Frequently Asked Questions Related to Human Hair Wigs

We are often asked questions about human hair wigs, and we want to share with our readers what we know. Since there are a lot of misconceptions about human hair wigs, we thought it would be helpful to create a FAQ list that addresses some of the most common questions. What Is Human Hair?  Human … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Human Hair Wig

To help you discover the best human hair wig for you, I have written this best human hair wig buying guide. It is based on my own personal experience of wearing and selling different wigs. It is also suitable for those who are sick of wearing a wig that looks fake or is uncomfortable. Reading … Read more

Choosing the Best Electric Razors and shavers for Tough beard and Sensitive Skin

A good electric razor takes a significant place in the daily life of every man.  All the morning, the best electric razor will be a source of happiness due to the high standard of hair removal and the clean-shaven feeling. The machines of this generation are far superior to the traditional non-electric razor. The manufacturers … Read more

Do you know what kind of Titanium Flat Irons are the best for your Salon and where to get them cheaply?

flat iron for fine and course hair

Have you ever seen a woman with perfectly straight, shiny hair and asked yourself “How does she do it?” After all, surely she doesn’t visit the salon every day? The chances are she has a titanium flat iron at home and makes good use of it. A titanium flat iron is a home beauty appliance … Read more

Salon and Home Vanity mirrors with bulbs- The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Tools and equipment in a salon

A vanity mirror with bulbs is essential for professions such as hairdressers and makeup artists. But what about for home use? You don’t visit a salon every day so why not treat yourself to a makeup mirror with light bulbs for your own home? When you visit your local salon or spa, you will notice … Read more

How do you choose a professional Wax Warmer? (Compare, Buy and Save)

Traditionally body hair removal wax was heated in a wax warmer with a tea light candle or even a paraffin lamp but these are often unreliable and can result in overheating or even burning the wax. The modern method is to use an electric wax warmer like the one that I have reviewed below here … Read more