Opening a Salon Checklist-Everything that you will need for your Salon

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead with your salon dreams, it’s time to open your salon business! This is one of the most exciting things about owning a business.

But it’s also one of the most intimidating. Even if you’re excited and full of energy, the thought of opening your own salon can be a little daunting.

There are so many things to consider – from your location to your employees, and what products, equipment, furniture and tools you’ll need. We created an opening a salon checklist to help you stay organized as you start planning for this exciting new stage in your life.

1. Body Massage Equipment

Are you planning to buy body massage equipment for your salon? If yes, here are the best body massage equipment that are specifically intended to relax, relieve tension and stress in muscles, tendons, and joints of the body of your clients.

a. Massage Chair

Opening a Salon Checklist

Ideal for Relaxation of you Clients

Many people look for a place to relax and feel good. The massage chairs in the beauty salon are ideal for this case in particular.

They provide a relaxing and refreshing massage experience in line with the new trends in beauty services. A good chair is made of top-quality materials that will guarantee its long-term use.

The massage chair for a beauty salon is able to make body treatments and massages easy.

Massage chairs certainly should be chosen by salon owners and their staff, who want nice and relaxing equipment to help their clients to feel great after the treatment or hairstyling, nails manicure, facial care, etc. Here is one that you can consider for your salon, have a look.

TruMedic Instashiatsu Massage Chair, MC-1000

Body massage equipment

Multiple Massage Functions

The MC-1000 massage chair indulges you with everything you have ever wanted in a massage. The Instashiatsu system delivers kneading, shiatsu, tapping, pressing, Swedish, rolling, and acupressure massages to relax you and relieve all types of muscular tension.

Comes with an S track Roller System

The S-Track roller system mimics the natural curvature of your spine so you can receive a customized massage. The massage chair is designed and engineered for salon and home use, giving you the feeling of professional salon care.

Has a Zero Gravity Position

With its Zero-Gravity position, your backrests flat on the chair while the shiatsu rollers stimulate key pressure points. It creates a weightless feeling that reduces the pressure on the spine and provides a level of comfort that instantly relaxes the body and mind.

LCD remote control

Its easy-to-use LCD remote control allows you to customize your massage experience. The massage chair is perfect for those that are looking to treat themselves or relieve the pain of sore muscles after a, particularly physical day.

b. A massage Bed

A massage bed for a salon can be a great addition to your business if you want to offer your clients therapies such as facial, body massage, hot stone, and foot massage in the comfort of your own salon.

Establishing a massage service in the salon is not a difficult task as most people think. All you need to do is to prepare everything from the ambiance to the selection of the right equipment and tools.

c. A Massage Oil Warmer

Therapists massage oil warmer
Therapists massage oil warmer

The functionality of the massage oil warmer is exactly as the sounds; it’s an electrical device that is used to heat up massaging oils to their proper temperature.

It heats up your massage oil to provide an extra soothing feeling during the massage process.

Keeps the oil at an Optimal Temperature

It also helps to keep the massage oils at an optimal temperature so that you can give a relaxing and enjoyable massage at your salon.

d. A nail salon massage chair

Include a nail salon massage chair in your checklist for opening a salon. This is one of the most important and the best equipment in a nail salon. Before discussing what a nail salon massage chair is, you need to know first what a nail salon is.

A nail salon is a kind of beauty shop that provides manicures and pedicures, as well as other services and treatments. It is mostly found in women’s beauty salons because women take more care of their fingernails and toenails.

Benefits of a Pedicure Massage Chair

Opening a salon checklist

Pedicure massage chairs create a high-class feeling that is like no other experience among nail salons.

They are a great way to relax your body. They use various massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, and rolling. This helps in relaxing the muscles of your body.

It is a smart investment that will improve your business and make your customers happy long after they are done getting their pedicure.

e. A Foot Massager for Plantar Fasciitis

a foot massager

Plantar Fasciitis is a common health problem that develops when your foot ligament gets extra stretched. This causes pain after stepping.

Benefits of a Foot Massager

A foot massager can provide much-needed relief from this condition as this device helps to relax and heal the strained feet muscles. By using a foot massager in your salon, your clients will get relief from stress, various diseases like blood circulation problems, nervous system disorders, or any joint problem.

It is the best way to provide comfort to the feet and enjoy the benefits of massage. A foot massager soothes the body in a number of ways by stimulating nerves, improving blood circulation, reducing fatigue, and relaxing tense muscles.

The foot is an important yet neglected part of our body that requires proper care and protection hence your clients will be happy to get feet massage.

2. Nail Salon Tools and Equipment

A nail salon is a place where a variety of nail services such as manicures, pedicures, and other nail grooming services are performed for customers.

The tools that are used in this industry are Nail Polish Racks, manicure Stations, manicure kit, pedicure kit, manicure station, pedicure chair, LED Nail Lamp, a Manicurist’s Chair, just to name a few.

a. A Nail Polish Rack

When a client comes into your salon, having an attractive nail polish rack is an excellent way to entice them into a manicure. Allowing customers to choose from a large selection of colors, your customers can try something new or opt for something they know they love.

b. Manicure Stations

A manicure station is an area of your salon where you can set up your nail polishes and whatever tools you’ll need to make sure your customers will leave looking good. A well-organized one will allow you to use the space effectively.

A manicure station serves as the hub of nail servicing at your salon and allows you to perform all of the basic nail services. Here is a manicure station you can consider getting for your salon.

Manicure Nail Table by Kalolary

Salon tools and equipment
Kalolary manicure nail table


Kalolary Manicure Nail Table is ideal for busy homes and professional salons. If you are looking for a manicure station table on the go, this space-saving nail table will meet your needs.

It is portable and easy to store. The 1 compartment drawer makes storage easier for nails, files, and other items, making it well organized in a clutter-free room.

Comes with a Drawer for Storage

You can place it in a convenient position under the tabletop for efficient operation as well as to facilitate transferring to another location quickly and easily.

This nail table has features that save your money and time which are more than essential accessories in any nail salon business or customer’s treatment room.

It is Durable

The manicure table is made of high-density particleboard which is smooth in texture, durable and sturdy. Its legs are made of metal and have wheels for easy movement which are also lockable for controlled movement.

c. A Manicure Kit

The manicure kit is one of the most important kit in a spa or nail salon which you should include in your salon tools and equipment list. In other words, it is the most necessary item for all manicure professionals as they are the ones responsible for giving clients their manicure treatments.

The items found inside a manicure kit are tools used during professional nail care services. They include a nail polish remover, a nail brush, cuticle pusher, cuticle cream, lotion to moisturize, cotton balls, nail buffer, nail file, and a nipper.

d. A Pedicure Kit

You will need to include this in your salon products list. What is a Pedicure Kit? These are essential pedicure tools that you will need to care for the feet of your clients.

Pedicures are known for their health benefits: improved circulation, removing dead skin, preventing ingrown nails, and fighting athlete’s foot and similar conditions.

e. Pedicure Chairs

A pedicure chair

Nowadays, people like to look pretty much always. Going for a pedicure treatment is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the hands and feet. This treatment requires the use of a pedicure chair like the ones that I have reviewed here, have a look.

Features of a pedicure Chair

A pedicure chair is always the center of attraction whenever any individual enters a beauty salon. It comes with all the bells and whistles attached to it to help taking care of one’s feet.

Some come with a massage function, a whirlpool system, armrest, just to name a few.

Most pedicure chairs will have a foot tub. It is a bathtub intended for the foot-bath or pedicure and is used chiefly in cleaning feet.

f. LED Nail Lamp

LED nail lamp is a kind of led nail curing light device. It’s used in the manicure and pedicure for curing nails. It can be used for curing natural nails and gel nails.

It helps to cure nails by using wavelength-specific light (LED). Using low heat offers great convenience for curing and drying cosmetics on your nails. It can cure half as fast as traditional UV lamps with consistent intensity.

3. Hairdresser Tools and Equipment’s

Hairdresser tools and equipment for a salon are essentials and with little investment on your part, they can greatly benefit you in what you do.

With the right tools and more importantly knowing how to use them, your work as a hairdresser will improve and so will the service you provide to your clients. I have listed down in this section the most important tools for a hairstylist.

a. A Flat Iron

flat iron for fine and course hair

This is one of the most crucial hairstylist must-have tools. A flat iron is a type of tool used for straightening hair. Its construction consists of a flat external case that contains the heating mechanism, to smoothly glide over the hair.

How it Works

A flat iron is also known as a Titanium or ceramic flat iron or smoothing iron. It is powered by electricity or batteries and can be used to straighten, flatten, curl, and add a temporary crimp to hair.

Makes hair Straight, smooth or Curly

Flat iron or straightener is a tool used to make hair straight and smooth or to form a curl. It can also be used for changing the texture of hair. Usually, heat protection sprays, serums, and oils are applied to ensure the hair gets smooth and is protected from heat.

The flat iron works by passing through the hair which in turn smoothes the cuticle. This way the cuticle remains intact without any damage from pulling or breaking off from the heat.

The benefit of using a flat iron is it does not require any chemical stimulants like relaxers, perms, and dyeing for styling purposes.

b. A Reception Desk and Waiting Chairs

A reception desk is the first thing a customer that visits your salon will see. It can have a great impact on how they view your business. One of the most important things to have in your reception area is a waiting area where customers can sit down and relax before their appointments.

An empty room with just chairs and no reception desk, doesn’t give off a very welcoming feel and customers may not come back. The best thing about waiting chairs and seating areas is that they are cheap and easy to maintain because there is no need for changes in or cleaning.

If you provide customers with something comfortable to sit on, while they wait or read magazines, other businesses won’t be able to compete with you because of the comfortable environment that you will provide.

c. Very well Lit Mirrors

Tools and equipment in a salon
A vanity mirror with bulbs

If you are going to boast of being the best salon in the world, then you must have one thing that sets you apart from your competitors and that is a well-lit mirror with multiple bulbs.

The main purpose of having mirrors in the salon is to provide customers with an open view of their hairstyle as they see themselves from behind. You can use floor-standing mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors, or even free-standing mirrors in a salon.

I would recommend vanity mirrors with bulbs for your salons. They are essential tools for professions such as hairdressers and makeup artists who need to perform their trade accurately.

d. A Styling Chair

a styling chair for a salon

A chair that is attached to a swivel base is the best styling chair for a hair salon. It allows the stylist to easily move around the customer as they work. You need an easy-to-use chair with height and back adjustments for comfort during use.

This will allow customers of all shapes and sizes to enjoy a comfortable appointment. These chairs come with adjustable headrests, armrests, and footrests for added ease of use.

These hair styling chairs are made of good quality materials so they can serve their users for a long time and still look new. They are now routinely found in hair salons, barbershops, beauty salons, and photography studios.

e. Electric Shaver

Wahl Life Proof Foil Shaver

This is one of the salon tools and equipment that you will need. For several persons, razors are challenging to utilize. The battle from razor burns and bumps.

Also, using your old electric razors is unquestionably irritating as well as painful. This may discourage shaving two times a week. This is where an electric shaver comes in.

Electric shavers have transformed the way we perform our morning routines. The function of an electric shaver for a salon is designed to shave as smooth as a razor. Also capable of providing you with convenience and a quick close, electric shavers are easier to travel with than manual razors.

Other hairdresser tools include shampoo bowls and chairs, combs and brushes, hair clips, water sprayers, mixing bowls, applicator brushes, hair dyes, blow dryer, hood dryer, rubber gloves, hair steamers, just to name a few.

4. Waxing Equipment list

Waxing is necessary for efficient body hair removal in a salon. There should not be any compromise when it comes to choosing the best equipment as it will affect the safety of the workers and the efficiency of the services offered.

a. A Professional Wax Warmer

Checklist for opening a salon

A wax warmer for salons is a wax-heating appliance that helps to soften hard wax for easy application. This saves time and energy as it eliminates the need to reheat the wax every time someone else wants to use it.

A wax warmer is a necessity for any reputable salon or spa. There are many applications that require the use of wax including full body waxing, foot waxing, Brazillian and underarm waxing.

An effective wax warmer will heat your wax in a timely manner to keep you and your clients on schedule.

b. A waxing Bed

Include a waxing bed in your opening a salon checklist. A waxing bed for a salon is a place where the aesthetician or technician will perform the waxing procedure. Waxing beds are sturdy and should be easy to clean and disinfect their surface.

5. Professional facial tools

Professional facial tools for a salon are specialized equipment for giving facials. They are used in beauty salons as well as at home by those who love to take care of their skin and want to always look beautiful.

Such equipment is indispensable for professional cosmetics artists and others who want to look perfect.

a. A Facial Steamer

A facial steamer is a cleansing treatment that opens up your pores and deep cleans the dirt in it.

The steamer heats up water which is dispersed in the form of steam. Facial steamers are used for improving skin texture, reducing pimple formation, and preventing acne.

These machines offer dermatologists a safe and cost-effective means of treating acne without the side effects often associated with systemic products such as antibiotics, retinoids, or benzoyl peroxides.

Other facial products that you will need include a scrubber, moisturizer, face mask, and massage cream.

6. Full makeup kit list

If you plan to do professional makeup in your salon, you will need a full makeup kit. Being a professional makeup artist is indeed hard work. You need to have the right tools to enable you to give your best to your clients.

The makeup kit should contain the following; foundation, a face primer, concealer, make-up brushes, lipstick pallete, eye shadow, setting powder, lip liner, setting spray, cotton swabs, and a case to keep everything secure.

Where to buy salon equipment?

Supplies for a beauty salon are essential in making sure that your business is functioning at its best. Whether you’re starting a salon from scratch or just looking to replace an old piece of equipment, investing in the proper equipment is important.

The best places to find salon equipment and tools is going to be online. Many listings will show up with results in order of most recent, lowest price, or popularity.