Kahuna lm6800-(Kahuna Massage Chair lm6800 Complete Review)

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Are you curious to know which massage chair is best for your salon or home? kahuna lm6800 is a full body massage chair at a relatively affordable price.

It has a wide variety of features to please any user. It has uses airbags and rollers to help relieve stress in your body.

The massage techniques offered by this change include shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling.

Features of Kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800

Kahuna lm6800
Kahuna massage chair

– Kahuna lm6800 massages the entire back and lower body.

 -Has 6 auto relaxation programs for shiatsu, kneading, rolling and tapping

 -It uses airbags and rollers on foot for relaxation

-It’s a Shiatsu zero gravity recliner. It can recline to zero gravity, an effective position for -relaxation.

-It uses body scan technology

 -It has heat feature for the legs

 -Has adjustable massage intensity of up to 3 levels

 – It has an ergonomic structural design plus yoga stretching program.

                     Salon Massage Chair Guide

Also known as stationary massage chairs, robotic Massage chairs work by use of vibrating rollers, mechanical arms that move vertically, horizontally and in circles to relieve stress and tension on your body muscles.

There are those that use airbags like brookstone renew zero gravity massage chair and heat to relax muscles.

These massagers delivered by salon robotic massage chairs include the following;

-shiatsu massage


-Deep tissue massage

– Kneading and knocking.

They are programmed to give professional kneads and knocks on areas that you need to relax most and you can choose the intensity of the treatments.

Shiatsu Massage

This is a type of massage that uses acupuncture points. Shiatsu massage applies pressure on points by use of thumbs, nodes, palm or fingers.

This kind of therapy is proven to ease the pain. It is a great way of relieving mental and body illness.

Shiatsu massage for Effective Back pain Relief

Back pain is a major problem to many people which can be caused by many years of bending, lifting or sitting. It can be a cause of discomfort and frustration which can be eased by use of a back massager.

If left untreated, back pain can ruin your day or hinder you from doing physical activities. Avoid these troubles by getting a massage.  

Without a doubt, a Shiatsu massage chair zero gravity will relieve you of back problems and at the same time give relaxation.

Benefits of robotic massage chairs

Their consistency

This is one of the areas that robotic massage chairs beat masseuse in. It is not easy to find a massage therapist that will offer quality relaxation all the time.  

A masseuse is prone to exhaustion and cannot last for more than 3 hours without getting tired, unlike a massager that can go hours delivering same quality results.

 A self massager like Kahuna lm6800 is always available unlike a massage therapist who might not be there when you need him or her the most.

1-time Investment

They require 1-time investment and you forget about paying a massage therapist every time they visit your home.

Stationary massage chairs can be expensive but this should not be a prohibitive factor as to why you should not own one.

Their price range from 500$ to 3000$ depending on their features. On the other hand, massage therapists charges around 70$ to 200$ per hour.

 If you have this per week, you will have parted with a good amount in 1 year. Massagers are a good investment since they offer uncountable sessions.

Massage Frequency

How often do you want a professional massage? If you are trying to alleviate or manage pain caused by bending or by a migraine, then weekly massage therapies are needed.

 If you have already purchased a massage chair at your home or office, then you can get massage as often as you want and no hassles of booking for a massage therapist or going salon.  

 Kahuna lm6800, the best massager that I have recommended here is a good investment if you have a busy schedule.


With a massage chair, you don’t need to undress and you can use it anywhere you want, in the salon, home, gym or anywhere you want.

Shiatsu massage chair zero gravity Reviews

1.      Real Relax Massage Chair

Shiatsu massage chair zero gravity

One of the outstanding features of Real Relax massage chair is reclining in a zero gravity position.

Man Features

It has 2 rollers that give shiatsu sensation and in a zero gravity position.

There are 50 airbags throughout this back massager, over the shoulder, back, arms, and legs for relaxation.

 The remote control enables you to choose different levels of intensity of massages using its VFD display screen.

 It is designed with an intelligent roller system designed to give a perfect foot relaxation.

 It has a heat therapy system for lower back that promotes blood circulation. Heat is also known to promote metabolism.

It is shipped with a user manual and an installation video hence there will be no hustle assembling it.

It is made of PU leather that is easy to clean.

This electric back massager comes with a 3-year warranty.

The user gets to enjoy massage more in a reclined position.

It is a full body massager that offers real relaxation to the whole body.

It has 4 automatic massage programs to choose from. They are shiatsu, tapping, knocking and kneading.

Why buy Real Relax Full Massage Chair

-It is a recliner and will relieve pain on back, neck, shoulders, back, hands and legs with its various relaxation techniques.

 -it promotes blood circulation

 -it relaxes the body muscles

 N.B: It is a bulky massager hence makes sure you have enough space for it.

2.   Brookstone renew zero gravity massage chair

Brookstone renew zero gravity massage chair review

Relax, renew and rejuvenate with this Brookstone renew zero gravity massage chair.

Brookstone is a renowned brand in the massage industry with their innovative products ranging from foot massagers to back massagers. It will melt away your stress and soothe your body.

Man Features

-It has 8 automatic treatment programs

 -The 8 programs offer full body massage, back and stress relief, will sooth and stretch.

 -it uses body scanning technology to customize the massage

-It uses 42 air cells for squeeze air massage. This will massage your shoulders, arms, feet, and legs

Zero gravity massage chair

With a press of a button, this electric back massager will recline your legs to a position of zero gravity. It has built-in heat for effective therapy.

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