A Complete guide of Salon Massage Chairs-Everything you need to know about them

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Also called robotic massage chairs, massage chairs are similar in construction and look. They are designed with crucial features such as airbags to cater to massaging needs and preferences of the users.

They provide the same benefits of professional massage therapy all within the privacy of your salon or home. Nothing feels good as a massage. You can choose to have it for relaxation or relieve aches and pain in your body.

In fact, massage is an alternative medicine that can treat various conditions in the body. It is effective in relieving pain, muscle tension, and stress.

What conditions can massage chairs help with?

It is a proven fact that massage is an effective treatment for many medical conditions. The many massages offered by massage chairs, such as Kahuna lm6800 reviewed here, can help treat the following diseases and conditions;

-Muscle tension, back pain, shoulder, and neck pain





-Stress, anxiety, and depression



– Sports injuries

-Sciatica and many more

The research conducted for massage therapy showed pressure applied on body muscles has positive effects on pressure receptors leading to reduced cortisol levels. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone.

Basic chair massage techniques

Massage chairs for salon, home, or office use employ special mechanisms to deliver various messages. Some massage chairs are designed with vibrators, nodes, rollers, or airbags that will deliver the needed massage.

The massage nodes are designed to emulate hands and fingers.

Vibration Therapy

The simplest salon massage chairs use a series of vibration mechanisms to deliver massage. Simple and advanced massage chairs will employ this technique by use of vibration devices that will push and rotate at a high speed to produce vibrations of varying levels.

This will provide intense pressure that hits hard-to-reach areas of the back, legs, etc.

Airbags of salon massage chairs

More advanced massage chairs will use airbags to deliver massage. The airbags position on the chair will be located on the shoulder area, back, sides, neck, hip, lower back, and legs.

Airbags provide compression massage as opposed to rollers that give tapping, kneading, and rolling type of massage.

Airbags work by inflating and deflating around the area they are massaging while at the same time compressing.

If you are looking to buy a full body massage chair that incorporates advanced air massage technology, you can try Kahuna Massage chair recliner lm6800 or a real relax massage chair.

They both use rollers and airbags to completely relax the tight muscles of their users. They will grip and squeeze large muscles firmly for a few seconds then release. The user can adjust the intensity of the air massage so no need to worry about injuries.

Health Benefits of using air massage technique

Believe it or not, compression is a technique used to improve lymph and blood flow. It is effective in increasing blood flow and can be useful by pregnant women who have swollen feet but first consult your doctor before using one.

The airbags will reduce swelling and even help you recover from sports injuries if you have them.


What is inside a massage chair? Rollers and airbags. Rollers are mechanic devices with built-in massage chairs to give a massage. They mimic the pressure and movement of the massage therapist’s hands.

Shiatsu Massage

 Shiatsu massage involves applying pressure to specific points on the body. This is one of the common massages given by massage chairs. The rollers and airbags will apply deep pressure in a continuous sequence.

This type of massage is said to promote healing conditions such as insomnia, back pain, arthritis, and many more.

Are massage chairs worth it?

A massage chair is worth investing in. It will not only relieve your stress after a hard day at work but soothe your tired muscles. Not everybody can afford to go to a spa every weekend.

The solution is to get your own massager that will be available when you need it. They are efficient tools for wellbeing.

Circulation of Blood

Loosening muscles allows increased blood flow throughout your body. Additionally, the various massage techniques will facilitate dilation of blood vessels and this can help lower blood pressure.

Alleviate stress

Getting a massage is a great way to unwind and de-stress. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reported that patients who did massage had reduced levels of cortisol; the stress hormone.

There is a clinically proven health benefit of massage. Massage is no longer a luxury but a way of life. If it is possible, have 1 session per week. It is also known to promote sleep and boost mood.

Reduce Pain

 Massage can alleviate acute and chronic pain. If you have pain in your neck, shoulders, legs, etc., consider getting a massage. Most massage chairs are designed with a heat feature that enhances their massage and soothes the pain.

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