How to use a Massage Chair? -Step by Step Instructions

Massage chairs are designed to give you massage by using rollers and airbags that are positioned in the chair.

These seats are used to knead and relax your muscles, making you feel better after a long day of work. You can use a massage chair while reading a book, watching TV, or even working. Here’s how to use a massage chair effectively. You may be interested in reading the best massage chair reviews here.

Step 1; Unpack the massage chair and place it on a flat surface. Decide where in your salon, home, or office you want to place it. It’s probably best if you allow for at least three feet of space on each side of the chair to allow for reclining plus so that you have plenty of walking room when using it.

Step 2; Read the instruction manual that comes with your massage chair. It is usually very detailed and will give you all of the information you need to set up your new chair properly.

The manual should tell you where to find the controls, which include power options, intensity controls, speed settings, mode options, and tilt control. You will also read where to access preset programs or special features like heat or vibration features.

Step 3. Adjust the height of the chair so that your feet can rest comfortably on the floor.

Step 4. Adjust your weight so that you are evenly distributed across the seat of the chair, if possible because this helps with overall comfort and optimal results when using a massage chair.

Step 5. Plug in the chair and turn it on. When you turn it on, pay attention to where you place your fingers. Some chairs have a safety mechanism that prevents them from turning on if you’re not sitting in the correct position.

Step 6. Press any buttons or knobs on your massage chair and select the type of massage you want at that moment. Most massage chairs come with pre-programmed settings so you do not need to do anything else if you just want to use it for quick relief from stress or fatigue. If you prefer some changes, check the instruction manual for detailed instructions about various modes and settings.

Before long, you’ll know just how much pressure feels best for each part of your body and will be able to adjust accordingly every time you sit down in your chair.

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How to Use a Massage Chair Tips

how to use a massage chair effectively
Best affordable massage chair

Many people are not aware of how these machines work. Here is a guide to help you learn how to use properly an affordable massage chair like this so that you can get the most out of your purchase and maximize your relaxation time.

Find the right place

You should always find a comfortable place to place your massage chair before using it. This makes it easier for you to relax while using it and enjoy the experience to its fullest.

When you first get your chair, make sure it is set up correctly. It is important that you do this since you will probably be using it for a long time and if you don’t have it set up correctly, you might end up with some aches and pains in the wrong spots.

Start Slow

If you have never had a massage before, then start off with a gentle pace and intensity setting so your body can adjust to the sensations being delivered from the chair. You may even be surprised by how intense some of the settings can get, especially if you engage the manual mode for a customized experience.

Keep your feet on the ground at all times

Massage chairs work by manipulating pressure points on your body. Keeping your feet on the ground will give them something solid to manipulate and will also increase effectiveness. If you keep your feet off the ground while using it, half of the pressure points might not be reached effectively, reducing the number of benefits you can derive from it.

Wear loose clothing

Loose clothing allows you to move freely while you are using your massage chair so that you can get maximum benefits from its various features. Make sure that there are no obstructions like buckles or zippers.

Adjust the seats

 Most massage chairs come with adjustable headrest rests that can be moved up and down at will. Some even tilt back and forth to provide better comfort during use. If you feel like adjusting your seat while using the chair, do it. It’s your chair, so adjust it how you want it.

Select The Massage Type

 One of the steps to using a massage chair is usually selecting the type of massage you would like to receive. There are multiple options for different types of chairs and each one will offer different types of massages.

Adjusting the intensity

Depending on which massage chair you purchase, you may be able to adjust its intensity at will. This is usually done by pressing buttons or dials located on the outside of the chair. However, some models automatically adjust the intensity of the massage being offered.

Instructions for adjusting the intensity will vary depending on the brand of chair you choose. The average chair has settings from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest intensity level and 10 being the highest.

Keep Away your Children and Pets when using it

If you have children or pets, they may want to play around with your new toy but make sure that they don’t get too close when it is in use. If they’re too close, any sudden movements could cause them injury and if you’re concentrating on your massage, this could distract you from their antics.

Read the User’s Manual

Like any electronic device, you need to read the user’s manual before using it. Even if you think you know how to use a massage chair, you might be surprised by something in the manual that could help you get even more out of your new equipment. In addition, reading the manual will familiarize you with the terms used to describe different parts of your massage chair.

 Make Sure Your Chair is Plugged In

Even if your massage chair appears to be working properly, it won’t deliver a massage unless it’s plugged in and turned on. Some massage chairs have an auto-shutoff feature that helps save energy when they’re not in use. Check your owner’s manual for a description of the auto-shutoff feature so you know whether it’s activated on your massage chair.

Check for Unused Cords or Wires

If there are any unused cords or wires hanging from your massage chair, find out what they connect to and make sure everything is working as intended.

Use it Regularly for Best Results

The best way to use a massage chair is on a regular basis. You can get the most out of your chair by using it on a daily schedule if possible. However, even just occasional use can help bring relief to those areas of the body that are feeling sore or stiff.

How Often to Use a Massage Chair

whole body massage chair
whole-body massage chair

Massage chairs are enjoyed by many people. People who use them often have found a way to enjoy the relaxation that comes with a massage chair. It is recommended by experts that you use your chair at least three times a week for best results. If you want to improve your blood flow and circulation, then you can also use these chairs more frequently.

Trying various positions and settings will give different results. You may find yourself enjoying this type of chair much more than you expected when you first purchased it if you experiment with it.

Can I Use Massage Chair Every day?

Yes. As you learn how to use this chair, your body will likely begin to crave the feeling of being massaged each day. This is a good thing because it can help you relax from the stress of your daily life and get rid of tension in your muscles that have accumulated during the day.

How Long to Use a Massage Chair?

Ideally, you can use your massage chair whenever you want. There are no restrictions on how often or when you can use it. And while there is no maximum amount of time that you can spend seated in your chair, there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

Massage chairs are designed to provide gentle pressure and kneading on top of your skin. You get used to the feeling after a while, but you don’t want to overuse the chair and risk irritating your skin or causing bruising. You can always stop using the chair whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Do Massage Chairs Use a Lot of Electricity?

If you’ve been considering buying a salon massage chair, or for home, one of the worries that likely comes to mind is the electricity does it use.

It does not use up a lot of electricity. The most advanced models of massage chairs only use about 200 watts of power at any given time, which is right around the same amount as an average home appliance or device.

Here’s a comparison of some common household appliances and their energy consumption:

Electric Razor 12 watts
Massage Chair200 watts
Toaster or Toaster Oven   1800 watts
Laptop Computer65 watts

Is Massage Chair Good?

Get in Shape

While massage chairs are used mostly by people who want to unwind, they can also help with your fitness goals. The vibrations that come from the chair help loosen muscles and increase circulation. These vibrations also help tone your muscles, which can lead to an improvement in overall muscle tone for your body as well as your face.

With the best massage chair for fitness or gym, you can shed some pounds by using this tool as often as possible; however, make sure what you are eating is healthy so that you do not gain weight instead of losing some.

Massage Chair for Back Pain

Back pain is common among large populations today. People who spend more time sitting in front of their computer or working long hours at the office tend to suffer back problems more often than those who are active.

Doctors recommend regular massages to help relieve back pain and tension as well as keep the muscles flexible. The best massage chair for back pain is great alternative medicine for back pain because it can provide deep muscle treatment without any help from other people.

Massage Chair for Weight Loss

Massage chairs can also promote weight loss. Not only will you feel better because you are relaxing and eliminating toxins from your body, but you’ll also be burning off calories by sitting down for a long period of time while being massaged. When combined with a healthy diet, the best massage chair for weight loss can help you shed pounds quickly and easily.

Helps with Body Relaxation

If you’re looking for a way to relax and just de-stress at the end of a long day, a massage chair may be just what you’re looking for.

The best massage chairs for relaxation are designed to help you relax in a few ways. First, they can provide relief from stress. As you sit back and relax, the pressure points on your body will be relieved of tension, which will make you feel better overall.

Improves Blood Circulation in Your Body

Improved circulation is essential for your body’s overall health. A massage chair can help by improving blood flow to the muscles and organs with its massage techniques. As a result, the heart has to work less hard to pump blood through the body, which makes it healthier. You may even find that an affordable massage chair improves your energy levels and makes you feel more awake during the day.

Massage Chair for Insomnia

Research indicates that massage therapy increases levels of melatonin, which signals the brain that it is time to sleep. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders.

We may become accustomed to an uncomfortable bed over time and not realize that we need different mattress support or mattress pad designs in order to feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. A massage chair can help you achieve a night of more restful sleep, regardless of your mattress type or condition

Also, the best massage chairs for insomnia offer a soothing touch, relieving stress and tension from the body. Its gentle movements can help you fall asleep faster and ease your muscles into a restful slumber.

Massage Chair for Jetlag

Travelling is stressful and tiring by itself. When you travel by plane you will experience some discomfort such as backaches caused by pressure changes in the cabin. If you have a massage chair at home, you can use it on a daily basis to get rid of any backaches or leg pains that might be caused by your busy schedule or jet lag.

Alternatively, you can go salon that has the best massage chairs for jet lag to relieve your back pain and stress.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Use a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are designed for any person over 18 years old. That said, massage chairs can be dangerous for children.

A child may not know how to use the controls, or he could hurt himself on the massage chair’s moving parts. Furthermore, the pressure from the massage chair could do more damage than good. Children should never use a massage chair without adult supervision.

Try a Body Massager First

If you want to get your child familiar with massage chairs, it’s best to show him how to use a back massager or foot massager first. These devices are similar in nature and are much safer for kids because they don’t move around.

Once your child has learned how to use one of these devices, he might be ready to try a massage chair. Make sure you’re always there to supervise his first time using the device so that you can help him avoid accidents like getting tangled up in its cords or flipping it over on himself by mistake.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Massage Chair in A Salon?

If you want to work out the cost of using a massage chair, you will need to know what the price includes, how long you will get to use the chair and how many times you can use it. Some salons may offer a per-minute rate or a flat fee, while others may charge by the hour.

The average price to use a massage chair in a salon is $30 to $75 per session. This may include the cost of using the massage chair itself and any additional services that might be offered, such as facials or waxing.

Treatment packages are also available at some salons. For example, a spa package at one salon might include Ten 50 minutes’ sessions for $1000. Others may offer a package with five 50-minute sessions for $500 or Ten 30 minutes’ sessions for $700. Check with your local salon to find out what kind of packages they offer and what the costs are for using their massage chairs.


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