Home Salon Services in Kenya-A Beautician that Come to your House

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Home Salon Services

With the modern delivery age of services like food, cleaners, and groceries, why not home salon services?

It is very possible to get my home salon services delivered to your home, place of work or hotel. I am 1 phone call away.

No hassles of booking appointments, finding time to go salon then you end up waiting in a queue for the available beautician.

The modern woman is quite busy, no time to look after herself very well and that’s why our salon introduced home salon services delivery.

You will sit, relax and enjoy my professional services such as Nairobi massage, waxing, facial, human hair fixing, pedicure and manicure at the privacy of your home.

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Reasons why you need a Mobile Salon

Sometimes you feel you don’t want to go outside and yet want several salon services in one day. To achieve this, you will be required to spend several hours in a salon with other clients, who some will be making noise, others bustling around.

This is not the kind of relaxation you want.

Relax In the comfort of your home

Home service treatment makes you feel like a celebrity; you get all the attention and salon services tailored to your needs.

No other clients to compete for a beautician.

During your off day, you only want to relax, not going through the hectic traffic present during the weekend when going salon. Traffic is bad during, Friday, Saturday and Sunday when everybody is going out to enjoy their off days.

So you don’t want to start your weekend being stuck in a traffic jam and this is where our mobile salon comes to your rescue. After your massage, waxing etc. session, you can drift into a deep sleep without the worry of hassling with traffic.

Mobile Beauty Salon Services in Nairobi

The home Salon or Spa services that I offer at your home or hotel include:

-waxing, keratin hair treatment, massage, facials, micro ring hair extension fixing, pedicure& Manicure, hair straightening/Blow-dry and hair treatment that I have discussed in detail as follows;

1. Home waxing

waxing image

Body hair can be a nuisance especially under the armpits, on private parts and on visible areas. In some cultures, hair on some body parts is considered unclean and some like facial hair can lowers self-esteem!

Body waxing is not limited to women. Men too remove hair on their bodies especially if they come from warmer or hot climates where too much hair on body is uncomfortable due to excessive sweating.

Importance of Body waxing

Long body hair is a harbor for bacteria. This can compromise your hygiene and removing this hair will prevent their growth.

-Waxing removes unwanted hair under armpits, on body and face.

-You feel comfortable if no hair on the body especially if you live in hot areas and you tend to sweat or workout a lot. Shaved body looks good and attractive and this boosts self-esteem especially in women.

How Home Waxing is done

Waxing is the careful process of removing body hair by use of warm wax or wax strips.

During the process, a lot of care is observed to apply the right temperature of warm wax so as not to burn the customer and hairs are removed completely from the root of the skin leaving skin feeling and looking smooth.

After requesting home waxing, I will come with all the required materials and equipments needed for the service. This includes a wax warmer, fruit wax, quality wax strips, disposable towels, waxing oil and other important waxing accessories.

2. Home Hair Keratin Treatment- Hairstylist that come to your house

Is your hair dull and damaged? Contact me for a keratin treatment and I will come to your home. Keratin is designed to straighten curly and repair damaged hair. It restores the protective layer of your hair called Keratin leaving it looking silky.

Can Keratin Damage your Hair?

Keratin treatments are designed to add shine, thickness and smoothen hair. They are semi-permanent straightening procedures hence cannot damage hair unlike hair rebounding treatments that use harsh chemicals to straighten hair permanently.

Keratin treatments act on the outer layer of hair and not inner layer unlike rebonding treatments that completely alters the structure of outer and inner layer.

Like I mentioned earlier, keratin treatment is a semi-permanent procedure hence it will last from 3 to 6 months.

Please note:

1. Keratin can damage hair if too much heat is used to do the treatment. Too much heat on hair eventually causes thinning of hair.

2. Formaldehyde, the main ingredient in keratin treatment products can damage hair if used in high concentration.

Importance of Home keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment leaves your hair looking silky and beautiful

-If you take a lot of time straightening your hair with a flat iron, keratin treatment shorten this time.

-If your hair is kinky, coarser or frizzy, keratin hair treatment will make it soft.

3. Nairobi Massage

Mobile beauty salon services

Do you have persistent fatigue, joint stiffness and widespread pain on your body? You could be having fibromyalgia. This can be relieved by a massage therapy in Nairobi as recommended by doctors.

Working hard leaves our muscles tired, eventually they harden causing them to form knots. Get rid of those muscle knots the natural way with my home massage.

Importance of Massage

Head massage, shoulders massage, back massage, stomach massage, legs and feet massage has healing effect.

Stomach massage relaxes stomach muscles hence stimulating digestion, relieving constipation and bloating.

Increase bowel movements with my professional massage.

Head massage is known to relieve tension or migraine headache. Relaxation and increase of blood circulation are achieved when massaging the head scalp.

Foot massage or foot reflexology is beneficial especially to pregnant women. Foot reflexology relieves aches and tension caused by standing or walking for long period of time.

Most pregnant women have swollen feet. They can get relief from having a regular massage but discuss with your doctor before buying a foot massager. Alternately, you can call me for a foot massage.

4. Fixing Micro ring Hair Extension- I am a Mobile hairstylist

Are you tired of your short and thin hair that keeps you from feeling your best? I have a solution for you. Micro ring hair extensions work by adding volume or length to your hair. They also allow you to experiment with different hair styles and hair color.

Micro ring hair extension is one of the most sought techniques of adding volume and length to hair.

About Micro ring hair extensions

The procedure involves fixing individual human hair extension strands near scalp

-Small micro rings are used to clamp the individual human hair extension strands to the hair on the head using special tools

– If put by a professional mobile hair stylist like me, the micro rings extensions cannot be detected.

-The human hair fixed feels natural; it is more comfortable compared to other forms of extensions and there is no sewing or usage of glue.

-They are easy to maintain, shampoo, straighten or curl like normal hair

-They adds volume and length to hair

-The human hairs can be reused again and last up to 6 months

5. Pedicure and Manicure in Kenya

Taking care of your feet with a regular pedicure is crucial to keep foot problems and pain at bay. Pedicure treatment involves removal of dead cells on feet and nails, shaping of nails, leg massage etc.

Simple Pedicure Procedure

Feet is soaked in foot spa full of moderate warm water, soap and salt

-Rough skin is removed using foot file

-Feet is dried and nails are cleaned, trimmed and filed.

-Feet and legs are moisturized then massaged

Simple Manicure Procedure

hands are soaked in water to make cleaning and removal of cuticles easy. It is also crucial to give them a gentle scrub and this removes dead cells on hands leaving them feeling soft.

-Dry hands and trim long nails

-File nails

-moisturize hands and massage

-and finally apply nail polish if customer wish to.

6. Facial by a Mobile Beautician in Kenya

Facial is a beauty treatment for face done to both women and men. Its main goal is to to cleanse face, extract black and white heads, nourish and maintain a hydrated complexion of the face skin.

What are the Steps of doing Facial?

  1. Skin is first analyzed to determine skin type; dry, oily or sensitive. Sensitive skin requires special care and products. One is also advised to drink enough water to keep facial skin hydrated.
  2. Facial products are prepared and they include facial cleansers and scrubbers, facial masks products, facial steamer, moisturizer etc. You will lie on a facial bed and care is taken not to spoil your hair by wrapping your head with a headband and placing a towel on your clothes.
  3. A facial treatment begins by cleansing the face to remove existing make ups
  4. Exfoliation is done using a facial cleansing brush that will deep clean pores and removes dead skin cells. It uses technology that clean skin better than other scrubs. Alternatively, I can use face scrub which will deliver the same results.
  5. Using a face steam machine, steam is directed to face to soften white heads and blackheads for removal.
  6. There is extraction of black heads and white heads.
  7. Using moisturizer, face is moisturized and massaged very well to relax face muscles
  8. The final step is application of face mask.

7.Hair straightening and Hair blow-dry

I will straighten your hair to satisfaction using the best quality flat iron and blow dryer. I do too hair curling.

Call for quality hair straightening and hair curling. I am a Mobile hair stylist with over 5 years of experience. In addition, I give tips on how to keep your hair healthy.

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