Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Looking for the best zero gravity massage chair? Learn more about their features, pros/cons, and other important information in this article.

This ultimate buying guide and review is based upon my vast experience with these types of massage chairs

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What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

I know you are wondering what a zero gravity massage chair is. This is a massage chair that can keep you in a zero-gravity position while massaging you. 

There is nothing better than sitting at a massage chair after a hard day of work. It is so relaxing and easy to fall asleep. Being massaged in a zero-gravity position will relieve your neck and back pain.

With this chair at home, no need to ever call a massage therapist 

Not all massage chairs come with this feature so I will share the list with you so you can choose the one that will cater to your needs. 

8 Best Massage Chair With Zero Gravity Positions

Here is a list of 10 best zero gravity massage chairs that I have found to be relaxing. I have given their key features plus pros and cons so you can easily figure out which ones will cater to your needs. 

1. Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair – Best Budget Massage Chair

Best Budget Massage Chair

Main Features

  • Comes with multiple massage functions such as shiatsu, kneading, rack, air pressure, knocking, and tapping. 
  • It is designed with 2 preset auto massage programs. 
  • Has heat therapy to enhance your massage and improve blood circulation in the body
  • Features a zero-gravity position-is able to recline to evenly distribute body weight
  • Uses 4 massaging rollers to deliver a relaxing massage
  • It gives a quiet massage experienced with its rollers
  • It is designed with a built-in speaker and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with airbags for total relaxation. They are located in the buttocks, calves, pelvic area, waist area, and calves. 

After a long day at work, nothing is more relaxing than a massage chair that distributes your weight throughout the massage chair. This is an attractively priced product that has a zero-gravity recline feature.


  • It is affordable
  • It delivers a quiet massage experience
  • It comes with high-end massage features 
  • Has inbuilt heat to enhance your massage
  • It contains high-quality parts
  • Its intensity and speed are adjustable


  • It is a little bulky-You will need some help getting this massage chair in your salon, home, or office.

2. Infinity Altera Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Expert Recommended

infinity zero gravity massage chair

Main Features

  • Gives spa-quality massage with its rollers
  • Massages from head to toe-offer full body massage
  • It comes with a zero-gravity position 
  • It is designed with Bluetooth speakers that will enable you to listen to music while getting massaged
  • It has body scanning technology. 
  • It comes with a variety of massage options such as shiatsu and reflexology

Relax Sore Muscles

It is the perfect combination of relaxation and comfort.  Relax your sore muscles, destress, and relieve body pain with this full-body massage chair. 


  • It has high-quality components
  • It is easy to use
  • It gives a great massage


  • It is a bit pricey though it is a wise investment

3. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

kahuna massage chair
  • Comes with yoga and heating therapy
  • It is a zero gravity massage chair-has 3 stages of zero gravity
  • It offers full body massage from head to toes
  • It features a smart body scan technology to determine your body size and offers custom massage
  • It is from a reputable brand-Kahuna
  • It features 6 auto massage programs which include yoga and stretching programs
  • It comes with 3 years warranty for all parts
  • Uses airbags and rollers to deliver spa-quality massage

Popular Massage Chair With Yoga

If you love yoga as I do, you will love this massage chair. It is designed with a special yoga stretching program to improve your circulatory health, increase muscle strength and flexibility.


  • Comes with yoga
  • Is made of high-quality materials 
  • Offers full body massage


  • It is a bit expensive but worth your money

4. Jin – Deluxe L-Track Massage Chair w/Zero Gravity (Black)

Jin Deluxe massage chair

Main Features

  • It has the ability to fit different body sizes
  • It is heated
  • Comes with zero gravity position
  • It has a foot roller
  • Features an L track
  • It is designed with a mechanical shiatsu calf massage plus foot roller
  • Its massage techniques are shiatsu and therapeutic compression massage

Love it

This is my first massage chair. It has a wide variety of features that makes me love it. While some massage chairs focus only on the shoulders and the back, Jin – Deluxe L-Track will massage your whole body; from your head to toe. 

Shiatsu Calf Massager

Its shiatsu calf massager will soothe your sore muscles. Wraps completely around your calves to enhance. 


  • Comes with lots of features to enhance massage such as heat, zero gravity position
  • Gives full body massage
  • Gives great leg massage


  • None that I know of

5. Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair w/Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

shiatsu massage chair with zero gravity

Main Feature

  • Comes with 3 preset auto massage programs
  • Its brand is BestMassage
  • Its sleek and modern-will occupy small space in your salon, office or home
  • Has a wireless Bluetooth-can listen to music while getting a massage
  • Its massage styles include kneading, shiatsu, air pressure, knocking and tapping
  • Provide full massage with its airbags plus rollers that glide from the upper back to lower back 
  • It’s built to last-features a high-quality steel frame and leather upholstery
  • It comes with a USB charger

High-Quality Massage Chair At an Affordable Price 

One thing I love about this fully Assembled Curved Long Rail chair is that it comes with all features found in high-end massage chairs at a relatively affordable price. 

Space Saving

If you are looking for a relaxing massage experience in your home, office, salon, theater mall, buy this massage chair. It is sleek, modern, and space-saving. 


  • It is small and looks great. It can fit your office, salon or home
  • It is affordable
  • Can listen to music while getting a massage


  • Did not see any

6. Navitas Sleep Massage Chair, Stone Color Option

Best zero gravity massage chair

Main Features

  • Offers zero gravity massage
  • The brand is Human Touch
  • Contain 36 wellness programs
  • Features 104 micro-sculpting massage techniques
  • It comes fully assembled, no hassle of assembling it again once delivered to you
  • Comes with 8 memory settings to remember your favorite wellness program or massage 
  • It is designed with Acupoint optical scan 
  • Has under foot rollers to relax your feet muscles

Full Body Massage Chair Zero Gravity

Get full body massage by Navitas Sleep Massage Chair, Stone Color Option. Massage is by 4D stretch, acupressure massage technique, and rollers for your feet. 

Zero Gravity Massage

This zero gravity massage chair is sure to give you a spa experience at your home, salon, or office. It is designed with zero gravity position to take the weight off your spine hence relieving back pain, increase blood circulation, and enhance your massage. 


  • It is affordable
  • Offers zero gravity massage
  • Comes fully assembled
  • It is a perfect solution for homestay mums, athletes, back pain patients, outdoor enthusiasts, and active seniors. 


  • Heat is not included

7. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-CLASSIC] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat

Relaxonchair massage chair

Main Features

  • It is designed with 3 stages of zero-gravity positions
  • Comes with an intelligent body scan 
  • Its brand is Relaxonchair
  • Comes with inbuilt heat to enhance your massage
  • You will get a back-lit remote controller 
  • It comes fully assembled-enjoy massage right away, no stress of assembling it 
  • It has 7 auto programs 
  • Massage is given by 42 airbags and rollers
  • You can customize your massage and even intensity of it
  • Its durable-can accommodate up to 300 lbs. and is also made to last

Airbag Massage Technology 

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-CLASSIC] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat delivers spa-like massage with 42 airbags that are located throughout the massage chair. 

They are located in arms, calves, shoulders, calves, and back. There are also multiple airbags on the sides of the legs and feet to offer compression massage. You can customize your massage or select 1 of the 7 automatic massage programs that come with the chair. 

Yoga Stretch Massage Chair

This chair is designed to stretch your body when getting massages. It will mimic yoga so you can be rejuvenated faster. It is for everyone; short and tall people. It is worth noting that this chair comes with a sleep mode. 

After your massage ends, it will remain reclined so you can fall asleep. 


  • It comes fully assembled; no need to hire a technician to assemble for you
  • It is affordable
  • Delivers spa-like massage


  • It is bulky

8. Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki massage chair

Main Features

  • Comes with 36 airbags for compression massage
  • It is designed with a body auto scan
  • It features 2 stages zero gravity
  • Comes with back heat therapy
  • Has dual foot roller 
  • Has  an easy to use remote
  • You can listen to music while getting a massage with its MP3
  • Comes with LED chromotherapy lighting

2 Stage Zero Gravity

This is a position that will take the stress off your spine. It is a popular feature in many massage products as it creates an optimal comfort level.

 Its therapeutic benefits include muscle relief, an increase of blood circulation, and relief of back pain, and reduced pressure on your heart. 

Heat Therapy

Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair comes with back heat therapy.  Heat relieves pain and is great for people who suffer from stiff muscles, arthritis, and tissue injuries. 


  • Offers full body massage
  • You can listen to music while getting a massage with its MP3 connection
  • Comes with heat therapy to enhance its massage


  • None that I know of

How to Choose the Best Zero-Gravity Massage Chair?

It reclines or raises your legs in a weightless position. 

If you have ever used one of these chairs, I am sure you can agree with me that it offers a very relaxing position that will destress you after a long day at work. 

Zero Gravity Positioning

This is an obvious feature that you need to consider when buying the top zero gravity massage chair.  The chair reclines to a position that distributes weight evenly across a human body. 

There are many benefits of buying a chair with this feature. It offers the most comfortable position for the spinal area in the body. If you often have backaches, I would recommend this type of product.

A Variety Of Massage Options

Not all zero gravity massage chairs are made equal.  High-quality massage chairs come with lots of functions to offer relaxation and relieve stress. They include shiatsu, vibration, rolling, kneading, and reflexology just to name a few. 

Do not go for a low-end massage chair that offers little more than simple vibration. Massage is usually delivered by massage rollers or airbags. These are great at relieving tension and stiffness in your muscles. 

Massage Programs

If it is possible, buy a massage chair that has pre-programmed massage options.  Most of these programs feature different types of massage such as tap, shiatsu, Swedish, roll that target specific parts of the body. 

Durability And Comfort

These are extremely important factors that you should check when buying a massage chair.  You want your experience to be as comfortable as possible so check if the chair comes with padded upholstery.

The top massage chairs come with a heat function. This will enhance your massage since it adds more relaxation to your muscles. 

It should also be durable so you can use it for a long time. 


Although high-end massage chairs can be costly, there are those that cost under $1000 and $500 like the ones I have reviewed here. Make sure to buy a chair that fits your budget. 

Full Body Massage

There are lots of full-body massage chairs while others target specific areas of the body. I would recommend buying one that can massage from your head to toe so your whole body can relax. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Zero Gravity Massage Chair 

1. What are the benefits of a zero gravity massage chair?

The benefits of this kind of massage chair are many. First of all, it relieves lower back pain.  It takes the stress off your spine relieving chronic back pain. It is a great product for people who have problems with their back. 

In a zero-gravity position, your whole weight is evenly distributed on your body. Your muscles will relax more plus experience a feeling of weightlessness. Most of these chairs come with a heated massage.

Heat is useful in easing muscle pain and tension. It also encourages blood, increases flexibility, and many more. If you have sleep problems, use this massage chair.

One study found out that massage induces sleep. It will help you relax and enjoy a long sleep. It is a good alternative to sleeping medicine which often comes with bad side effects.  

2. Where can you buy a Zero gravity massage chair? 

There are a lot of places you can buy this kind of massage chair. First of all, you can get it online. So many online retail stores have them, for example being Amazon. Click one of the buttons to check their price or buy one.

It is worth noting that some models and brands of zero gravity massage chairs can only be available online. 

Some come with shipping and even assembled, with no hassle of calling a technician to assemble for you. You can also find a good one in a massage store. Many stores have showrooms with various brands and models. 

3. Do zero gravity chairs really work? 

Yes, they work. Currently, I own a Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 and I have been impressed by its performance. It has greatly reduced my back and neck pain plus I use it to relax when I get home tired from work. 

Use these types of massage chairs to alleviate; back pain, neck pain, varicose veins, heart problems, spinal problems, and arthritis. They will also provide immediate relief from mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. 

It is for a fact that a zero gravity massage chair will improve the quality of your life. Some of them have been reported to improve the circulation of the blood, induce sleep, and boost body immunity. 

4. Is zero gravity good for lower back pain? 

Like I mentioned before, zero gravity is great for lower back pain. When in a zero-gravity position, the pressure is removed from the spine and this helps back muscles to relax fully. 

If you have chronic back pain, it can help you a great deal. Before buying one for your condition, consult with your doctor first. 

Also, this position provides a perfect way to unwind and relax in your home, salon, or office.  

5. How to use a zero gravity massage chair? 

Most high-end massage chairs like the ones I have reviewed here comes with a zero-gravity position. It is extremely important to know how to use a massage chair with this feature in order to enjoy its benefits. 

Make sure the chair is securely plugged into an outlet. 

  • Most massage chairs come with remote control. Choose a zero gravity mode from the remote control. 
  • The chair will fully recline to this position and you will feel as if the pressure has been removed from your back and body.
  • Select the massage program that you want. Sometimes I choose relaxation mode when I want to unwind from a stressful day. The chair will begin to massage from your neck to your feet

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