Bongers Massage Tool (Review and How to Use)

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Bongers are fun and easy-to-use massage tools. They provide an invigorating percussion-like massage therapy known as tapotement, which enhances circulation, reduces cellulite appearance, and eases muscle tension. Bongers are excellent for stimulating blood circulation and breaking down muscle tension. Most people hold up excessive tension in their shoulders and neck, and that’s exactly where Bongers are most effective. Besides that, Bongers provide a good feeling all over your body by providing invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage therapy. Their flexible shafts allow the Bongers to work indefinitely for a fulfilling massage experience.

Key Benefits of Bongers

Bongers’s percussion massage toolsgive an energizing and awakening percussive massage and can be used all over the body, either by yourself or by someone else. They are quite effective for the shoulders and upper back area.

These hand-held massage tools can also release stress and tension on your back, legs, feet, and arms. Using Bongers for a few minutes will help you feel good, alive, relaxed, and energized. And since the Bongers shafts do all the work, you or the person massaging can use the bong indefinitely without feeling tired. They’re also great for your overall health and blood circulation.

Bongers are excellent for everyone who loves a relaxing massage, and learning to use them takes just a few seconds. Even young children can become experts in a matter of minutes! Just ensure you use the massage tools on muscles and not bones.

Overall, Bongers is a fun way to massage your body and relieve stress and muscle tension while having fun! Using it for a few minutes each day, may help strengthen your immune system and make you feel more energized and happier. You may also enjoy a more peaceful sleep and notice your skin feeling healthier and softer since Bongers can eliminate stagnated blood.

Bongers Product Specifications

  • Use for Whole Body
  • Item Weight: 11 Ounces
  • Bongers Set of 2
  • Flexible Shafts
  • Shiatsu-like massage
  • Color: Blissful Blue

The Complete Guide to Using Bongers

Bongers is a kind of massage device that enables you to easily massage yourself or others. Now you can easily relieve your stress and relax. It’s the same massage tool that is used by luxury spas, masseuses, acupressure specialists, and chiropractors all over the world! You will feel amazing relief when you use Bonger at home, time after time!

Giving a good massage using your hands and fingers can make you feel exhausted. When you use Bonger, you can give a relaxing and relaxing massage that lasts for an incredibly long time. Bonging can be as easy and fun as learning to drum, and it’s great to get your friends to play along. You can give yourself a relaxing massage by putting on some music and singing along to the beat.

It’s amazing how great it feels to be bonged! Bongers is an amazing gift that keeps on giving. Some people feel as though they are sitting on a powerful waterfall. Just take a few deep breaths and pretend you are on an exotic vacation! You can also give someone a bong, and they’ll be completely amazed!

Bongs are a wonderful gift for people of any age and for any occasion. You can use them to be a wonderful gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, or even for a housewarming present.

How to Use Bongers

It is very easy to learn how to give a good massage using the Bonger Technique. You will only need to spend 5 minutes doing this. You will soon be able to bong naturally if you practice the technique correctly. You may find that your body responds differently to a certain way of bonging than others do. This approach to using Bongers is simply one way that you can relax and let the bong do all the work for you. If this is not what you are looking for, you can find awonderful instructional videoon the Bongers website, which will help you learn to bong. It takes just a few minutes to watch this video.

It is very important that you take a deep breath and just be completely relaxed. Play some soothing music to relax or energize. Grip the wood handle of the pencil tightly while holding the flat part of the shaft of the telescopic metal rod and begin to bong endlessly.

German Grip

This grasp is borrowed from the “German” way of playing drums and percussion. Bongers encourage players to use the proper technique by constantly rebounding off the drums immediately after they crash; Bongers is a great pedagogic tool. To begin bonging using this grip, place your thumb on the wooden collar and perpendicular to the metal shaft.

Place the metal tip of your thumb on the edge of a collar that is made of wood that is slightly larger than the metal shaft that you are playing with. You should position your hand so that your fingers are vertical and parallel to the metal shaft. Wrap the tip of your finger around the collar, and the metal shaft will pass through it. Your first joint should align with the metal shaft and the middle of your thumb. If there were no wooden collars, the metal shaft would settle on the inside of the first joint’s crease.

Now rest the other two fingers on the indented shoulder. The tip of your middle fingers rests against the shoulder, and the tip of your pinky rests on the two carved lines near the bottom of the Bonger.

You should line the shaft with the natural line that your forearm and hand make (e.g., your arm curves toward you when you stroke someone). That way, the Bonger will act as a kind of extension of your hand. When you raise the Bonger up into the air, it causes it to bounce down and up and back. Move the Bonger smoothly down and back up again, letting it bounce and recoil to get it back to its original position.

French Grip

If you are trying to bong hard, using this technique may be more comforting than the “German grip.” The “Freiburg grip” is a more secure grip that gives you more control because it forces you to turn over naturally. Start by holding your hand tightly in place with the “German grip,” then slowly start to rotate your hand so that your thumb is parallel to the metal shaft. After that, rotate your hand’s thumb so that it nearly touches the metal shaft. If bongs seem a bit too “floppy” (e.g., if you flop your thumb down on the metal shaft while you are bonging), you can move your thumb onto the metal shaft. This will lessen the bounce.

You can also use more of your fingers and do more of a “flagging” motion. Start by consciously moving your middle, ring, and pinky fingers toward your palm. If you find this to be uncomfortable, you can practice using more of a flicking motion. You could try this with each of these fingers individually or practice it in sequence for more bonging stamina.

When you start bonging things in your own neck and back, try using a “French grip” by bonging away from your thumb and toward your middle finger. Try doing this by pretending you have a drummer in your hand and gently flicking your wrist up and down to create a musical sound. You will begin by lightly tapping one side of your hand with a Bonger and slowly move up your arm towards your shoulder, before moving to the back of your neck and up your back. It is here that you will feel the most tension and stress that causes pain and headaches. Tap gently on your head while you listen to some soothing music. Some believe that when they bong someone, it causes them to see different colors or see other things that they never imagined.

You certainly can adjust the pressure and the rhythm by altering the way that you “drum” your Bonger to your liking. You are doing incredible things for your own back and buttocks, too. Be careful not to touch your kidneys while you massage these areas. If you are not satisfied with doing your leg and foot boning, try using 2 Bongers to try to drum a beat into your music.

You should have mastered the four simple steps above, and you should be able to feel how good it feels to bong people. You will definitely feel more empathy when you bong someone. Some folks enjoy it by bonging softly and slowly, while others enjoy it even harder and more intensely. It is important to start by massaging only the muscles you feel comfortable with and then gradually increasing the pressure and intensity until you feel comfortable.

Bonus Bonging Tips

Always ask those getting the massage if they prefer you to massage them a little harder or softer. Never massage areas that are bone spongy, like the kidneys! Rolling the Bonger ball around like a golf ball is an enjoyable way to massage a person’s back or other sensitive areas. You can do the same thing with a Bonger by placing one hand in place of the Bonger and gently rocking the Bonger back and forth. Give yourself a good workout by holding a Bonger vertical to the skin and moving the ball back and forth and side to side.

Try using massage oils on your body as well as a few Bongers to massage bare skin. It may be helpful to have friends or family members play the drums while you massage your limbs. Use reiki foot charts or trigger point charts for ideas on where to start for relief. Play to the beat of your own music, or try playing along. If there is a drummer in your family, get them to show you how to play the drums!

Health Benefits of Bongers

Bongers offer numerous health benefits, including:

Circulation and Good Health

Good circulation in the body is very important for your health. Bongers stimulate the flow of blood to the body, which can help you feel energetic again when you are depressed or when you have a bad day. They can also help relieve congestion when you are sick due to pneumonia, bronchitis, or common colds. By exercising and having a healthy body circulatory system, you will be able to prevent many different diseases caused by poor circulation and de-aging.


Bongers is a wonderful way to feel how far you are coming while you are working your wrists and shoulders. You do not need to hold down the bone to make sure it is straight. Instead, twist the bone horizontally and twist the ball around to work your shoulders and strengthen your triceps. Wobbling the ball toward you or away from you helps you to work your triceps and arms. If your hand is looking at a Bonger while you are wobbling the ball or massacring it, your brain will be able to better sense where your hand is in space. It also improves your hand-eye coordination, which is vital when you are recovering from a stroke, a muscle disorder, or Parkinson’s disease. Bongers promote happiness, good sleep, good health, and better communication and friends. Bongers are lightweight and portable, they are inexpensive, they are fun, and they are easy to use.

Pain Relief

Bongers can help you if you are suffering from pain in your back, arms, or legs. Sometimes people misuse and strain their bodies in unnecessary ways, which causes pain in their muscles and causes stiff joints. Also, it can help people with symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome, cramps, pregnancy pain, and inability to walk normally. By firmly choking these painful muscles, you won’t simply react to the pain.

Wrapping Up

Stress often leads us to think about unfavorable things. When you are stressed, you may experience a very negative reaction in your attitude, thinking process, and even in your body, like headaches, anxiety, or even nausea. Sometimes your body will use these warning signals to warn you when something is wrong. While many people would rather have a professional massage than try a DIY massage therapy, this can cause you to feel even more stressed than you did before. Buy a reusable massage therapy tool that gives you a great experience – even if it costs you a small fee. After a long day, relax with energizing Bongers massages that rebalance your energy levels and give you the energy to reset your stress levels to zero and face each day with vigor.

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