The Most Expensive Massage Chair in the World (For the Wealthy)

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If you are a big fan of massages, you definitely would like to experience the most expensive massage chair in the world. These are luxurious massage chairs that have been created to pamper and relax your body in the most unique ways.

They have been designed to mimic the movements of a professional masseuse, have a high price tag, are extremely comfortable, and come with high-end features to help you relax and unwind, relieve muscle pain, decrease stress, and boost your overall health.

In this article, I will review the most expensive massage chairs on the market today. Visit this page if interested in more expensive massage chairs.

Best World’s Most Expensive Massage Chair Review

InstaShiatsu+ Massage Chair MC-3500

most expensive massage chair

Main Features

  • Has soothing shiatsu massage
  • Offers full body massage
  • It features 12 massage modes
  • This expensive massage chair also have 8 auto massage functions and some can be customized
  • Has zero gravity feature
  • Features Bluetooth technology

Do you feel stressed in your busy schedule or have any physical aches and pains? InstaShiatsu+ Massage Chair MC-3500 is the right product for you. It is one of the most expensive massage chairs in the market today.

This luxury massage chair comes with an innovative shiatsu airbag technology which is perfect for soothing any muscle pain. It will easily get rid of all the stress in your body. The price of this massage chair might be higher than that of other massage chairs but it’s worth the cost. Here is my experience of testing this massaging chair at my salon.

Has a Modern Design

I have had the pleasure of testing out InstaShiatsu+ Massage Chair MC-3500. I have to admit that when we first got this massage chair into our salon, every client wanted to try it out. It looked so inviting and comfy.

The chair is actually quite comfortable and is made of high-quality material that is sure to last for years to come even with daily use.

12 Different Massage Functions

This body massage chair has 12 different massage modes that enable you to find the best one for you. You can feel free to choose from the Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Kneading, Back Rollers, Vibration, Shaking, Air Brush, and more.

It also features eight auto massage functions such as upper-body wind-down and foot relaxation. With all these different types of massages, you can choose one that will suit your body’s needs.

Zero Gravity Feature

This luxurious chair has a zero-gravity position that makes you feel like floating on air. This further relaxes your body.

It is loaded with Bluetooth technology that enables it to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices. You can use this feature to play music while you are on the chair so that you can relax and enjoy your perfect massage session more than ever.

Luxury Massage Chair Price

Massage chair for sale

Luxury massage chairs are specially designed to provide the best massage experience.

These chairs are expensive but they are well worth the money you put into them. The price of a luxury massage chair could cost anywhere from $3000-$10,000 depending on where you purchase it and what features it has on it. The top-end models usually come with zero gravity features, many massage functions, and heated seats.

The more features on the chair mean an increase in price. There are many different designs and brands that sell these types of chairs but they all do the same thing, help relax your body and avoid stress.

What is a luxury massage chair and why do they cost so much?

This is what you need to know about them. A luxury massaging chair is made to give you the perfect experience when you are receiving a massage. They are designed to incorporate new technology that can help enhance the experience for you.

When you sit in a luxury massage chair, it will automatically start up the program you have chosen on it. This will help to ensure that your muscles are relaxed and helped as they should be when you get a massage.

Are very Comfortable

You may find that these chairs are more comfortable than a human masseuse. They can help relieve all kinds of stress in your body and promote overall wellness. These chairs even have some of the same technology as NASA uses.

Another great feature of these chairs is that they can be used anywhere; in the salon, home or office. You don’t have to have a special room or area set up for your chair because they can go just about anywhere.

Are luxury Massage Chairs Worth It?

Yes, expensive massage chairs are worth their price. They are not just for the rich and famous. They are for anyone who is willing to pay for comfort, relaxation, and convenience. These chairs come with a lot of high-end features that make them worth the price.

Features of The Best Expensive Massage Chair

Inbuilt MP3 Player; Some of them have inbuilt MP3-player speakers that you can use to listen to your favorite music while getting a massage from the chair.

Heat Feature; Most of these massage chairs come with heaters on the backrests and the lumbar areas to provide warmth to the body during massage sessions. This is especially great when it is cold outside or when you have been outside all day because it will help to ease aches in the muscles.

For a more relaxing experience, some of these massage chairs come with heated seats, which is quite convenient during wintertime.

Full-body massage system. This feature is also common in most of the luxury massage chairs available today. It enables massage of various parts of your body at once and gives complete relaxation after a long day at work or when you feel tired and stressed out.

Wireless Connectivity; There are also models available that allow you to wirelessly connect to your TV or computer and watch movies or surf the internet while getting a massage from the chair. These models come with wireless headsets as well.

So if you want to relax after a tiring day at work, go ahead and get yourself one of these luxury massage chairs today.

Many massage programs: Most of these luxury chairs come with at least three or four different types of massages such as Shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, and so on.

They also come with some pre-programmed massages that are designed to help people relax after a long day at work or after jogging or exercising at the gym.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Because in this zero gravity position, the weight of your body will be evenly distributed on the backrest and hence the blood circulation will be enhanced.

The muscles and joints will also get the extra oxygen supply they need to heal quickly, while your body will be completely relaxed to all its tension.

Tight muscles, joints, and spine are problems that most people face in their day-to-day life. And these can lead to many other health issues like slipped disk, arthritis, muscle tears, etc. So getting this zero gravity position can help a lot in relaxing the tight muscles and joints.

Where to Buy Most Expensive Massage Chair

Expensive massage chairs, like any other equipment, can be bought from many different sources. While it is possible to buy them in physical stores, the easiest way to get one is to go online and shop through an extensive variety of options. You will find massage chairs for sale at various prices in online stores.

Buying an Expensive Massage Chair from Online

The greatest place to buy a massage chair is online. The online stores have all different types of expensive massage chairs for sale at different prices.

All you need to do is look for reputable websites, have a good look at the features of the chair with massage and which payment options are available, and note down the address of the seller for future reference. Then, you can make your purchase in complete confidence.

If you buy from an online store, make sure there are live customer service agents to answer your questions about their products.

Buying from a Physical Store

If you choose to buy in a physical store, you will get the advantage of being able to try out the massaging chair first. This helps ensure that you are getting exactly what you want before you make any commitment or spend any money.

The prices will most likely be higher than what you would pay for them online, but sometimes it is worth paying extra to get exactly what you want instead of settling for something less expensive.

You can find massaging chairs for sale of all kinds at stores, from department stores to specialty shops. You might also be able to get advice from experienced salespeople who can help you pick the right one for your needs.

When shopping for a massaging chair in person or online, make sure that the retailer has a good return policy. This way, if you find something wrong with it, then you can return it without any problems. Some retailers might charge a restocking fee for such returns.

Cheap Vs Expensive Massage Chair

There are many different massaging chairs on the market today. One of the main things that set them apart is the price. Some of these chairs can cost thousands of dollars, while others can be purchased for as little as $100.

For some people, their budget is the only thing that dictates whether or not they purchase a chair with massage. For others, it’s what type of features the chair offers, and for some, it’s about quality.

1. Cheap Massage Chair

If you consider yourself to be on a budget, then there are some things that you should consider before buying a massaging chair. Have a look at the price range of all of the chairs available on the market and make sure that your price range will allow you to pay for one.

If there are no chairs with massage in your price range, then it’s time to start looking elsewhere as there might not be any within your budget.

It may not Last Long

A cheap massage chair will have an extremely low price tag but may not last long. If you purchase one of these chairs with massage and use it for even frequent massages, it may only last a few years before needing expensive repairs or replacement parts.

2. Expensive Massage Chair

If your budget allows you to spend more, then you should take a look at what features each chair with massage has to offer.

You want to ensure that your money is well spent by making sure that the features offered to suit your needs will make you happy with your purchase decision in the long run.

Has a lot of High End Features

The best expensive massage chair is going to have a lot of high-end features and settings to choose from. If you’re looking at a high-quality chair, it probably has at least 20 different massage programs and settings to choose from.

It will have a variety of different massage styles, including shiatsu, sports, Swedish, and acupressure. It will also have several kneading patterns to choose from and several intensity levels for each as well.

It is Very Comfortable

Another important quality in an expensive massage chair is its overall comfort level. You want your chair to feel comfortable and inviting every time you sit down in it so that you’ll want to use it more often. This means that it needs to be cushioned properly and sized correctly for your body type.

Most expensive massage chairs are very comfortable since they are cushioned properly plus are made with the latest technology.

Price of Cheap and Expensive Massage Chairs

If you are looking to buy a massage chair, there are many options available. The cheapest ones can be found for $200 – $400 and the most expensive ones can cost over $2,000. It is known that the more expensive the chair, the better the quality. This is generally true but you can get a quality one at a cheaper price.

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