Salon and Home Vanity mirrors with bulbs- The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews

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A vanity mirror with bulbs is essential for professions such as hairdressers and makeup artists. But what about for home use?

You don’t visit a salon every day so why not treat yourself to a makeup mirror with light bulbs for your own home?

When you visit your local salon or spa, you will notice that the mirrors they use are very well lit so both you and your stylist can see the transformation

Vanity Mirror With bulbs

We all like to look our best but women especially take extra care of their facial appearance and cleansing routine. Applying various lotions, serums, moisturizers and most importantly for many, makeup can be a chore.

Applying cosmetics in a dimly lit room can be frustrating and messy at best but with a vanity mirror with bulbs, the whole experience becomes a lot more pleasant.

We have all seen the big Hollywood movie stars getting their makeup applied for the big screen roles; the huge vanity mirror with light bulbs around the edge is iconic.

You can also feel like a star when you install a vanity mirror with bulbs for bedroom or bathroom in your own home. Lighted vanity mirrors are the most effective to apply your favorite cosmetics.

With a vanity mirror with light bulbs, you can achieve the sharpest eyeliner definition and the sleekest lipstick application. These special vanity mirrors with light bulbs give you a much better view of your face than a normal mirror.

With advances in modern technology, when you buy a vanity mirror with lights today you can expect features such as touchscreens, handheld LED makeup mirrors and vanity mirrors that look like tablet PCs when closed.

And it’s not women who need a lighted makeup mirror; men are also making more use of moisturizers and facial skincare products.

But the vast majority of men also shave regularly and using a sharp object on your skin with a poorly lit mirror is a recipe for disaster.

A vanity mirror with bulbs is the perfect solution for guys who shave every day or even to keep a well-trimmed beard looking sharp.

Vanity Mirror with bulbs Review

So now you have learned about the types of lighted makeup mirrors that you can obtain, let’s take a look at some vanity mirrors with bulbs that you can buy today to enhance your daily beauty routine.

We have reviewed a selection of the best vanity mirror with lights so that you can confidently buy the best with no stress.

These 3 mirrors are possibly have been selected based upon a number of factors like price, safetymagnification levellighting and other features that will become apparent as you read further.

1.     Large 60 Inch LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror With Dimmer & Defogger

This very special vanity mirror with lights is a true Icon of aesthetic style and sophistication.

Premium quality silver-backed glass provides you with a clear, crisp and flawless reflection. This LED-backlit Mirror provides controllable illumination for your cosmetic, hygiene and dressing needs.

Experience true luxury with it’s a unique built-in defogging system that maintains a clear view at all times. 

This mirrors 60 x 30 dimensions make it an ideal focal point anywhere in your home regardless of whether it hangs in a master bathroom or even a living room. You can rest assured that this vanity mirror will be the highlight of your decor. 4 stars.

2.     Meyda Tiffany Vanity Fair Illuminated Mirror

This absolutely stunning vanity mirror with lights is handmade in Yorkville, NY by Meyda Tiffany and uses 36 x 60-watt bulbs to produce maximum light with maximum style.

No fancy features here, just a very classy lighted makeup mirror custom made especially for you.

The classic design of the company that creates beautiful tiffany lamps and the original Coca-Cola lamps of yesteryear. Solid metal with extreme chrome finish, this mirror would grace any home.

A little expensive so only receives 4 stars but if you can afford it, this is a 5-star vanity mirror with lights.

3.     Makeup Vanity Mirror-Bestope make up vanity mirror with LED Lights

This is one of our favorites here at Salon Massage Site.

A great value vanity mirror with lights from Bestope that is loaded with features. Comes with 4 individual mirror panels : 3 magnifying panels ( 1x 2x 3x ) and a wide center panel for viewing facial features in perfect clarity makes sure you can attend to every detail of your makeup.

Add to that 21 brilliant white LED lights and a responsive touchscreen brightness control and this lighted makeup mirror is deservedly awarded 5 stars.


The magnification a vanity mirror with light bulbs has to offer is important and determined by the curvature of the glass surface and your distance away from the mirror.

The magnifying power of a mirror is rated by how much they enlarge the view. A standard makeup mirror would be rated at 1x, while a vanity mirror that makes you seem three times larger is rated as 3x.

The standard ratings for lighted vanity mirrors are 3x, 5x, 7x and 10x. A magnified vanity mirror with lights is ideal for people who demand attention to detail or who have poor eyesight.

The glass in a magnified lighted makeup mirror is stronger and more durable than a normal vanity mirror.

Vanity Mirror Lighting

The lighting source used in vanity or makeup mirrors varies from standard light bulbs to the modern LED lights that are becoming increasingly popular.

LED bulbs produce a clean, bright, white light that is perfect for cosmetic use. Also, LED lighting consumes less power than standard bulbs and lasts longer.

It is also much safer to use and install due to the lower voltages involved, especially in the bathroom.


Touchscreen technology is becoming more and more common in vanity mirrors. More expensive upmarket lighted makeup mirrors can display everything from weather updates to movies.

Fancy checking your facebook timeline while applying your makeup or washing your face? No problem. With a touchscreen vanity mirror, you can do all this and more; you can now stay connected wherever you are.

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