Best Pedicure Massage Chairs based on experiences of Salon Owners

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Pedicure massage chairs are the big trend in the world of the pedicure, and although they are a bit expensive, the number of clients you receive from your salon chairs is worth it. Many customers will pay more for the best pedicure experience and stop going to other salons because of it. Massage pedicure chairs … Read more

Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero Gravity – (Review, Buying Guide & Table)

Get rid of unending pain, aches, and fatigue the natural way with a shiatsu massage chair with zero gravity. Good massage provided by the top-rated massage chairs is alternative medicine. It improves blood circulation, calms nerves, relieves pain, stress and most important, relaxes tired bodies. With modern technology, massage is not only available in expensive … Read more

A Complete guide of Salon Massage Chairs-Everything you need to know about them

Also called robotic massage chairs, massage chairs are similar in construction and look. They are designed with crucial features such as airbags to cater to massaging needs and preferences of the users. They provide the same benefits of professional massage therapy all within the privacy of your salon or home. Nothing feels good as a … Read more

Benefits of Chair Massage-Are Massage Chairs Worth it?

Chair massage has incredible healing powers and that’s why it is offered not only in health clubs and spas but also in homes, hospitals, and airports. Therefore massage therapy cannot be considered as a luxury but as a part of a wellness plan. 5 reasons you should get massage regularly Relaxation Most people choose a one … Read more

Remote Control Recliners Elderly- (Reviews and a Complete Buying Guide)

Remote Control Recliner Elderly

Age has limitations and one of them is mobility. The remote control recliners for the elderly are terrific lift chairs and can help with this problem. What makes them different than the standard chairs? They feature an electric powered lift mechanism, are comfortable and have a sturdy frame. Their covering is mostly fabric, vinyl or … Read more

Kahuna lm6800-(Kahuna Massage Chair lm6800 Complete Review)

Are you curious to know which massage chair is best for your salon or home? kahuna lm6800 is a full body massage chair at a relatively affordable price. It has a wide variety of features to please any user. It has uses airbags and rollers to help relieve stress in your body. The massage techniques … Read more

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair-Best Salon Massage Chair on the Market

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair is one of the highest-rated portable massage chairs today. It is perfect for a masseuse or a tattoo artist who is looking for a salon massage chair on a budget. Main Features of EARTHLITE salon Massage Chair -It folds easily and comes with a carry case that has shoulder straps -It … Read more