Best Pedicure Massage Chairs based on experiences of Salon Owners

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Pedicure massage chairs are the big trend in the world of the pedicure, and although they are a bit expensive, the number of clients you receive from your salon chairs is worth it.

Many customers will pay more for the best pedicure experience and stop going to other salons because of it. Massage pedicure chairs mean a higher quality experience, from cleanliness to comfort.

 Getting a pedicure with massage is both relaxing and enjoyable. Your clients can be coming to relax and unwind every week.  

When you offer a pedichair with different levels of massage, the experience becomes even more luxurious.

Pedicure Massage chairs for Sale Reviews

1.      Shiatsulogic Pedicure massage chair

best pedicure massage chair
Shiatsulogic pedicure massage chair

Main Features

-Features Acetone Proof Armrests with a hand tray and a cup holder

-Has a 4 Gallon Capacity Tub

-Has a Pipeless Whirlpool System

-It can do the following: press, knead, give shiatsu, tap, roll

-Its seat can be adjusted

Product Description

A good pedicure massage chair like Shiatsulogic will relieve pain and reduce tension in your muscles. Clients will not only get a satisfying pedicure service but will get to relax once their treatment is over.

It will tap, press, roll, knead and knock the right places to relax your customers. This salon chair also comes with a manicure tray.

Pipeless pedicure massage chair

It has a pipeless whirlpool system and a pullout sprayer that creates a relaxing pedicure experience for you and your clients.

Some nail salons have piped chairs and are not the best for your nail salon. The water does not always flow completely out of the pipes, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Buy a pipeless pedicure massage chair like this one to guarantee your customers maximum hygiene.

They are also quieter than a pipe chair which has pumps and blowers that can make noise. Choose instead to offer your customers a quieter experience.

2.      SIENA Shiatsulogic Pedicure Chair

Main Features

-Features a remote control

-Has an adjustable massaging seat

-Automatically reclines

-Features a fiberglass tub that is chemically resistant

-Shiatsu Massage includes knocking, tapping, rolling, pressing

-Comes with a 4-gallon capacity tub with LED color light

-Comes with a pipeless whirlpool system and a pullout sprayer

-Comes with accessories such as a hand tray, phone and cup holder, armrests that are acetone proof

-1 USB port

Product Description

This is a station designed to provide an excellent massage and pedicure experience in your salon. To enhance the experience, it reclines. It also features an adjustable seat massage.

Pedicure chair and bowl

The chemically resistant fiberglass tub looks clear and appealing and has a tubeless magnetic jet system for complete relaxation.

The tub has great massage actions that match the changing LED color lights. It cleans easy and the pull-out hand sprayer will make your cleaning easier.

It requires no additional plumbing or installation.

3.      Flash Furniture Massaging Multi-Position Plush Recliner

Main Features

-Its upholstery is black leather soft

-It’s a recliner with side pockets

-manufacture is flash furniture

-Has heat function

-Comes with a stool

-Features 9 massage modes and 5 intensity levels        

-Comes with remote control for selecting massage options

-Is designed with a headrest and upholstered arms

Pedicure chair with massage

If you suffer from muscle aches, this massage recliner can bring quick relief. The built-in massager and heated seat and back will add to the relaxing experience at your beauty salon. 

It comes with 9 massage modes along, 5 intensity levels, and heat to deliver a shiatsu style massage to your neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders, thighs, lumbar area, etc.

Covered in soft black leather, it is easy to clean. It has side pockets for convenient storage of popular reading materials, TV remote controls, and much more.

One of the biggest problems with many massage recliners is their bulky size and unattractive appearance. Not with this massage chair. It will take up a small space in your salon.

It is crucial to go for a brand that is renowned and trusted within the industry. One of the trusted brands and massage recliner specialists is flash furniture.

It comes with budget-friendly pricing.  

Please note: It does not come with a tub

4.      Pibbs PS74 Granito Pipeless Pedicure Spa

Main Features

It is a pipeless

-It is manufactured by Pibbs

-Comes with an overflow drainage system

-Features 6 vibration

-Features removable jets that are easy to clean

-Features a swivel motion

-The base is made of fiberglass that is reinforced to offer stability

-It is a stylish massage recliner with a sleek European design

-It can recline

-Comes with multiple vibration options

-Is designed with LED lights

-Comes with bowl and footrest

Product Description

Renowned Brand

When buying such a high-ticket item, go for a brand that is trusted and well known in the industry. One of the trusted brands and pedicure chair specialists is Pibbs Industries.

Vibration Massage function

The chair itself is a stylish recliner with a vibrating massage function for the upper back, lower back, thigh, neck, and shoulders.  

It reclines easily and turns to make it easier for people to get into and out of the chair. Pibbs chairs are manufactured in the USA.

No plumbing pedicure chair

This is a Pipeless chair in which water does not circulate outside of the tub. You can place it in any position of the salon since no plumbing is required.  Its bowl has removable jets that are easy to clean.

Pedicure Massage Chairs Buying Guide

As a salon owner, you want to make sure that your customers get the best experience possible when they visit your salon.

Therefore, it is important to choose the best pedicure chairs for yourself and your salon. Determining what to buy with so many pedicure chairs with different styles and prices can be overwhelming – it doesn’t have to be like that.

That’s why we have put together a comprehensive guide to purchasing the best pedicure massage chair.

What are the factors to consider when buying a Pedichair?

Massage Technique

My clients prefer to get a pedicure at my salon because they will get an opportunity to de-stress and relax. Choosing a salon massage chair with a variety of massage options helps improve the customer experience.

Most pedichair brands and models offer various massage functions, including heat and/or vibration options, and even Shiatsu massage.

It is will be helpful it will come with a remote control that enables clients to control the intensity and speed of the massage while getting their pedicure.

High-quality salon chairs have different types of massage that your customers will find relaxing.

Choosing Between Plumbing and no plumbing Pedicure Chair

Before you buy any spa equipment, make sure you know exactly what to expect. This applies too when buying plumbing or a portable system.

A no-plumbing pedicure chair is a stationary unit. With this, a nail technician does not have to fill and remove water from the tub.

If you want to save space, buy a portable pedicure chair. You can keep it anywhere in your salon and you don’t have to worry about plumbing.

Pedicure chair and bowl

It will save you a lot if you can buy a pedicure chair with a bowl. A bowl with jets gives a relaxing foot bath. The footbath is also required to remove dead skin and clean legs, feet, and nails.

When buying one for your nail station, ask yourself these 2 questions. Do you want a pedicure chair with a bowl or would you prefer one with a separate foot bath?

Quality and Brand

It’s very important to buy a high-quality pedicure chair. It is must be cozy and durable so it serves your clients for a long time.

When buying such an item, it’s crucial to choose a brand that is famous and trusted in the industry. Renowned brands produce extraordinary products that have been in the market for a long time.

Some proven brands that are pedicure chair experts are Pibbs Industries, J & A USA, and Continuum Foot spas.

These brands are leaders in the beauty and massage industry and are trusted in salons and spas.


Since there are a variety of stylish pedicure chairs, it’s crucial to understand the experience you want to offer to your customers.

 Some luxurious pedicure massage chairs offer shiatsu massage with heat and vibration while others do not. Also, consider buying a chair with cozy, padded upholstery.

Understand your customer’s needs. Do your customers need a manually lever-adjustable chair or do they want electronic controlled chairs with a remote control?

Lastly, don’t forget your nail technician when looking for a cozy chair.


Pedicure massage chairs’ prices vary.  Have a budget and keep it in mind when you are buying your salon equipment.

It’s worth investing a little more in your professional salon chairs. They are your most frequently used equipment and represent the quality of your hairdressing salon for your customers.

In the long run, it pays to buy the highest quality spa equipment you can afford. A higher investment translates to a more luxurious customer experience and more cash in your pocket.

Although high-priced chairs often are high-quality, you can get mid-priced options with all great features.  

Aesthetic appealing

Despite there are a variety of stylish pedicure chairs, it is good to choose the ones that will complement the décor of your salon.  Do you want a classic, sporty, modern, or vintage look?

Regardless of which style or color you want for your salon, different manufacturers can give you an individual look that is unique for you and your hair salon.


If you want to offer manicures, add manicure trays to your pedicure stations. Lastly, decide whether you require a plastic film or other accessories for your fiberglass foot bath.

Easy to clean

If you want your salon equipment to keep looking beautiful, purchase chairs that are easy to clean.

It is crucial to carefully clean them to ensure customers’ safety and also abide by state regulations. Chair made of leather, vinyl, and chrome is easy to clean and maintain.

According to salon owner Jessica Lily, “It’s good to have a detachable jet or water stirrer that can be entirely disassembled for cleaning, “she says. “My salon has jets that are magnetically held in place. All components can be detached and cleaned.

pedicure massage chairs for sale warranty

A warranty can tell you a lot about the quality and durability of the hairdressing chairs. If there is a warranty, it indicates the chairs are durable and are made of high-quality materials.

Buy salon equipment that has at least a 1-year warranty.  Along with the warranty, buy from a company that has a dedicated customer service team at your side.

Features of a pedichair that Salon Customers would appreciate most

It is crucial to have a list of features of pedicure chairs that you want to buy. There are many options out there and this can be overwhelming, leading to frustration or a hasty selection.

Many pedichairs today come with the following features:

-Built-in massage


-Remote to control massage intensity

-Video or audio entertainment

-Pipeless technology

-Reclining seat adjustment

-Footrest and padded armrest

-Heat function

-Comfortable leather cushions

What is the importance of a Pedicure Massage Chair?

It has modern features

 New pedicure chairs come with numerous updated features to enhance their experience.

High-end designs can be modified in height so that customers can sit comfortably. In addition, they have seat warmers and in-built massagers for relaxation.

It’s the best investment

Although quality pedicure chairs can be expensive, they are worth the investment.  Salon chairs that are made of quality material minimize maintenance costs.

Low-quality chairs are hard to maintain and require frequent repairs. In addition, they do not have a long warranty.

This means, if a chair is damaged, you will use your money to repair it, or the worst case, replace it.

Its appearance

Most people assume that the look of a pedicure chair does not matter as long as it is working properly. This is false. The looks will have a good psychological impact on the customers.

When chairs are new and luxurious, the customer will have an enjoyable experience.


What is a pedichair with a massage function?

These are pedicure chairs that are equipped with a built-in massage system.  The ones with massage option come with a reclining and an adjustable back.

All these features will relax your customers while having their nails done.

How do I assemble my Pedicure Massage Chair?

When you buy a pedicure chair, you’ll get 2 boxes. The chair and base are easy to install. You don’t require a device to put them together. Just take the chair and put it into the cylinder bottom.

What is the Pedicure chair price?

There is a wide range of pedicure massage chairs to choose from with various massage functions. You can spend from $300 to $8,000 for a pedicure chair with massage function.

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