Which all purpose Salon Styling chairs will your beauty salon need?

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all purpose salon styling chair

Styling chairs for salons are arguably the most important piece of salon equipment in any beauty salon.

They allow stylists to work quickly and easily, while indispensable features let them swivel, raise and lower the chair in order to approach the client from every angle.

The best salon chairs are also comfortable and luxurious, so your clients feel completely pampered and at ease during their salon experience.

You probably want three things out of your salon chairs: Form, function, and comfort.

It’s important to choose chairs for your salon that complement the overall aesthetic in order to create a luxurious atmosphere for your patrons.

 Keep in mind that women don’t visit salons for blowouts, cuts, and colors alone; they also want glamor and relaxation that they can’t find in their daily lives.

The function is another vital consideration since your stylists will actually be using these salon chairs to practical ends. This means that the ideal salon styling chairs will be able to raise, lower, and swivel with ease.

Finally, you want salon chairs that will make every client feel like a Hollywood celebrity!

But even if your salon is nowhere near Los Angeles, you should still look for styling chairs that will add to clients’ sense of indulgence and wellbeing.

Fortunately, high-quality salon styling chairs don’t have to break your budget either! There are numerous discount retailers, including many online stores that offer used or new styling chairs at affordable prices.

Do a little comparison shopping before you make your final choice and you’re sure to find chairs that you’re happy to invest in for your salon.

Best Styling chairs for salon Reviews

I have compiled the best salon styling chairs you can buy right now. I chose them based on their users, features, and critic reviews. 

1. Hair Salon Chair Styling Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump Barber Chair

all purpose salon styling chair

Main Features

-It is a heavy-duty all-purpose salon styling chair

-It comes with a high-strength hydraulic pump

-It features a sturdy circular chrome steel base for easy cleaning. It also has a rubber ring to prevent floor scratching and noise when moving the chair

-It is covered with PU leather and filled out with high-density sponge for comfort

-It comes with a footrest

-The swivel salon chair will come with a manual for easier installation

2. Artist Hand Hydraulic Barber Chair Salon Chair for Hair Stylist Tattoo Chair Shampoo Salon Equipment

Styling chairs for salon

Main Features

-It features a heavy-duty hydraulic pump

-Comes with a footrest

-Its frame is made of heavy-duty steel

-Features an exquisite design and durable structure

-It is designed with high-density foam padding for comfortable sitting

 -It is a swivel styling chair by a brand called Artist Hand

-It is covered by PVC leather

3.    FlagBeauty Black Hydraulic Barber Styling Chair Hair Beauty Salon Equipment

 salon seat

Main Features

-It is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame

-It is an all-purpose styling chair by a brand called flag beauty

-It features a small cell high-density foam for comfort

-It is a stylish seat

-Features adjustable height and heavy-duty hydraulic pump

Importance of Styling Chairs

The styling chairs at your salon can make or break your business. Styling chairs are among the first things your clients will see when they walk into your salon, and first impressions are everything.

 The chairs you choose to style your clients in will set the mood for your entire salon equipment.

Your styling chairs should not only complement your salon space, they should also enhance your space. Do you want a modern, sleek facade or a comfy, homey feeling? Is your salon on the cutting edge, or is it a place where clients come to relax?

These are questions to ask yourself as you put together the look of your salon. Your styling chairs will convey the tone that you are striving for, and they are among the most important furniture purchases for your business.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when purchasing styling chairs for your salon:

Styling chairs should never appear outdated. This will lead clients to believe that your staff is not up-to-date with the latest styles and trends.

If you choose to have “retro” styling chairs, make sure that they are reupholstered and have a modern-retro feel, for the same reason as above.

If you’re considering updating your current salon chairs, remember that if your styling chairs are dented, scuffed, or less than perfectly maintained, they reflect upon your salon staff. Clients will assume that your staff is unmotivated and does not care about upkeep, and may fear that such an attitude will translate to their styling habits.

Hydraulic styling chairs are ubiquitous for a reason – they are necessary for providing your clients with the most comfortable hairstyling experience possible.

Cool tones, such as black and white, convey a sleek and modern design.

Warm tones, such as brown and cream, convey a more comfortable and homey design.

Metallic and steel accents are best for modern designs.

Wood accents are best for classic designs.

Remember the overall picture when choosing your salon styling chairs, particularly the goal of your salon’s design. Don’t let your salon styling chairs fall out of step with the overall appearance of your business.

Add Flair and Comfort with Salon Styling Chairs

A simple trip to the beauty salon for a trim or a blowout can be a mundane chore, but with the right atmosphere, it has the potential to transform into a relaxing and memorable experience.

Attractive and comfortable, salon chairs may be just what your beauty-based business needs to become a neighborhood fixture and a favorite of its clientele. Women love feeling pampered at their salons.

Salon styling chairs also enable women to simply relax and enjoy the salon experience, making them ideal for allowing overworked, modern-day women a chance to unwind and decompress.

You want your clients to frequently visit your salon; comfortable salon styling chairs are the first step in making sure that the styling process is enjoyable for everyone involved. Invest in great styling chairs for your salon and watch your business grow!

Cleaning Styling Chairs

When choosing salon styling chairs for your business, it is of utmost importance to choose a chair that can be easily cleaned.

One surefire way to repel customers is to not have a clean environment in which they can be styled. Coming into a salon and seeing hair and residue from the previous customer is a red flag to most people, as it insinuates that proper care will not be taken off them if proper care can’t even be taken of the salon itself.

3 Types of Salon Styling Chairs

I bet you did not know there exist 3 types of salon styling chairs. They include;

1. Manual hydraulic chairs

2. Electric hydraulic chairs

3. Swivel chairs

All the 3 types of salon seats mentioned above have different features, prices, and benefits.

Electric-hydraulic salon chairs are the most pricy of the 3. However, they are the best for hair styling since they allow the chair to be raised and lowered with a simple push of a button.

Hydraulic chairs that are easily operated via a foot pedal are best preferred by salon owners. They are called manual hydraulic chairs. A hairstylist uses a handle or a lever to raise the seat.

Swivel chairs, which are the least expensive of the three, are attractive with their state-of-the-art aesthetics. A stylish simply has to turn these salon styling chairs to move them up or down.

Whether you intend to create an atmosphere of luxury, remember that the first step in creating the best salon atmosphere is to find the salon styling chairs that are best suited for your salon, in terms of comfortability, style, and functionality.

Things to look for when choosing the right salon styling chairs for your business- What’s Most Important?

When choosing these types of salon chairs, there are some factors to be considered:


You will get these chairs in all price ranges, from affordable to very costly. Know how much you want to spend on them and stick to your budget.

It is worth noting that all hair salons depend on their hair styling chairs to help with various hair-related services such as hairstyling, keratin treatment, cutting, hair straining, dyeing, just to name a few.


the chairs must be eye-catching and in line with the “mood” of the salon.

Make sure you buy salon styling seats that will match the look of your salon. For example, if your salon is sleek and modern, do not buy ornate antique salon styling chairs.


With customers sitting on these salon chairs for between half and several hours, it is crucial that you make your final decision based on comfort!

They should be comfortable for both the customers and hairdressers. Buying these kinds of salon furniture is one way of revitalizing your salon.

Hydraulics or raising/lowering mechanism

Once you receive the chairs, do not be afraid to test their raising and lowering mechanism. They will be easy to use if their hydraulics is working

Vinyl: Choosing any kind of cloth-upholstered styling chairs will be a mistake. The durable vinyl fabric abrasion, fade, and stain-resistant.

And even better, vinyl cleans easily with soap and water. Having a spray bottle of water in each styling station will make clean-up between customers a cinch.

Dark Colors: If it is a rushed day and you don’t have time to scrub with soap between every customer, remember that light-colored styling chairs tell no lies. Dark-colored styling chairs are more forgiving.

 It is advisable to soap down the chairs daily, but doing so every hour because you’ve chosen light-colored chairs will be rather cumbersome.

If you make cleaning your salon styling chairs a part of your stylists’ routines before and after every customer, you are sure to create a happy, healthy environment for your clients. Starting off with chairs that have these two criteria will keep you on the road to success!


Salon styling chairs are at the heart of every salon and help to improve the mood of every customer who comes in the door. If you want your salon to feel stylish, buy styling chairs for a salon that is cozy.

Where to Buy Hair Stylist chairs

Do not forget to look online! There are a variety of retailers for salon equipment on the Internet, and a lot of them are selling at affordable prices.

We hope this salon chairs guide has been of use in your search for high-quality furnishings for your salon.

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