Feeling Dizzy After Massage? Here is What to Do

Feeling Dizzy After Massage

Massage therapy is meant to make you feel relaxed, improve your performance in sports, and prevent or rehabilitate an injury. Unfortunately, many people often feel dizzy after a deep tissue massage. And since no one goes into a massage room with the aim of feeling dizzy afterward, you’ll want to learn why this happens and … Read more

Incall Massage Vs Outcall Massage Therapies

Incall Massage Vs Outcall Massage

Many people seeking massage services often confuse incall massage and outcall massage sessions. Those who have never had massage therapy before have absolutely no idea what the terms incall massage and outcall massage mean. In this guide, I will explain what incall and outcall massage mean so you can avoid surprises in price differences the … Read more

What to Wear in Steam Room

What to Wear in Steam Room

Using a private steam room at home means you have more freedom in what you wear during the sweaty moment, but using a public steam room requires more extensive etiquette. Remember that multiple people may share a steam room at the gym or spa simultaneously, and you also want to protect yourself from any germs … Read more

Benefits of Histamine Release After Massage

Histamine Release After Massage

Sports massage can make you experience a histamine release after the therapy. Histamine release typically causes vasodilation, a condition where blood vessels widen and increase blood circulation. This situation has a number of positive benefits, including speeding up healing from wounds, thinking clearer, and overall wellness improvements. You can use various techniques within massage therapy … Read more

Disadvantages of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Disadvantages of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage therapy is popular for relaxing and easing muscle tension. This treatment uses smooth, heated stones placed on specific areas of your body. The heat from the stones helps loosen tight muscles and enhance relaxation. Hot stone massage has been used for over five thousand years as an excellent way to relax, reduce … Read more

Is it Okay to Put Fabric Softener in a Wax Warmer?

Fabric Softener in a Wax Warmer

Many of us use fabric softeners at home as it leaves our laundry feeling soft and smelling fresh. Besides adding it to clothes and linen in your washing machine, there are numerous other ways to use fabric softeners. But one question that many homeowners often ask is, can you put fabric softener in a wax … Read more

Can a Massage Cause Diarrhea Or Incessant Bowel Movements?

Can a Massage Cause Diarrhea

Massage offers numerous health benefits, but it also has certain downsides and possible side effects. One question many people often ask is, can a massage cause diarrhea? The answer is yes; you can experience diarrhea after having a massage. In this guide, we take a look at why massage could cause diarrhea, how to minimize … Read more

How to Warm Massage Oil? -Step by Step Process of Using a Massage Oil Warmer

Massage is a great way of releasing stress and tension from your body, but the effects are even more powerful when you use warm massage oil. Not only does it feel amazing on your skin, but it also allows you to dig deeper into your muscles, tendons, and joints. The best way to warm massage … Read more

Massage Chair Blog-Top Massage Chairs for Home, Salon, and Office

This Massage Chair Blog is your premier destination for all things related to massage chairs for salon, home, and office. We offer the latest reviews, comparisons, complete guides, as well as tips and advice from massage chair experts. We are committed to providing our readers with the best possible information to help them make an … Read more