How to Choose a Massage Chair? -A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Your massage chair is a big investment and you want to make sure you choose the right one. This complete guide on how to choose a massage chair will take you through the process of buying a massage chair for your salon, home, or office.

The best massage chair like this one will be one that is easy to use, durable, give great massages, and has enough features to suit your needs. I write as one who has used a lot of massage chairs in my salon. You might be interested in reading about how to use a massage chair.

How to Choose a Massage Chair Infographic

how to choose a massage chair infographic

Know your Budget

Massage chairs are quite popular these days as they have proven to be helpful in relieving muscle stiffness and pain. There are a lot of different massage chair manufacturers out there, so buyers must make sure they get a product that suits their needs and budget.

Whether you are buying a massage chair for the home or a salon, you need to know your budget. Knowing your budget allows you to focus on the options that will fit into your price range.

Saves you Time

It will also save you time by allowing you to narrow down your options. There are massage chairs under $500 and under $1000, over $1000 and above like the one that I have reviewed here.

They vary in price range because of the features that they offer, so when you are looking at the different ones available, pay close attention to which ones have features that will work for you and which ones don’t.

If you are on a Low Budget

If you are on a low budget, you should think of buying a massage chair that offers more value for your money. You can find massage chairs at very affordable prices these days.

A lot of low-cost products offer added value for the price. Even though the chair may not be the best, it can still make you feel relaxed and gives good relief from pain after several uses.

Even if something is cheap, it doesn’t mean that it is of bad and poor quality. It just means that there are products with lower price tags but promise similar features as those expensive ones. So even if you are on a tight budget, you should never settle for less and focus on buying something.

Have The Right Features

how to choose a massage chairs

There is never a bad time to start thinking about your health and wellness. With the stress of work, family obligations, traffic, and more it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself. But now there’s an easy solution: massage chairs.

Massage chairs are designed for comfort and convenience with features like heat, vibration, multiple intensity levels for massage programs as well as built-in speakers so you can listen to music while you enjoy your relaxing session.

Heat Feature

heated massage chairs
heated massage chair

Heated massage chairs are designed to relax the muscles in your back, neck, and legs. By all means, they are added advantages, but this is not the only reason you should purchase one.

Importance of Heat

Heat is a very good alternative option for winter. Heat therapy can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions that cause pain and inflammation in the muscles, tissues, joints, and bones.

A massage chair with a heat function or heated massage chair offers a great way to relax and get rid of pain, inflammation and stress. With this kind of chair, you can feel like you’re at a spa in your own home. You don’t have to worry about long lines or expensive treatments anymore because it’s all right there for you.

Zero Gravity Massage

Massage chair that can recline-zero gravity

The zero gravity position of a massage chair is the most relaxing position. The reclining back and leg rest allow your body to sink into the chair while you are fully supported in this horizontal position.

The zero gravity massage chairs are a great match for any salon, spa, fitness center, physical therapy clinic, or residential home.

Relieves Back Pain and Pressure from Spine

Zero gravity position massage therapy can relieve pressure and adhesion blockades that plague the body. This position also helps to restore proper spinal alignment, while providing tension relief.

You can enjoy a much deeper relaxation than on any other type of chair because it mimics what happens when people are on the moon when there is no gravity.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A zero gravity massage chair allows you to recline back while also giving gentle pressure point relief. The best part is that it can be done right in your own living room with no oils required.

Weightlessness in a zero gravity massage chair is just as close to the sensation of zero gravity experienced in outer space.

Full Body Massage

full body massage chair

Full body massage – In case you have not heard of a full body massage, it is a therapy that usually focuses on the muscles of a person’s entire body at once. It is more in-depth than a standard deep tissue massage.

It is beneficial for those who sometimes suffer from chronic pain in certain joints, muscle groups, or even their entire bodies. A full body massage may be described with a variety of different names and techniques depending on the area of the world where you happen to visit a treatment facility.

 It may include everything from rubbing your back to giving you a few minutes of aromatherapy and reflexology.

Not all Chairs Offers Full Body Massage

You know that feeling of relief when you sit down on a nice, cozy massage chair? Imagine the same experience for your entire body. That’s what investing in a full-body massage chair can do for you.

Massage chairs are a great way to relax at the end of a long day, but you have to choose wisely; not all massage chairs can provide full-body massages. It is important that your chair be able and cover most parts of your body for maximum relaxation.

It’s not enough for it just to be able to target one specific area like back.

Massage Chair Technologies

S and L track image

Massage chairs offer a variety of massage techniques, such as kneading, shiatsu, tapping, and knocking that help relieve any tension in your muscles and this is possible due to massage rollers in them.

They use rollers in place of hands. These rollers move along a track as they provide pressure as needed. When someone sits on the chair, the motors under the chair push and pull the massage rollers very smoothly along a long track. This makes an intense massage possible even using only two motors.

S Track Massage Chair

An S-track massage chair is equipped with massage rollers that move in an “S” pattern; they follow the curve of the spine.

S Track Massage Chairs use patented rollers that move on a curved track. This allows the rollers to move up and down from the neck to the lower back. Unlike other massage chairs that do not use this technology, this massage chair automatically tracks and adjusts to your body’s pressure points and sore spots, creating an overall relaxing sensation.

L Track Massage Chair

L track massage chair operates the same way as an S track massage chair except that it extends to the buttock area. They are great for getting those aches and pains out of the muscles of the neck, upper back, lower back, and lutes or hamstrings.

3D Massage Chair

Massage chair rollers image
Massage Chair Rollers

3D technology is a new and exciting feature in a massage chair that you will love. It uses innovative rollers that protrude from their tracks to give the most therapeutic massage in places other chairs can’t reach.

The technology ensures that you get a massage experience that is deeper and more effective. A massage chair with 3D rollers also allows you to control the vibrations and rollers so that you can target your problem spots with ease.

Air Massage Technology

Airbags aren’t just in your car anymore. They can be found in massage chairs. Air massage technology, also known as airbag massage, is a very popular type of compression massage now.

The pressure from the airbags works to reduce muscle tension and soreness in the legs and back. Airbags work to stimulate your circulatory system as well by pushing blood flow through your arteries.

 This is great for people who are sedentary or sit all day at work because it will help improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, which reduces leg fatigue.

Control Methodologies

Massage chairs can be controlled by either remote control or a touchpad.

These days, most of the higher-end models come with either a touchpad or an app that lets you control it by moving your fingers on your phone. And some have both! What’s not to love about this added convenience and customization?

Remote control or a touchpad is a device that can be used to operate the massage chair. The remote control operates with buttons, which are usually numbered and labeled. This process is more comfortable for those who find it difficult to reach out and touch the chair itself

Function of a Massage Chair Remote and Touch Pad

Remote control or a touchpad is an essential accessory to any massage chair. It will allow you to easily turn the chair on and off, change settings, as well as adjust intensity levels.

The remote can also be used for other features such as turning up the music volume, changing the color of lights inside of your massage chair or change from heat to vibration without having to move.

Also, both a remote and a touchpad will allow you to choose massage techniques so you can get what feels good for you.

Massage Techniques

Chances are that you will find yourself in need of a massage chair at some point or another. It is a hard fact to ignore the number of medical professionals that have been recommending these chairs for all sorts of reasons ranging from anti-cellulite to migraine relief and even muscle tension.

When you decide to buy a massage chair for your salon or home, it is crucial that you keep in mind various factors such as massage techniques offered before you take the plunge.

Choose Type of Massage Techniques According to your Needs

Massage chairs offer a variety of massage styles that can be customized to your needs. You can choose from a range of different modes such as kneading, deep tissue massage, tapping, rolling, or shiatsu – all depending on how you’re feeling after work.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a type of technique that targets the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue.

It is often used to treat chronic pain, repetitive strain injury, or post-surgical adhesions. Buy a massage chair that massages deep if you want relief from your chronic pain or inflammation.

Kneading Massage

This type of massage, also known as shiatsu, uses the rollers to apply pressure with circular motions to specific points on the body in order to increase circulation, break up knots, release blocked energy and promote health.

The purpose of kneading massage is not only to relieve physical pain but also mental stress by promoting deep relaxation and improved sleep quality.

Foot Massage

Are you considering investing in a massage chair for your home or office, but are having second thoughts because of the feet massage? Massage chairs offer calf and foot massage.

Foot massage is a very good way to relax and pleasure your feet and body. Massage helps your body bring out its inner natural healing power, making use of its ability to eliminate toxins.

This is because massaging targets pressure points in the body, relaxing tendons and muscles, and the nervous system. Other than feeling relaxed and stress-free, individuals who had regularly foot massages are also clinically proven to experience improvement in a number of health conditions, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, back pains etcetera.

Which Brand of Massage Chair Is the Best?

Trumedic massage chair

The brand of massage chair that is the best and I would recommend is Trumedic.

I’ve tried out several massage chair brands and have talked with many people in the industry. I’ve also reviewed a massage chair for a popular salon so I have experience when it comes to choosing the best brand such as Trumedic.

Trumedic Massage Chair Industry is the leading manufacturer of the most comfortable and technically advanced massage chairs available. The full line of premium products includes Zero Gravity, Dual Motion, Power Pro Deluxe or Pedicure Spa, and accessories.