The Many Benefits of Foot Massage- Are Foot Massage Machines good for you?

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Benefits of a foot massage are many. It improves blood circulation, relieves body pain, and alleviates swelling and promotes sleep.

That’s not all, a regular massage will relax feet, improve mood and health of feet. Our feet do a lot of work and need pampering just like other part of the body.

Relieve pain

The best way to relieve your feet’ aches and tension is a feet massage. If done right, it will relieve aches such as migraines, feet pain, upper and lower back pains.

A foot massage will act on specific pressure points located throughout our body thereby improving the general health of body.

Helps in Relaxation

In one study spearheaded by Australians, it was found that massage has lots of physical and psychological benefits.  One of them is relaxation. It will help your feet relax especially after a long day walking or standing up in your work place.

A foot spa will apply pressure on the muscles of your feet helping them to relax. The various massage techniques used by foot spas include acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu massage and relaxation massage.

All these techniques act upon specific areas or points of feet to relax tired feet, relieve pain, tension and heal the body.

Improve blood Circulation

It is a proven fact that foot massage enhances blood circulation in our body. Tight shoes especially high heeled can hinder circulation. Use a feet massage to improve blood circulation in your feet and entire body.

Also, heat in the warm water encourages blood flow.

Helps with Plantar Fasciitis and Other feet Conditions

Plantar Fasciitis involves inflammation of a ligament that connect your heel to your toes. It is one of the most causes of foot pain. Too much pressure on your feet while walking can cause the ligament to be inflamed which causes pain at the bottom of your feet.

You can save yourself from this condition. Regular feet massage will relax your feet and won’t swell any longer. Also, feet massage will offer some relief.  

Provide a Spa like experience

The best foot spa will pamper your ached feet, cleanse and re-energize. Foot spas treatment tends to benefit the whole body. With their advanced features of heat, rollers, jets and vibrations, they will deliver a luxurious spa session

Reduce Edema in Pregnant Women

The swelling that is caused by fluid retention on feet and legs of pregnant women is so common especially in the last months of pregnancy. This problem can be eased by a good spa treatment at home.

10 to 20 minutes a day soaked in warm water will do the trick. Massages provided by a foot spa machine will also relieve pain and swelling. First discuss with your doctor before using one.

A foot bath massager lowers blood pressure

Soaking your feet in water calms our mind. A study conducted on foot massage proved that several sessions per week have numerous benefits.

Massage lowered anxiety, stress, blood pressure and increased the feel good hormone, dopamine.

Furthermore, the essential oils added on a foot soak provide aromatherapy further calming our mind. Good too for relieving constant headache but first seek medical if you have migraines.

Removal of Calluses by a Foot Soaker

Foot soaker softens tough skin on feet subsequently making it easy to remove calluses. One of the primary reason and benefit of a foot spa is exfoliation and this is achieved by soaking the feet on water.

 Addition of soap, essential oils, salts and scrubbing will leave your feet looking clean, smelling good and glowing. Bacteria, fungi and dirt are killed and this is a good remedy against smelly feet.

Best Foot Spas to Relax Tired Feet

I am a salon owner and I know features that makes the best foot spas for your tired feet. After researching extensively, I came up with 2 products that I tested and found to be super functional, affordable, has the right features to sooth tired feet. They include:

1. Best foot massager with heat and vibration-Belmint Foot Spa

a foot machine
  • It features 6 shiatsu massage rollers for stress and pain relief
  • Has a callus remover
  • It has a heat function to enhance your massage
  • It comes with an adjustable timer
  • It is small and portable hence can be used at home or salon. It is large enough to fit any feet size.
  • It has vibration, can produce bubbles to deliver a luxurious spa session
  • It can heat up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is a high-quality foot spa from Belmint Company
  • Features 3 massage modes that can be adjusted on its screen.
  • You can add essential oils or Epson salt to further enhance your experience.

2. Best foot massager with digital timer- RENPHO Foot Spa  

benefits of a foot massage
  • It features powerful bubble jets
  • It comes with adjustable timer
  • This foot spa has built in heat.  It quickly heats water and you can choose temperature for your water from 35℃ to 48℃.
  • It has shiatsu massage rollers to relax tired feet
  • It has 3 massage modes.
  • It is a foot spa with wheels. It also comes with a drainpipe
  • Relieve your pain and stress with this foot spa from RENPHO.  It has all the features to help you accomplish this.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.

Foot Spa Treatment-how to use a foot spa machine

Soaking feet in a foot spa

This is the first step of feet treatment.  Soak your feet in a foot bath filled with warm water. The water can be mixed with some special salts, soap and essential oil.  Soaking is recommended for 10 to 20 minutes.

Reflexology in a foot spa massager

Massaging certain pressure points on our feet will bring relief to our bodies. There are reflex points on our feet that relate to some organs on our body.

Stimulating these feet points with pressure promotes general health to the entire body via body energetic pathways. The foot spa massaging technique of kneading, rotation and rubbing provides a deep relaxing treatment which can be felt on the whole body.

An important point to note is that working on specific points on feet brings therapeutic effect on different parts of our bodies.

Foot scrub

Foot scrub is an important part of foot treatment as it removes callus. Use a foot scrubber such as a pumice stone or foot file to thoroughly clean your feet. When you are done cleaning your feet, apply some oil or lotion. You can also apply nail polish.

If you are not sure of how your foot machine works, read its manual. This is because each model is designed differently.

Factors to consider when purchasing a foot machine

Heat function of a Spa Foot Machine

The best foot spa have built in heat feature to warm or heat up water. Heat enhances massage by relaxing muscles. If it comes with different heat levels, better. Some people prefer hot water than lukewarm water.

Massage function

Foot baths use rollers, vibrations and heat to calm our aching feet. They give a spa like treatment in the comfort of your office, home and even hospitals.  Although they are common in salons, you can buy one and use it wherever you want.

When looking for one, make sure it has massaging rollers, heat, and vibrations.

No Noise

Make sure to buy a foot bath that does not make noise when in operation. Some models can emit some noise due to the actions of rollers, massaging jets or bubblers. However, make sure it is low as super noise can annoy you or can interfere with your work.

Extra Features

Ensure to read instructions or manual that comes with your foot bath if you want to put additives. Some footbaths are not designed to use salts, oils, or milk.

If it is labelled water only, do not put any additives because they can cause clogging.

If you would like to be adding flower petals, vodka, fresh herbs, salts or essential oil, buy a foot spas that allows additives  

What to put in foot spa water

1.     Oil Foot Soak

  • It cleans feet plus acts as a natural deodorizer leaving your feet smelling good
  • It sooths aching feet muscles
  • Aids in removing dead skins, kill bacteria and fungi hence leaves your feet smelling good.

2. Epsom’s Salts

  • Have same benefits as oil soaks when included in a foot spa
  • They help in removal of calluses or dead skin
  • Kill bacteria and fungi
  • Leaves your skin looking healthy

3. Essential Oils

Oils like lavender rosemary oil, cedarwood oil have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.

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