EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair-Best Salon Massage Chair on the Market

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EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair
Beauty salon chair for massage

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair is one of the highest-rated portable massage chairs today.

It is perfect for a masseuse or a tattoo artist who is looking for a salon massage chair on a budget.

Main Features of EARTHLITE salon Massage Chair

-It folds easily and comes with a carry case that has shoulder straps

-It features adjustable head parts, chest, seat height, and arm

 -It is 100% PU upholstery and supports a working weight of up to 300lbs

-It has high-density foam

-It comes with a space-saving design

 -Its light, weighing only 15 lbs, hence can be transported from one place to the other

-has 3 years warranty


This is a chair that folds easily without a fuss. It can fit perfectly in your closest and is also handy to take with you wherever you go.

It is a salon massage chair that is stylish, lightweight, and constructed using lightweight yet strong material; aluminum. It is perfect for a sports therapist, home, office, and spas.

The modern man or woman is busy to go to a salon and get a massage. As a salon owner or massage therapist, grab this opportunity and visit them in their homes with your favorite On-site massage chair.

 As a customer, the On-site massage chair gives the benefit of getting massage in the comfort of your home without having to remove your clothes. It will eliminate the problems associated with going to a spa.

Pros of EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair

-It is straightforward to use

-It is adjustable

-It is comfortable to use

-Comes with a carry case


-none that I know of

What is a Salon Massage Chair

Also known as a massage therapy chair, it is designed to be carried from one place to another by a massage therapist.  I am not referring to robotic massage chairs that are stationary.

You get full body massage at home and it eliminates the need for you to travel to a spa. It is designed to comfortably offer back and neck massage in a seated position.  

With your EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair, you will be able to give quick relaxation on the head, neck, shoulders, hands and back of your customers.

The types of massages given by a massage therapist on this spa chair range from deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point releases, just to name a few.

6 benefits of a Salon Massage Chair


Having a therapy chair is important for your practice. They can increase your business by 100% because your customers will feel comfortable and relaxed at either home or salon and they eliminate the need to remove clothes.

 They are also designed with padding for comfortability and are easily adjustable.

Portable folding massage chair

This is a foldable massage chair. It is also designed to be lightweight and can be carried from one customer to the other hence no need for a customer to visit a salon or spa for a massage.

No Massage oils required

 -No massage oil or crèmes required since the customer is fully clothed.  This can be preferred by individuals who don’t like to feel greasy after getting a massage or are allergic to massage oils.


 -They are affordable compared to the robotic massage chairs which cost more than 1000$ plus.

Great for massaging the Neck, Shoulders and Back

 -Many back conditions can be catered when a client is on a massage therapist chair. This is because the neck, back, the shoulder are more accessible when they are seated.

Saves Space

They have been designed to take little space hence can fit well on a corner of your office or home.


-As I previously stated, there is no undressing hence can be preferred by many. As a massage therapist, you can give massage anywhere such as offices, workout rooms, sports fields and this can increase your clientele.

Portable Massage Chair vs Massage Table

Case Study

As a massage therapist, you get a call from a granddaughter of a very old woman. She explains that her grandmother has pain on her shoulders that is limiting her movements.

This means she cannot get on a massage table. Her granddaughter urged her to get a professional massage therapist and asks if you can do a house visit. She continues to explain that her grandmother will not take her clothes off. This is where you realize your EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair is the best choice for this situation than a massage table.

 -It will be easy for the old woman to get onto and off of the lightweight massage chair than a massage table.

-It will allow you to easily access her head, neck, shoulders, and back. However, her legs and feet will be so low on the ground that you will be risking injuring your back if you bend over too much to massage them.

Here are more best portable massage chairs.

Best portable massage chair reviews

1. Stronglite Portable Massage Chair

Main Features

 -it folds easily and completely

-It is a portable folding massage chair with wheels

 -It features upholstered padding, made from heat treated T6 aluminum alloy and face pillow

 -The height of the chair and armrest can be adjusted

 – It is lightweight.

You do not need to break a bank in order to afford this lightweight massage chair.  It is affordable and working weight is 600lbs, it is perfect for light and heavy people. It is very easy to assemble and is comfortable.

Stronglite designed their portable massage chair with wheels for easy movement. You get a complete package; comes with a pouch and carries case. It is from a brand that is trusted to produce some of the best massage equipment.


-It is affordable

-It is easy to move and store

-Comes with accessories such as a carry case and a pouch

-It is lightweight

-Features an ergonomic design


-none that I know of

2. BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

Bestmassage lightweight massage chair

Main Features

-It features soft PU surface; Seat, head and hand rest are adjustable

 -Comes with a carrying case

-It is lightweight hence easy to transport from one place to another

– This is an affordable massage chair

When it comes to salon massage chair, this is comfortable for a wide array of body types. It will provide all the comfort that is needed by your customers. It has adjustable parts.

It is designed by a well-known brand in massage industry, BestMassage. It’s 4’’ Thick foam and soft PU surface will offer maximum comfort.


-It is adjustable

– It is affordable

-Can accommodate all body types

3. Yaheetech Portable Massage Chair

Yaheetech portable massage chair

Main Features

– It features multiple adjustments on seat height, hand height and face cradle.

 -Has a solid structure and ideal for offices, bodybuilders, gyms and for homes.

-It comes with a protective foot pad and a carry bag.

-Maximum weight is 100kg

-It is foldable and lightweight.

This is one of the ideal salon equipments for travel. It is lightweight and compact making it ideal to transport from one place to the other. At the same time, it is easy to set up and comfortable to use.

It is made of water resistant leather. You don’t have to break a bank in order to afford it. If you are just getting into the massage field, it is a good starter chair.

It is a portable folding massage chair from Yaheetech; a brand that has been making massage products and equipment for some time now.  It is filled with foam for maximum comfort of the client.


-It is affordable

-It’s leather is water and oil resistant

-It is adjustable

-It is light and easy to set up


-Can only hold people weighing 100kg and below

4. Master Massage Portable Massage Chair

Master Portable folding massage chair

Main Features

-It is lightweight meaning it can be transported from one place to the other.

-It is strong enough to support weight of up to 500lbs.

 -It features aircraft grade steel frame which makes it sturdy

 -Its foam is dense due it multi-layered for maximum comfort during a massage.

 -The PU Upholstery is water and oil resistant.

– Its frame is coated to prevent scratches and rust

-It comes with a free carry case, adjustable face cradle and folds nicely.

This is one of the high quality massage chairs that can accommodate people of different shapes and sizes. If you are looking to buy one for your salon, consider this one. It is sturdy and can accommodate people weight up to 500lbs.

Master massage is another brand that has established itself well in the massage industry.  It skillfully crafts massage equipments. It has been designed with aircraft grade steel frame, multi-layer foam, oil and water resistant PU Upholstery.

 It is suitable for both professional and non-professional who need to use in clients houses, office, mall or gym.


-It is very strong

-It looks great

-It is portable and foldable

– Its Upholstery is water and oil resistant

-It comes with accessories such as adjustable face cradle


-none that I know of

Frequently asked questions about Foldable massage chairs

1. What are their best features?

-Best salon chairs are easy to set up and adjust

 -They are lightweight hence can be transported from one place to the other and are bought with a carry bag

 -They offer stability and strength to support different weights of people

 -They have a face cradle that can be adjusted easily

 -Features armrest -Cushioned for maximum comfort

2. Where to buy foldable portable massage chairs for sale?

There are online sellers that sell these types of salon equipment. They not only sell massage therapy chairs but sell other salon related equipment. Consider the features discussed above such as cost, quality, and durability when buying one.

3. Is a foldable massage chair suitable for?

-Beauty salons

-People who love receiving massages at home

-Massage therapists

-Tattoo studios

4. What are the factors to consider when buying the best Salon Massage Chair?

If you are planning to give massages at home or office, consider buying the best salon massage chair. It can be easily carried in a bag and can bring with you anywhere.

Make sure you buy a light chair yet sturdy so it can cater to people of different sizes and shapes.

Make sure it allows easier massaging when your client is seated. It is should be adjustable to customize for clients of all body sizes and shapes. Buy a massage chair has had good cushioning so that your clients can be comfortable when getting a massage.

First impression matters and if the chair is professional-looking, your business will improve. If you own a salon, owning one will increase your profits since you will be able to expand the number of clients.

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