Kahuna lm6800-(Kahuna Massage Chair lm6800 Complete Review)

Are you curious to know which massage chair is best for your salon or home? kahuna lm6800 is a full body massage chair at a relatively affordable price. It has a wide variety of features to please any user. It has uses airbags and rollers to help relieve stress in your body. The massage techniques … Read more

How do you choose a professional Wax Warmer? (Compare, Buy and Save)

Traditionally body hair removal wax was heated in a wax warmer with a tea light candle or even a paraffin lamp but these are often unreliable and can result in overheating or even burning the wax. The modern method is to use an electric wax warmer like the one that I have reviewed below here … Read more

3 Best Massage Oil Warmer/s-To Keep Your Clients Rejuvenated

Best massage oil warmer

When you are preparing to be massaged, there is nothing worse than the sensation of cold oil hitting your skin. Warming massage oil in your palms before applying can help but is not very efficient. The massage oil warmer is therefore absolutely crucial for any salon that wants to give a warm sensation to their … Read more

Which all purpose Salon Styling chairs will your beauty salon need?

Styling chairs for salons are arguably the most important piece of salon equipment in any beauty salon. They allow stylists to work quickly and easily, while indispensable features let them swivel, raise and lower the chair in order to approach the client from every angle. The best salon chairs are also comfortable and luxurious, so … Read more

Home Salon Services in Kenya-A Beautician that Come to your House

With the modern delivery age of services like food, cleaners, and groceries, why not home salon services? It is very possible to get my home salon services delivered to your home, place of work or hotel. I am 1 phone call away. No hassles of booking appointments, finding time to go salon then you end … Read more

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair-Best Salon Massage Chair on the Market

Hey readers in this post I have come up with some of the best massage chairs, I will be giving you all of the specifications of the products and also i recommend gifting this to your beloved for this upcoming holiday season. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair is one of the highest-rated portable massage chairs today. … Read more