Awesome Massage Chair Made in USA-A Comprehensive Buying Guide

a girl sitting on a massage chair

Looking for a massage chair that is made in the USA? Anything made in the USA is worth a look. Massage chairs are no different.

There are many massage chairs that are assembled in the USA but their parts are manufactured elsewhere.

Then there are those that are actually manufactured and assembled here in the USA. We want to focus on these in this guide.

Top Reasons to Buy USA Massage Chairs


Quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of any product made in the USA. Using high standards for design, materials, and assembly, you can be confident that your massage chair will provide the most effective relief for years to come.

When you purchase a US-made massage chair, you are buying a product that is built to last, so it’s important to find one from a brand with a proven track record of delivering results and customer satisfaction


 When you buy an American-made massage chair, you’re also buying peace of mind. With many of the brands offered, including Human Touch, you’re covered by a generous warranty that provides protection for parts and labor for several years after your purchase date.

 You won’t have to worry if something goes wrong with your chai; simply call the manufacturer or visit their website and they’ll take care of it

Customer Service

The customer service experience is another huge reason to buy U.S-made massage chairs. When you purchase an American-made product, you have access to U.S.-based customer service representatives who can help walk you through any issues or questions that arise during assembly

Safety of a USA Massage Chair

Another reason why people want to purchase massage chairs that are made in the USA is because of safety concerns. The quality of imported products can often be inconsistent, and there may be some liability issues with products coming from other countries.

Support the U.S. Economy

The first and foremost reason to buy a USA-made massage chair is to support our economy. We have been losing manufacturing jobs for decades as companies move their factories overseas.

This has resulted in a loss of jobs, and a reduction in tax revenues for local communities, states, and the federal government. A dollar spent on a USA-made product can result in an economic impact of up to $1.49 on the U.S. economy (Source: Economic Impact of Manufacturing).


In terms of motor and parts longevity, the better-made product will stand the test of time. A USA-made massage chair is built with higher quality materials and they are tested more rigorously before they leave the USA factory.


USA-made products have a reputation for being superior quality products that last longer than foreign-made products. In addition to this, companies who produce USA-made products stand behind their products as well as their warranties on their products.

Massage Chair Manufacturers USA

1.    Luraco

The good news is that there are several options out there when it comes to purchasing a massage chair that’s manufactured in the United States. One example is Luraco.

Luraco Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art robotic massage chairs in the United States. Luraco Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Arlington, Texas, just outside Dallas.

Have Some of the Advanced Features

Luraco massage chairs are designed for luxury and comfort with over 5 automatic programs for a variety of needs to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

These chairs have some of the most advanced features available including L-Track®, Foot Rollers, Space Saving Technology, Dreamwave®, Bluetooth®, and MP3 players. The company also offers affordable upgrades such as Chromotherapy Lighting Systems, 5 Year Extended Warranties, and more.

One such model of the company is The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Medical Massage Chair which is manufactured in Dallas, TX. This is a luxurious massaging chair with a long list of features including:

  • 5 automatic and 5 manual massage programs
  • Infrared heat therapy
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Chromotherapy (color therapy) lighting system
  • Advanced foot roller and airbag system with reflexology zones

2.    Homedics

Homedics is a trusted global brand that focuses on massage, wellness, and relaxation products. They have a wide variety of products that make up the core of their business. The company was founded in 1987 in the USA and has grown to be one of the leading USA massage chair brands. They offer some of the most advanced and high-tech massage chairs on the market.

Homedics Massage Chairs

The Homedics massage chair line is known for its high quality and affordable price tag. They are very well known for their HoMedics Massage Cushion with Heat which is one of the best-selling models on the market today.

HoMedics Massage Cushion with Heat

Main Features

  • it is portable; can be used in salons, homes, offices, etc
  • Has a heat feature for enhancing your massage
  • Comes with a remote for choosing its different massage zones
  • Offers deep massage
  • Have adjustable massage intensities

With the HoMedics Massage Cushion with Heat, you can get a relaxing massage at home.

The cushion is ideal for relieving muscle tension, aches, and pains. Choose from three different massage modes: upper back with heat, lower back with heat, or full-back with heat.

It is Portable

This cushion is perfect for when you’re traveling too, as it’s portable and can be easily placed on any seat. To adjust the massage intensity, simply choose from the three speeds. A handy auto shut-off function ensures that the cushion automatically turns off after 15 minutes of use.

This Massage Cushion also features adjustable straps which allow you to attach it to any chair for a more personalized massage experience.

3.    Brookstone

massage by a USA brand-Brookstone

This is another massage chair made in the USA. Brookstone is a U.S. manufacturer and retailer of high-quality health and wellness products. They started with massage chairs and they didn’t stop there.

Mimics the Hands of Masseuse

Their Renew massage chair features patented new technology that mimics the hands of an expert masseuse. From head to toe, every inch of you is treated to a deep, relaxing massage unlike any other.

The Renew massage chair comes packed with 28 airbags and 16 pre-programmed massages, as well as a wide range of customization options so you can find your perfect massage every time.

Brookstone Renew Massage Chair

This Renew massage chair is a complete relaxation station. Simply select your desired massage and let the rollers do the rest. You can even pinpoint the spot you want to focus on and adjust the intensity to fit your needs.

Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heat

The Brookstone Renew Massage Chair is not just any ordinary massage chair. It is a shiatsu massage chair with heat that enables you to get a full-body deep tissue massage whenever and wherever you are. Containing over 22 airbags from head to toe and a total of 8 different programs, this is the ultimate relaxation tool for any home.

You can Adjust the Heat

The infrared heating system in this shiatsu massage chair gently relaxes tight muscles and improves blood circulation for a completely relaxing massage session. You can even adjust the heat level according to your needs or turn it off completely when not needed.

The zero-gravity feature coupled with the shoulder airbags helps to provide an even deeper Shiatsu massage while reducing stress on your spine, neck, and shoulder areas.

What to look for when buying a Massage Chair Made in the USA

There are many brands that claim to offer the best massage chair. If you are looking for a massage chair and want to know what to look for when buying one, this guide will help you choose the best one for your needs.


The best way to choose a massage chair is by looking at its features and comparing them to your needs. A good place to start is by deciding whether you want a recliner or an upright chair.

The recliner is usually more comfortable than an upright chair because it allows you to lie down while you are getting a massage. With an upright chair, you can sit up straight while getting a massage and then lie down after you finish.

Other features you may want to consider include:

Heat therapy; Massage chairs that provide heat therapy offer soothing relief for tense muscles and can help increase blood flow.


Another factor that should be considered is the price of the made in USA massage chair. This is important because it can affect how long it takes for you to pay off your purchase and how much money you spend on maintenance costs in the future.

Massage Chairs Made in the USA

We recommend purchasing a massage chair made in the USA. You spend over $2,000 on a massage chair and you want to ensure it will last. Massage chairs built in the USA are known to have higher quality, durable parts that are built to last for years. Massage chairs made in some countries have more wear and tear and don’t last as long as those made in the USA.


A good massage chair should be comfortable, so make sure you pick a model that fits your body size. Most manufacturers publish sizing guidelines for each model that indicate which sizes the chair can accommodate comfortably.

Look for a model with adjustable features like footrests and armrests, because this helps ensures a comfortable fit regardless of body size.

Warranty Offered by Massage Chair Companies

You also want to make sure you get your money’s worth when it comes to warranties offered by massage chair companies. Don’t settle for a 1-year warranty or anything less than 5 years on parts and labor.

Many companies offer lifetime warranties, but they don’t cover labor after a year or two of purchase make sure you know what’s covered under the warranty before you buy.


Which Brand of Massage Chair Is the Best?

There are many brands of massage chairs. Some good massage chair brands include Osaki, Titan, Cozzia, and Inada.

When it comes to choosing the right massage chair for you, there is not an easy answer to which brand is the best. Every person has different needs when it comes to the type of massage they need and their budget may be different from one person to the next.

Top Massage Chair Brands

However, with that said, I can tell you that there are some really good brands on the market today and some not so good brands on the market today. Top massage chair brands include Luraco, Osaki, Inada, Brookstone, just to name a few.

Where Are Massage Chairs Made?

Keeping in mind their importance, it is important that we know where massage chairs are made. There are several countries that manufacture these chairs and produce them on a large scale. They are manufactured under various brands and mass-produced by factories. This helps when you want to buy different models of the chair.

Some of the most common countries that manufacture these products include:


 This is one place where you will find products of all sorts and types including massage chairs. Chinese manufacturers have been producing some of the best quality products for a long time now. These products are exported worldwide from China as well as imported from other countries like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, etc.


Japan is the pioneer when it comes to the design and manufacture of high-quality massage chairs. The major manufacturers of massage chairs have their headquarters in this country.

 However, over the past two decades or so, companies have been moving their production units to China where labor costs are lower than in Japan. This move has not affected the quality of massage chairs as some people think; these products still deliver high-quality massages because most of their components are sourced from Japan.


Massage chair companies have their factories in China and Taiwan, but they have their main companies in the USA. In fact, I can’t think of one that is not headquartered in the US.

This means that you will be getting a quality product from the massage chair companies. They work closely with the engineers and technicians to ensure that their chairs are built to do what they want them to do.

It is worth noting that there are brands that make and assemble their chairs in the USA.


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