy chair but are unsure where to start or which one is right for you?

 If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I will be going over the most important factors to consider when buying a portable massage chair. As a salon owner, I will also share my personal experience with some massage chairs that I have tried and tell you what matters most when buying them.


The size and weight of the chair should be considered when looking for a portable massage therapy chair.

A major factor to consider is whether you will be carrying it frequently and from long distances, as well as if you require easy access to public spaces. If you wish to use your chair for professional use, you will need a chair that is fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

Buying a heavy-duty massage chair can be an interesting investment but if they are not portable, they will become a space hog and will remain unused most of the time. This will only mean that you have bought a useless high-priced chair and you may as well chuck it away.

The Best for Mobile Massage

You could make a lot of money if you offer massage services in the house or marketplace.

There are numerous individuals who are looking for massage therapy services if you will use the chair at their house as well as provide your professional massage there they’ll ask to pay you more simply because they don’t need to journey toward your workplace.


One of the factors to consider when looking for a portable massage chair is your budget. Your budget will become your guide on how and where to search for the best chair for your needs.

 You can start with the price point you have in mind and then start investigating different types of chairs and what features they offer, most importantly, how the features work to make each chair unique.


At a minimum, almost every portable massage table includes at least 3 accessories. Those are a carrying case, a removable face cradle, and a storage pocket. With these features included in the portable massage table in which you decide to buy for your business, you will be assured of using it efficiently and effectively.


Your massage chair needs to be comfortable so that you and your customers will enjoy using it. Therefore, take note of the various features of the chairs such as built-in lumbar cushion, armrest and backrest padding, and pillow as they will ensure maximum comfort for you during your work hours.

To get the maximum out of the Session

We mostly think about our portable massage chair in terms of functionality rather than comfort. However, when it comes to getting treatment, as a client you must always be comfortable enough to get the maximum out of the session and also ensure that you get nothing but comfort from the chair.

 It is therefore important to first consider factors that determine the level of comfort that will be derived from the chair.


Heat is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a massage chair. The various types of heat used for massage chairs are gas, infrared, ultrasonic, and dry/steam.

Each type of heat has its own unique properties. Gas heat is closest to traditional Swedish massage. This is because it mimics the gentle, warm strokes of a human hand. In addition, the warmth is very dense which closely imitates a human hand-holding and moving over your skin.

 A study showed that heat improves blood circulation plus enhances massage.

FAQs about the Best Portable Massage Therapy Chair

How much do portable massage chairs cost?

The cost of a portable massage chair is determined by the brand and quality of the chair. There are portable massage chairs to fit all massage therapists, salons, and homeowners.

They can range from $100- to $5000+. The price is also determined by how comfortable you want your massage chair to be plus premium features such as heat, massaging functions, just to name a few.

A Portable chair Massager with Heat is best suited for whom?

Tired of having sore muscles? Why not try using a portable chair massager with heat. These devices are designed to offer you comfort and reduce stress. Whether you have back pain or just simply want to experience a sense of relaxation, a chair massager can be your best friend.

It is equipped with a soothing headrest and powerful massage motors that enable it to target various body parts.

The device is so portable that you can carry it with you wherever you go. They are best suited for salon owners, homeowners, travelers, massage therapists, doctors, and anybody that want to enjoy massage in their home or workplace.