Benefits of Chair Massage-Are Massage Chairs Worth it?

Last Updated on August 8, 2021 by Naomi Nimu

Chair massage has incredible healing powers and that’s why it is offered not only in health clubs and spas but also in homes, hospitals, and airports.

Therefore massage therapy cannot be considered as a luxury but as a part of a wellness plan.

5 reasons you should get massage regularly


Most people choose a one or two-hour session that has combinations of  Swedish techniques, stretching, relaxation, deep tissue orthopedic, neuromuscular (trigger point), myofascial release, aromatherapy, sports massage, or energy work.

Do not forget, massage is therapeutic, alternative to medicine too. It releases tension which always builds up inside muscular knots.

Good massages provide the best relaxation to tired and tensed bodies. I know you constantly service your car every 3000 miles, your body deserves the same care.

I will help you decide the best massage based on your body needs, personality, and body type

You need massage if you feel tired all the time

Fatigue and tension can build up in the body. That’s why some people feel tired when waking up and have not yet done any work. Get rid of constant fatigue the natural way with my professional massage.

A good massage loosens muscle knots. When tired, body muscles stick on each other for support and eventually hardening making you unable to work properly.

Alleviating stomach health conditions

 Are you a constant victim of bloating and constipation?  Constant massage on the stomach encourages bowel movements, relaxes stomach muscles, and relieves constipation and bloating.

You have headaches often

 If you are a victim of regular headaches, massages can relieve tension or migraine headache. Good head massage encourages blood circulation in the head scalp.

First, consult your doctor to determine the cause of your headaches before getting head massage therapy.

Alleviating back pain

Most people suffer from back pain and spend good money on medical treatment, but prevention is better than cure.

Alleviate your back pain the natural way with professional massages. Research shows that regular massage on the back eliminates tensions, knots, and stress on back muscles that cause back pain.

Chair Massage

In whatever part of the world you might be, massage chair therapy is effective for pain management.

It has been used to relieve health-related conditions like arthritis, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, stress headaches, and lower back pain.

The average worker sits at a computer for 8 to 9 hours daily causing stress on his back and shoulder muscles. This can be prevented by taking a few minutes of’ breaks and stretching your body.

If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and have not done any work, this is tension and fatigue that have built up in your body; get rid of that the natural way with a massage chair.

It is worth noting that chair massage loosens tight muscles and lowers the concentration of stress in the body.

Muscles tend to grab on to each other for support when tired. After a long period of time, they stick together eventually hardening and not working properly.

The best massage chair will eliminate the knots and relax the muscles and hence one can be heard saying, “Wow, my shoulders and body feel much better.”

3 Reasons to have a Chair Massage

Save Time and Energy

You will save time and energy for visiting a spa especially if it is located in a busy area with traffic jams. After having a relaxing massage, the last thing you want is to drive back home through a hectic traffic jam.

Get Customized Services

You will get customized services with a chair massage, just how you want it. You will feel like a celebrity getting undivided attention since there are no other clients to bother.

A Peaceful environment

You will get a massage in the comfort of your home where it is quiet. This is contrary to a spa where there are other clients making calls, talking, or bustling around especially if it’s a busy spa.

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