Trumedic massage chair- (Complete Review & Buying Guide)

The Trumedic massage chair is a great addition to your salon, home or office space. It will provide all the benefits of a regular massage. It will reduce muscle stiffness, reduce stress and offer relaxation, improve post-workout recovery etc.

I spent several hours testing this TruMedic MC-1000 Massage Chair and I was impressed by its performance.

I tried out its intensities, massage functions, S-track roller system, and any extra features.

TruMedic MC-1000 Massage ChairMain features
Check Price on Amazon-Has multiple massage functions  such as tapping, shiatsu, pressing, kneading, and rolling
-Comes with a zero gravity position
-Gives full body massage
-Has a handheld LCD remote control
-Comes with S-Track roller system
-Uses compression airbags to give massage

TruMedic MC-1000 Massage Chair Review

Complete Body Massage Chair

The Trumedic massage chair is a full-body massage chair. Its design allows it to give massage from your head to your toes. You will get a powerful massage on your upper and lower back shoulders, arms, legs, hands, and feet.

I wasn’t expecting this massage chair to look refined and so luxurious but this did. Not only does it look good but has so much to offer. You will get a spa-like massage using its air compression bags that inflate and compress all areas of your body.

Its numerous features will make sure that you are totally relaxed and stress-free.

Air Compression Bags and Massage Rollers

This massage chair has strategically placed rollers and airbags. The airbags provide compression massage centrally to rollers that give rolling, tapping, and kneading types of massages.

They act like human hands to deliver relaxing massage. The airbags squeeze each arm and leg. They are also located in the seat and backrest as well.  

The rollers move from your upper back to your buttocks (glutes) and thighs. They move naturally along the spine length to offer relaxation massage.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Among the best features of this massage chair is its zero-gravity function.  This is a recline position that elevates legs above the heart.  This position distributes your weight throughout the massage chair hence simulating a sensation of weightlessness.

It is a highly popular feature that will also alleviate all tension from your spine and body.  Use it to alleviate your back pain, minimize pressure, improve blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation.

Has Many Massage Functions

This TruMedic Instashiatsu massage chair has been designed to offer users different massage options.  The techniques or massage functions offered by this chair include rolling, pressing, a backrub, knocking, kneading, and tapping.

This massage chair has another tag “Instashiatsu” in its name. It means that it’s also a shiatsu massage chair. This massage function employs the same technique as acupressure.

Pressure is applied on all parts of the body to relieve tension, stress, and pain.

S-Track roller system

The TruMedic MC-1000 massage chair comes with an S-Track roller system that follows the curve of the body or spine to give a customized massage. Most luxurious or high-end massage chairs comes with this feature.

Also, the rollers traveling along the track provide various massages such as tapping and kneading.  Also, some roller performs forward and backward movement which is known as 3D roller massage, just like this massage chair.

LCD Remote

You will get an LCD remote control to control this massage chair.  Press the On button and for massage so as to begin the chair’s massage functions.  Also, the remote will enable you to control massage intensity, activate the zero gravity position and even pause all massage functions.

It also comes with an emergency stop switch to stop the massage chair quickly if there will be a need.


  • Unlike other luxurious massage chairs, this one is affordable.
  • It has many massage functions to fully relax your tired body
  • The massage chair’s Zero-Gravity position eases pressure on the spine and imitates the buzz of weightlessness.
  • Leg unit is adjustable
  • It is elegant and beautifully styled
  • The massage chair’s S-Track rollers contour to your spine’s natural curvature to offer customized massage


  • It needs ample space to recline fully.

FAQs on TruMedic MC-1000 Instashiatsu Massage Chair

Is Trumedic a Good Brand?

Yes it is. They are dedicated to providing high-quality massage products such as massage chairs, neck and back massagers, foot massagers, and calf massagers. Their mission is to promote good health.

The company also has world-class customer service that is ready to answer any query about their massage products.

What material is mostly used on the exterior of Trumedic massage chair?

Only once upon a time that massage chairs were made of natural leather. Nowdays, they are made of artificial leather. Artificial leather is very soft, durable, and can be cleaned easily.

Also, leather massage chairs are cozy because many are properly cushioned. They have a home look, just like this one

How frequently should you use a massage chair?

Massage experts and doctors recommend having a number of massages that will work best for your body’s needs. For example, if you have got injuries or muscle tension and stiffness, have massage often.

Have less massage if it is just for relaxation, like 3 to 4 times a week.

What is the Zero-Gravity feature?

This massage chair offers zero gravity position. The massage chair reclines to a position where the legs of the users are above the heart.

The user will experience weightlessness in this position. It lowers blood pressure and takes the pressure off the spinal column.

Is it safe for an expectant mother to use Trumedic massage chair?

Yes, it’s safe for expectant mothers to use this massage chair. First of all, pregnancy requires you to be in good health.  A massage chair is designed to relieve back pain, leg pain, improve sleep, lower anxiety and stress hence you will benefit a lot from it.

Its properly cushioned to keep you comfortable.  Its compression massage is safe. When using Trumedic massage chair, choose low intensity setting.

Although there are some claims a massage chair can lead to premature labor, there are no facts to support this claim.  Before using one, seek the advice of your family doctor first.

Also, if you have a history of pre-term labor, preeclampsia, and high-risk pregnancy, do not use this massage chair.


Transform any room into your relaxation room with this TruMedic MC-1000 Massage Chair. It delivers an enhanced relaxation experience.

 It is more than a private massage therapist because you can get a massage whenever you want and no need for appointments.

It is affordable hence no need to break a bank in order to afford it.  Similar chair by the competition with the same features costs more.